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I see a red door and I want it turned black and gold.


Addison Michaels just moved from Lake Orion, Michigan to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is ready to start school to become an EMT at University of Pittsburgh. She will also play softball for the university. She is a figure skater most of the time and she is training for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Her first time on the ice in Pittsburgh was good and she met a new friend.

Leigha Bass who is also a figure skater. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband. (Jordan Staal) Leigha is also training for the 2014 Winter Olympics. She is going to school for Criminal Justice.

What will happen when Addison and Leigha become closer?
What happens when Addison meets some of the Pittsburgh Penguins?
What will happen when Addison meet Sidney Crosby the face of the Pens?

Just read and see what happens.....

I do not own any of the Red Wings or Penguins. As much as I would love it. And I don't own Leigha because she is my friends creation.


  1. Ice to meet you.

    Addison meets Leigha

  2. Hey Coach!

    Addi starts classes and meets her coach.

  3. Anything you can do I do better.

    Addison meets the boys.

  4. You're a challenge!

    Addi is a challenge for Crosby


nice story more plz

Sierra King Sierra King