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Rhythm of Love

Chapter 007: Reimer Dedication

Chapter #7

[Monologue #7]

We only know one word; goodbye. What did it represent? All I see are the light dreams. Everything isn't everything, shit isn't what it seems. What I see is what I can't preach. Light dreams.

"He's pretty sick right now, Rydell. I don't suggest you visit him right now." Jesse was informing me on my dad's condition. The chemotherapy really had an affect on him.

"I guess you're right." I really felt the need to be there with him, but my father would have told me to leave anyways. He didn't want us around while he was throwing up and things. It wasn't a pleasant sight that his family should have to witness.

* * *

June 22nd, 2012. Driving into Kelowna.

"You and I, we're drifting over the edge..." I hummed and sang quietly. "And I will fall for you. If I fall for you, would you fall too?" I kept singing to myself. I soon felt the eyes of Carey looking at me so I shut up. I couldn't help it; I thought my latest song was catchy.

"What are you singing?" He asked with a grin. We were driving in his black SUV, which was one of many vehicles he owned. I sometimes wish that I could be as rich as him, then I think maybe not.

"Uh-- just some song I wrote." I answered, trying to act casually. The song just reminded me of him. I tried so hard to not fall for him, but sometimes it was unstoppable. I really disliked liking him if that makes sense. What if he would remember?

"Let me hear it, Ry." Daniel would call me Ry. Carey's voice sounded just like his. It hurt so much hearing that. Was my mind playing tricks on me or was I actually hearing Daniel? All of the many memories the two of us shared. "Rydell?" Carey said trying to pull me out of my thoughts.

"Oh." I was quiet for a while. "Sorry, I just wasn't really thinking." I lied and he smiled.

"Hm, alright." He said at first. "But hey, are you excited for to watch the draft?" He asked. Carey thought it would be fun to watch the WHL Draft. He wanted to see what kind of prospects would be going to the Rockets.

"Yeah." I replied, twiddling my fingers around. I stared at my hands and didn't want to talk.

* * *

I got off the phone with my mom. She was visiting with my dad. Jesse had to go back to Chicago for his business, but he'll be back in two weeks. If anything were to go wrong he promised to come home as soon as possible.

"How is he?" Carey asked. He was supportive, but he just didn't understand sometimes.

"He's a little sick. I'm going to see him this evening." I told Carey. We were at his house and he was currently cooking on the barbeque. It was a nice sunny day here. Together we soaked it up by being outside. Tomorrow I was to be alone though, along with a few more days. Carey and some his friends were going to be heading up north for some fishing and hunting.

"I was going to ask if I could come meet him." Carey offered. I looked at him as he flipped burgers. His dark black hair was shining.

"My dad wouldn't mind too much. I mean I do tell him about you. If you want to you can come with me later." I smiled cheerfully.

"Yeah I'd love to. He was a really nice guy the first time I met him."

"That's my dad for you." I joked.

* * *

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I repeated, yet again. I hoped that this wasn't going to be too much for him. Our friendship was a little bit intense and it went immensily fast. I was a little weary with how things were going.

"Yes, but if you don't want me to then I won't come." Carey said the same answer.

"Okay, in this room here." He followed like a puppy.

We walked in the hospital room. It looked a little bit more home like. He has been here for over a month now. What did you expect? My dad looked at me and smiled at the guy trailing in after me. I spoke highly of Carey, but very lowly of myself. I had a bad habit of doing so. "Dad this is Carey. I'm sure you guys already met before though, briefly." I introduced.

"Hey, Ben." Carey greeted, nicely.

"Oh hey, Carey. It's been a while hasn't it? My father flashed his usual warm, welcoming smile.

"Yeah. Hope you're feeling a little bit better. I didn't even know you were sick until I met your daughter here." Carey explained while motioning towards me. I watched the two have their own conversation. I found myself sitting on one of the seats by the window. It was good that they were getting along for the main part. It is true that he didn't know that my dad was sick until we ran into each other decided to actually have a decent conversation together.

"I'm alright, always has been and always will be. But yeah, she tells me you treat her nice." He told Carey. He talked about me as if I wasn't here.

"Yeah, she's a really nice girl. A very good singer and dancer too. She learn it from her dad?" Carey joked. My dad just chuckled and nodded it off.

"Not at all. She picked it up on her own. I think her friends in California helped her out a little bit too. I just helped her with her dreams and told her to follow them." My dad explained.

"A big factor though." Carey agreed. My dad looked so happy, along with Carey.

"I'm going to the cafeteria to grab something to eat. I'll leave you two here." I said getting up.


A/N: Don't criticize that chapter name. I am a Leafs'/Pens fan. I have just been so god damn happy the last couple of days. Pens are moving forward and Leafs are taking it Game #7, babbbyyy! I just want to thank James Reimer for his dedication. His talent has been their all along, it was just the damn concussion. Reimer you really kept the boys in it. THANK YOU, OPTIMUS REIM. I love you, baby! LET'S TAKE THE SERIES, BOYS. <33333 (Please don't hate me for my rant).

And Brooksy, you make me so proud! I love you so much, though you had some sloppy play the whole entire game. You saved your talent right till the best part. You had me on my feet!

So what I'm not a Canadiens fan!


i've now reposted it on the site with a new and improved cover!:)
brm9 brm9
yeah it's crazy. im trying to find a job at the moment as well. in the last like three weeks i only have half a chapter written too. haha. oh well!
brm9 brm9
I know how you feel. I've finished high school and been completely busy with public exams and now I'm focusing on university and finding a job!! It's been a crazy month. I have half a chapter wrote for my story, and I'm too busy to finish it. Haha. BUT, that being said... I'm so happy you have new updates :D

& to whoever else reads this. it no longer lets log in so idk what's wrong with it, i've tried everything. but i have posted it all on here here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/5064751-rhythm-of-love !!! :) i'll be posting it on mibba. & if you're interested im currently writing like three stories. its crazy. but they won't be posted until they're nearly done!
brm9 brm9
Cutest chapter ever... mooooooooooore please <3