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One Shots

I Know You're Gonna be There

He stared into his closet looking for clothes to pack to head back home. He finally settles on a shirt with the tags still on it, he quickly rips them off before folding it and setting it next to his bag. A trip back to Buffalo had never been this difficult for Patrick Kane, with now his second Stanley Cup in tow he was going home to spend the day with friends and family. He ran a hand through his hair and stared at the shirt maybe he should pack a different one he thought Ashly always hated when he wore short sleeved button downs. He sighed that really didn’t matter anymore after 3 years of dating and a life time of knowing each other they’d broken up and now he found himself not knowing what to think of his hometown.

He drove quietly to the airport, it was one day he didn’t even have to go out and socialize if he didn’t want to, but his buddies wanted a night of normalcy and a local bar had a local band playing that everyone loved so it was almost an obligation especially since he was friends with some of the guys. She’ll be there he thought she’s known them forever she won’t miss it. He stares at his duffle bag thinking about that shirt again thinking about how he should have gotten a haircut Ashly understood the mullet but hated it. He made his way into the airport and was back in Buffalo in no time, greeted by friends and family and after an early morning photo shoot with the Cup and his Con Smyth trophy he was free for the day. Without her laugh it was too quiet every activity he did with his friends was missing her, he tried to shake it off and before he knew it he was standing in his childhood bedroom staring once again at that shirt.

He imagined walking into the bar with his friends smile plastered on his face, one of his buddies had set him up with a date for the night he tried and failed to remember her name. He knew where Ash would be sitting though she sat in the same spot every time and she would notice he was there the whole city knew it, when she looks his way like he knows she will he’s gonna pull his date in close, hold her gaze just a little too long, dance just a little too slow wait and see what Ashly’s reaction is Patrick couldn’t lie he was hoping it would be broken that she would still care but that was months ago. He’d only have a couple drinks, just enough to make him fun nothing like last time where he got so drunk he punched a cab driver, he’d say hi to everyone even act like running into Ashly was a total accident like he didn’t know she would be there.
Maybe he’ll ditch this new girl completely go and talk to Ashly resolve whatever went wrong, time got away from them distance killed them, he didn’t call like he said he would, she didn’t want to seem clingy and overbearing she trusted him and he neglected her. She never made him chose, or at least she never verbally made him chose but he knew all he did every time he let her down was tell her hockey was more important he was married to the game and she couldn’t take being a mistress any more.

He shook his head still staring at that shirt, still thinking he should wear a different one, he turns dusts off his shoes covered in dirt from the photo shoot earlier in the day, showers and in a few minutes he’s standing in front of that shirt once again. He gets dressed quickly putting on a comfortable old t-shirt and putting the plaid button down over it leaving it open and untucked he looks at his phone and there’s a text from one of his friends letting him know his ‘date’ canceled out. He runs a hand through his overgrown ridiculous hair there went whatever plan he had for tonight.

With a sigh he notices a picture on his night stand of Ashly and him from high school, they’re at a Sabres game laughing at something both wearing Sabres gear and looking like nothing in the world could tear them apart, that was of course before all the drama always being gone started, before they even dated, the golden years of just knowing they should be together but both being too scared to do anything about it.

He looks at his watch noticing he should be leaving and takes one last look at himself in the mirror, reaching down he wipes the last bit of dirt off his shoe where he missed and sighs before heading for the door.

“I’m gonna put on my new shirt, shine up these old boots, truth is when I see ya, I don’t know what I’ll do”


Song- I Know You're Gonna be There, Luke Bryan


could you do guy: Jake Guentzel name: Brooke matoic type of imagine: smut jake and I just got back from celebrating winning the Stanley Cup and he thinks I was flirting with Olli Maatta and Jakes gets jealous and after we get home this big huge fight breaks out between me and jake he says that he should have listened to PK Subban and leave me and I told him that he probably should have and then I mumbled under my breath that I bet Olli could do a lot better when it comes to sex unlike jake and he hears me now he's far beyond pissed off he tells me to repeat myself but he knows what I said I repeat myself and then he tells me he's going to prove that he can do better because he needs to set me straight.

Brooke_Seguin Brooke_Seguin

Thank you so much! I'm really hoping to get back to my writing soon!

Stephenie Stephenie

Love your new update with James Neal! I can't wait to read more of your work!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat