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Living The Dream

Chapter 4

"I'm so sorry, I keep bumping into you" I quickly apologize, as I realize I spilt his coffee on the ground.

"Quaider what's taking so long? Our reservations in an hour lets go!" I hear a voice call out from behind his car. "Oh Dylanne, what's up?" The familiar voice belonged to Gregory.

"Not much, just finished the game, I'm heading over to hang with my team soon."

"Right, great game! 2 goals Ms. Overachiever"

"Ha ha very funny Gregory, nice to see you, but I better not keep you guys from your reservation." I shyly look up towards Adam. "I'm sorry again for running into you, I owe you a coffee." I head over to my car.

"I'll be holding you to that coffee, great game Dylanne." Adam quickly replied.

"For sure Adam" I smiled. "Bye Gregory." I headed over to starbucks to meet with my team, but man did I not want to leave Adam. He was so cute, with his brown hair, and dreamy eyes. But I can't be focussed on him, he can do so much better than a broke college student.


She's so beautiful. She's an incredible hockey player, and even more stunning from close up. She actually made me nervous. When she knocked my coffee out of my hand, I knew it would be a great excuse to use to see her again. When she offered to buy me another coffee sometime, it made me happy that she actually wanted to see me again. I will have to make sure I see her games tomorrow, and maybe bump into her again.



I headed over to the garden at 12:30, to watch the championship game between Boston university, and Harvard. Of course I wasn't openly rooting for Harvard to win, but secretly I was hoping they would. As I walked over to the stands, I sat with Dougie, Thorty, Chara, and Soupy when the game started.

"So Quaider, finally talk to Dylanne?"

"Yeah man, I'm gonna ask her for coffee after the game." I confidently replied.

"Goodluck with that man, I doubt she'll say yes though." Thorty added.

"Well I guess we'll just have to trust my Quaider magic and see if she says yes."

The boys continued to watch the game, which ended up being a tight match. It was tied at zero late in the third, and BU was on the power play. Dylanne got a penalty for tripping, and was in the box. BU had many good opportunities to score, but the game still remained scoreless with one minute remaining. Dylanne had the puck, and made a quick pass to Anna at the blue line, who then went on to score the winning goal with 0.7 seconds left. The Harvard girls went onto the ice to celebrate the win, when myself and some of the other bruins were called out onto the ice to hand out the medals, and I knew this was my chance. One by one, the girls were called over to receive their medals, but of course Dylanne was the last one to get her medal. When she skated over to us, Soupy handed her the gold medal and she skated along the line of bruins to shake hands. When she got to me I quietly whisper "let's get coffee after the game." She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and quietly replied "okay". Finally after months, I finally get to have my chance with my mystery rink girl.


Sorry it's a short one but i've been super busy with school!

Hope you enjoy and there's more to come for Adam and Dylanne


OMG cancer?!?! This took a really sad turn!

oh jesus. this is darling. update update update

marlene marlene

good job