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Rhythm of Love

Chapter 008: A Far Drop (Leaf's Dedication)

[Monologue #8]
It's the memory I want to forget. Some day the phone will ring and it won't be you're tone. I'll answer and he'll say you sound so alone. Please stay. I just want to hear you call my name. We'll remember the simple things in life, and we'll never forget.

"This is where we would jump from in high school." I told him as we were by the ledge from cougar cliff. He looked down the forty foot fall. At the very end there was the deepest part of the Wood Lake. Cliff jumping was a major, but only the bravest jumped from here. I jumped every year. It was almost like a tradition, or should I say it was.

"You actually jump from here?" Carey asked astonished. He stared down, wearily and I giggled at him.

"Every year." I stated.

"You're crazy!" He exclaimed.

"Do you want to go first and do the honors?" I asked happily. His expression was a little scared and worried. Mine was full of excitement and anxiousness.

"How about you go first?" He offered. I just took off my shirt, revealing a bikini top. I was wearing jean shorts, that would be fine.

"Fine, be a little baby. Just remember to not hold your breath until you get to the water." I teased and I looked down. The wind blew on me from all the way up here.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be responsible for injuries!" Carey really needed to learn to live care free sometimes.

"Let loose!" I yelled as I ran to jump off. The butterflies and wind made me whirl for what felt like forever. Soon enough I hit the water and I went under. I swam to the top and smiled while looking up at the cliff. Carey hung over it, searching for me and I just waved. "Come on, Carey!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I saw the nerves from all the way down here. He looked so small, like an ant almost.

Soon I saw him falling down and I laughed after he hit the water and went under a while. His head came up in a hurry. He shook his head and his hair was everywhere. He was still stunning.

"Did you like it?" My cheesy smile crept on. He grinned like an idiot.

"The things I do for you." He repeated and I giggled. I kept treading the water to stay up. My legs were getting a little bit tired.

"Yes I know." I rolled my eyes. "Now, come on let's go over there. There's a little ledge we can sit on. We call it the sofa." I informed him as we swam over.

"You're a real adrenaline junkie aren't you?" He asked as we sat on the flat rock platform. I sheepishly smiled and nodded. It was true. I loved a good adrenaline rush. Carey had no shirt on, but was wearing shorts.

Our bodies were wet and we just sat there with our legs hanging in the water. I had a pair of small jean shorts on with a pink bikini top. "Carey, thank you." I told him. He was doing anything to get my mind off some things lately. I was grateful that he was here with me.

"It's nothing really, Rydell." He insisted. Carey was a really modest guy, but was very cocky at the same time. Just like me sometimes.

We stared at each other and soon he leaned over and kissed me. He found his self leaning further on me till he as nearly on top of me. His kiss was full of happiness and was very fierce. I had my hands running through his dark hair. Our wet bodies were close together. Our clothing wasn't stopping the situation, it aroused us a little more in my opinion. He took over and moved our bodies around. I was now on top of him. The kiss managed to never break. I felt him begging and forcing entrance, and I let him. We roamed each other's mouth, mercifully.

I broke the kiss, but our faces were still very close. A smile crept on his and I was blushing in embarrassment. I buried my face in his chest. He wrapped his hands around me. "Is this weird?" I asked.

He smiled at me. "Is what weird?"

"That we're making out here while we're soaking wet and on a rock. I mean we're not kids, we're adults. I would laugh so hard if someone saw us!" I chuckled to myself and he laughed along.

"We're not that old! Well I don't know about you. I'm twenty five. What are you like forty now, hun?" He joked and I hit him playfully.

"What ever, Mr. Price. Now take me home before my parents flip out. You have to explain why I'm wet." I joked and I rolled off of him.

"Are you serous?" He asked as we got up together.

"No, not at all. But can we go eat something? I am starving." I told him as we headed for the path that would take us up to the top of Cougar Cliff, where our stuff were.

"Yeah, want to go to Al's?" Which was the small diner in the town. I loved Thursday lunch's at Al's were so good.

"Mmm, sounds good." I told him as I followed him. We walked up hand in hand.

* * *

"So I'll start to be a little more busy now. I do have to stay in shape." He told me as he finished wiping his mouth.

"Yeah. I can understand. I have to get back in shape and probably start sending and recording tracks in Vancouver. I'll have send them to JT back in Arizona to finish up." I told him. It was really a process. Usually he would come to L.A., but ocassionally I would have to send the tracks and lyrics to him.

"Sounds good."

NOTICE! My notes are just MY opinion.


A/N: I can't stop crying. I was so upset with that win. I feel like it was ours, but a two minute collapse had to happen. I have always disliked the Bruins, so don't listen to this next part. I felt like that refferees were homers. Sometimes that's the way the game goes.

The Bruins played a dirty game, but that's the way the game has to be played. Some stuff they got off with because apparently the fucking refs are blind. I don't know, but I'm really upset right now.

Getting the good part... Thank you The Toronto Maple Leafs of '13! Randy Carlyle you made these boys into champions. Burke, good job with the group. The entire organization, thanks. Bozak you really carried the boys on the faceoffs. Komarov you were awesome to watch and so pesky. Nazem, you had some nice hot streaks. If I were in the NHL I would want to play like you: awesome scorer, good hitter and a gritty guy. Kessel, glad that you're a leaf! Lupul you were in and out, but you picked up where you left off. JVR great season! Franson, a very good stay at home dman! Phaneuf you were pretty nice. Scrivens, you kept us in it with you're back to back shutout! Gardiner, glad you're free now! Really stepped up in the playoffs. Reimer, you're the heart and sole. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Come on Rangers & Penguins!
Respect to the Bruins.


i've now reposted it on the site with a new and improved cover!:)
brm9 brm9
yeah it's crazy. im trying to find a job at the moment as well. in the last like three weeks i only have half a chapter written too. haha. oh well!
brm9 brm9
I know how you feel. I've finished high school and been completely busy with public exams and now I'm focusing on university and finding a job!! It's been a crazy month. I have half a chapter wrote for my story, and I'm too busy to finish it. Haha. BUT, that being said... I'm so happy you have new updates :D

& to whoever else reads this. it no longer lets log in so idk what's wrong with it, i've tried everything. but i have posted it all on here here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/5064751-rhythm-of-love !!! :) i'll be posting it on mibba. & if you're interested im currently writing like three stories. its crazy. but they won't be posted until they're nearly done!
brm9 brm9
Cutest chapter ever... mooooooooooore please <3