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I want you to stay


2 weeks later

“Are you still studying?” Carey sighed
“yeah,” Hayley nodded
he whined, “you've been studying for hours,”
“I need to pass an exam,” She pointed out.
He came in and sprawled out on her bed, the same way PK did whenever he came to annoy her. Except Carey was quiet for a couple moments while PK always rambled about stupid things that happened to him.

“Will you come to the game with me tonight?” He asked softly.
She bit her lip, of course she wanted to, but this test was so important. She waited to long to answer and a smirk grew on his face.
"you totally do," he grinned, “so just give in,”
"I do, but I can't,” she frowned.
“yes you can,” he said taking her book and tossing it to the floor, “now get ready before I drag you kicking and screaming,”
She was shocked he just took the book right out of her hand- sge still had a cast- and threw it. She laughed but nodded, “okay okay,”

He grinned and jogged out of the room while she picked up her belongings. He came back with an old jersey of his.
“Here,” he handed it to her, “take this,”
“Im making an exception for you Price,” she pointed.
He laughed, “I feel so honored,”


"Dude just ask her out already,” PK whacked Carey, “or at least tell her you like her,”
“geez I know,“ Carey huffed, “If I do it today will you get off my case?”
"No,” They both looked over and watched the rest of the team huddled around Hayley, signing her cast.
She was recovering well, with the medicine she was quite out of it. Some days were good and some were bad, but Carey didnt mind. Then there were those days when she was so doped up that she cried when PK stole her nose becsuse she thought she had no nose. Carey had to admit that was funny though.

“I signed it bgally17 so youll always have my twitter,” Brendan grinned.
“hey that was my idea!” Alex frowned, “you stealer.”
“wow, that was such a good chirp,” Hayley teased.

When it got to Danny she was in awe, “my brother is going to be so jealous,”
Danny chuckled, "hes a fan of mine?“
She nodded feverishly, “ I remember hed make me watch your games in Buffalo with him when I was small. he has all your jerseys, youre his idol.”
“wow, i didnt know I had fans like that, I'd like to meet him someday actually,” Danny smiled genuinely.
“he and my othee brother are coming up for the game against Boston, he'll faint,” She giggled.
He looked at the younger girl and chuckled, “good, I'll talk to him,”


"good luck, I'll be watching ya,” she grinned.
They stood in the hallway outside the lockeroom alone. Carey took a breath and just went for it.
“I know this is awkward timing, but I really like you and Ive been waiting to tell you since that first night at the bar,” he grinned sheepishly.
She giggled, blushing, “I like you too Carey, like a lot,”
Their little moment was ruined by Carey getting called to the tunnel.
“i gotta go,” he huffed.
She smiled standing on her tip toes to kiss his cheek. He didnt even have to grin for his dimples to peek out. It kinda helped calm his last minute nerves.
“Go win,” she ordered tapping his stick with her toe.
"Do I get an actual kiss if I do?” he smirked.

The boyish nervousness was gone and replaced by his normal playful manner.
She rolled her eyes smiling, “sure,”
After fistbumping them all she went to her seat. Carey did well, right near center ice and only 2 rows from the glass. She reminded herself to thank him. Hayley had been to plenty hockey games at the garden, but never one at Bell Centre. It was always exciting to go to games, she loved the music and people everywhere. It was even louder here.


The final endscore was 2-1 Habs. The Rangers werent happy, and it was easy to tell, but hey all you can do is pick up and move on.
“good game,” She told Tomas, “nice goal,”
“thanks kid,” he grinned teasingly.
She rolled her eyes and leant against the wall waiting for Carey to come out. She was not the least bit tired, too much adrenaline. Luckily Carey was like that after games too. After his interview he finally emerged, freshly showered with a suit.

“that.was.sick.” she bounced, “thank you for throwing my book across my room and bringing me,”
“Anytime,” he laughed, “now cmon, I wanna go home,”
They laughed about penalties and talked about the game the ride home. When they went inside they went to their separate rooms across the hall from one another.

After she changed into a hoodie and pajama shorts she folded up the jersey and brought it into him. He stood trying to undo his tie as she placed it in his room.
“We won,” he grinned playfully.
She snorted laughter and came up to him, "ah yes i remember,”
They were both grinning like idiots until they finally leant in and kissed. It had been nearly a month and a half coming but neither cared now. It didnt matter because they didnt rush and it paid off. After they curled up on the couch together talking and watching TV until they both fell asleep.


hiya! NOTE: i know age and rosters are not accurate, but i reseeve my crestive liceense as author. So my updates aeent far between cause its summer and writing it fun. I wrote this chapter twice and it got deleted twice so i present you draft three. please comment or sub or vote! almost my birthday, like 2 days and im excited, hopefulyy ill have a bday update for you but i want some first date ideas;)))) night


Please update soon :-)

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I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

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i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

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This is really good!! keep writing!