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I want you to stay

Let the games begin!

The next night Hayley found herself working at the bar again. After her usual harrassment and warning she was sent out to the floor with yet another one of David's digusting kisses. At least it was a busy friday night. Sure she'd been hit on by 7- she counted- drunkies already and one very sober old man without a shirt on, but she was getting great tips.

“What can I get for you tonight sir?” she asked, plastering a fake flirty smile on her face.
He hadnt looked up from his phone yet, but she realized it was Carey. Then she remembered the Habs home opener had just ended an hour ago. They won against the blackhawks. Carey only let in a goal out of 40 shots that he faced. She said nothing, waiting to see if he recognized her. When he finally looked up he scanned over her appearance. When he saw her face a look of recognition flashed through his eyes.

“Hayley?” he questioned
“hi Carey,” she smiled genuinely for the first time that night, “out to celebrate the first win of the season eh?”
“yeah, i didnt know you worked here,”
“i started in July,” she explained.
Their conversation was interrupted when she felt a rough hand squeezing her shoulder. She did all she could to keep the hiss of pain from escaping past her lips.
“excuse us sir,” David gritted his teeth, pulling Hayley to the side.
She looked like a child getting a scolding from their parent.

Carey watched on suspiciously. Something didnt feel right to him. Maybe it was the look on her face-a look of horror- or maybe it was the fact that he had developed feelings for her in the day and a half hed known her. Either way he decided that he did not like the man who was talking to her.
“I thought you only took a picture with him,” David claimed outraged.
“I did I-” she tried to defend herself.
“shut up! ill deal with you later, i can promise you that. No more talking to him like that do you hear me?” She said nothing and instead stared down at the ground. “Do you hear me?!” he yelled.
“y-yes,” she stuttered
“good now get back out there sweetheart,” he grinned as if nothing happened.

She sighed and blinked away the tears threatening to burst out. Carey couldnt hear the conversation they had because they were too far away and the music was far too loud. He could tell something was off about her. She seemed flustered and nervous.
“are you okay?” he asked concerned.
“yeah of course,” she nodded, “now what can i get you to drink?”
He decided not to push it because David was standing across the room shooting daggers his way. It wasnt like Carey actually gave a fuck though.

"um 3 shots of crown royal,” he said. She nodded and got to work.
He watched her as she faced away from him, pouring the liquid. He noticed how short she was, how her blonde hair fell in long waves down her back, how the black tanktop she was wearing showed off her little waist.
[wow youre such a creep] he thought to himself as he pried his eyes off of her body.

His eyes landed on David who was beet red. He clutched the glass in his hand so hard it looked about to break. Carey and David just stared eachother down for a couple moments. David still glaring, and Carey's eyes challenging him to do something. Carey, as collected as ever, smirked before turning back towards the bar.
“Here you are,” She smiled, “have fun,”
“i will,” he grinned, “if you get off early then we're the rowdy table in the back,”
She laughed, “will do,”


A couple hours later Hayley was exhausted and getting ready to leave. it was 3 in the morning and she was excited to get home after a 7 hour shift. She grabbed the tip jar and shoved the money in the back pocket of her ripped jean shorts. A paper slipped onto tne floor. She picked it up and saw it had writing.

“it was good to see you again, call me tomorrow:) - Carey”

She was shocked. He actually gave her his phone number? What? She shoved it into her front pocket, fearing David would enter. And he did. He burst through the door.
“What the fuck was that out there?” he yelled grabbing her.
He reached into her pocket, taking all the tip money she had earned with was well over 450 tonight.

“what are you doing?“ she shrieked.
“Im docking your pay for the night” he smiled.
“No! please...“ she cried, "I-I need that, I dont have another job,”
“tough luck then. I warned you,” he shrugged.
“please, im sorry.” she begged.
“out, i dont want to see you anymore tonight,” he pointed to the door.
“but-” she whimpered with tears pouring down her cheeks.
“Get. OUT!” he hollered louder than ever before.


I wasnt going to post this soon but im going on vacation to a place with no wifi for a week and a little. plus i have my first subscriber and you are awesome whoever you are! Again, please comment and/or subscribe! tell me how you feel about Carey and Davids hatred and poor hayley. love you all:)


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!