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I see a red door and I want it turned black and gold.

You're a challenge!

I bet you all want the boys to win. Or you all want us to win. I have good and bad news for some of you. THE GIRLS WON!!

“So what was it that your were saying about you guys winning?”

“It was an off game. We let you girls win.” Jordan said as he tried to hug Leigha. But, she wasn’t having it and stood her ground near me.

“How about us guys treat you girls to a night on the town? I know the rest of the guys can bring their girls and we can have fun.” Jordan proposed the idea.

“I would like that; I can meet some new people. But, don’t think you are getting out of your end of the deal. I will let you pick the day we go too.” I smiled at Sidney. He smiled and nodded.

“So, where are we going hubby?” Leigha asked as she finally hugged Jordan.

“We are going to a really nice Sports Bar downtown. It should be fun. We don’t get fan boyed.” Jordan said laughing.

“Fan boyed?” I asked not know if I wanted to know the answered.

“It means where girls and boys just fall over all the guys because they are famous around here. This place is somewhere the guys go a lot. I have only been a couple of times. We should have fun.” Leigha explained.

I nodded and followed them outside. Not being 21 yet made going to bars not that fun but I am sure that I would have fun. I rode in Jordan’s car which Leigha drove. It was a short drive but took forever to find a place to park. Jordan and Sidney were there first and had a huge table. After about half an hour of waiting everyone was finally there. I sat next in between Jordan and Sidney, not sure why I tried to sit next to Leigha but it was changed somehow.

“So Miss. Wings Fan, how can I change your mind to Pens?” Jordan asked.

“Well Sidney had his chance to but blew it. I will let you guys try to change me. Just because I am a nice person.” I smiled until I saw an evil smile creep on their faces. I tried to slowly get away from them but I was too slow. They grabbed me around the waist and took me to the bar. They were saying something to the bar tender and I got scared.

“EVERYONE!!!!” the bartender screamed to the bar and everyone looked over to us. I was now standing on the bar and Jordan and Sidney next to me sitting on stools.

“So everyone. Addison here just got here from Michigan and she is a huge Wings fan she even wore her jersey here. She has told us that we can try to change her into a Pens fan. Think we can?!” And everyone went wild. I looked to Leigha for help and she was too laughing. Wonderful everyone thought it was funny. When I told them that they could change me into a Pens fan I didn’t think that this would happen. I turn a bright color of red and tried to hide my face in my hands.

“I hate both of you.” I whispered to them. They laughed. I think a good way to make it easier for them to make me a Pens fan. Go on a date with Sidney. I know I am really blunt with myself but I would never tell them this. They would exploit it so much. I will have to talk to Leigha about it. See if there are any girls in Sidney’s life. Even though I am from Michigan and love Osgood. But, I kind of fell for Sidney when I saw him play against the Wings one game. I don’t care about what everyone in Michigan are saying about him because he is really nice in person but also cocky. After a couple of minutes the guys helped me down and I went back to the table. I just hid myself in my hands all night long. When it came time to go home Sidney decided that he was going to take me home. Once we got to my apartment I realized that I left my car at the ice rink.

“Sidney thank you for taking me home. But, I just realized that my car is back at the ice rink.” We laughed a little bit at my forgetfulness.

“Well, I can pick you up tomorrow for lunch and then we can go skate a little bit just for fun.”

“That sounds like fun but Sunday is usually my day off because I skate, work out and play softball every other day of the week.”

“Wow, I did not know you were that busy. And you go to school?” I nodded as I let us into my apartment. Which still had some boxes around it. “Well, come out with me for lunch and if you feel up to it we can skate. I love just skating for fun. What do you think of that?”

“Sounds good.”

“Great! I will pick you up around 11:30 tomorrow.” I nodded. “Have a great night Addi!” We gave a little arm hug and he went to his car. I smiled to myself.

Guess what?! XAddiX

What?! Does it have to do with Sidney? <3 Leigha

Yes! We are grabbing lunch and skating tomorrow. :D XAddiX

*squeal* You will have so much fun. Make sure you bring some money and don’t go down with out a fight when Sidney wants to pay for anything. <3 Leigha

Thanks for the advice. So does this mean there are no girls in his life? XAddiX

I believe there is no one but his mom and little sister. Hehe He is talking to Stall right now. I think Crosby likes you because Stall left the room when he called. :D <3 Leigha

No way! He is so famous how could he like someone so small like me. XAddiX

To be honest it is because you pose a challenge for him. <3 Leigha

Well, he won’t have to work to much. I have had a crush on him for a long time. :D Well, night Leigha. I will text you about tomorrow. XAddiX

Night babe. You better! Well I am sure to hear about it either from Stall or Crosby :D xox <3 Leigha

I was already ready for bed and so I went to my bed and got under the covers. I turned on my tv and went to a movie channel. There was a hockey movie on and I feel asleep thinking of Sidney and hockey. So to say the least I had a weird dream.


nice story more plz

Sierra King Sierra King