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I want you to stay

“Ive been told im a good tourguide”

When Hayley woke up the next morning it was 11:30. 8 hours of sleep? Not ideal, but good enough. She rolled out of bed and took a shower. The whole time she wondered how she would spend her day off. No school, no work. She had friends, but they werent people shed really enjoy spending time outside of school or work with.

If there were things she missed the most it was her friends and family. Especially her brothers. All 3 of them. She talked to them every single day still. Then she remembered the piece of paper. It was safe on her beareau. She had put it in a different pocket so David never saw or got hold of it.

"should i call him?” she asked her beta fish, Dempsey.
Dempsey stared at her before swimming away in the other direction.
“wow youre absolutely no help,” she groaned.
After more pacing and arguing with herself she dialed the number. She gripped the island top so tight her knuckles went white.

Then it stopped ringing and he answered. “Hello?” his deep voice echoed.
“hi, its Hayley,“ she responded keeping her voice steady.
“hey Hayley,” he grinned as he leant on the island in his kitchen, “how are you?” “surprisingly well seeing as i got home from work at 3:30,” she huffed.
“oh god, they kept you there that long?” he asked.
“yeah, no one else shows up for their shift on time so David doesnt let me leave,” she explained, “its the 3rd time this week,”
“your boss seems like a pleasant man,” he said sarcastically. “oh tell me about it,” she laughed, "the struggle is real.”

“well im going into town today, you wanna come with me? Ive been told that im a great tourguide,”
She was beaming as she spoke, “thats an offer i cant refuse.”
"sounds good. I'll pick you up, just text me your address.” They said goodbye and hung up. She shrieked and jumped around. was this real life? She was shaking as she texted him. she double checked the addeess, making sure it was accurate. Then she tossed her phone to the couch and ran to her room.

Hayley put on some skinny jeans and a sweater. She dug through her closet and found brown combat boots. She found them just as he knocked on the door.
“coming” she called checking her hair in the mirror again.
She fixed a couple stray waves while taking deep breaths. Then when she calmed down she answered the door. He stood looking as handsome as always,

“hello,” she grinned.
She locked the door and they walked down the hallway together.
“whats the plan tourguide?” she asked peeking up at him.
“youll see,” he grinned mischieviously.


so my uncle let me borrow his wifi...i got some red bull and wrote and now i have a sunburn.... i know its short but the next will ve longer i swear. send me ideas! comment/ sub love you
ps i know the format is weird, ill fix it when i get home


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!