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One Shots


I've compiled my old one-shots and added new ones. If you have a request feel free to ask, I generally write based on a song but it doesn't have to go that way. I've got a list of ones I want to write but will write request first. I also plan to re-write at least a couple more of the older ones.

Hope you all enjoy what my mind comes up with, I don't plan on having a consistent update schedule, this is my hobby so updates could be sporadic. Thanks for reading


  1. I Know You're Gonna be There

    Patrick Kane

  2. Come Wake Me Up

    Patrick Kane Part 1

  3. Say Something (REWRITE!)

    Jonathan Toews

  4. Not a Bad Thing

    Jonathan Toews

  5. If What We Had Was Real, How Could You be Fine?

    Tyler Ennis

  6. They Said They had Reported You Dead

    James Neal

  7. How You Get the Girl

    Brandon Sutter

  8. Nothing Lasts Forever

    Zach Parise

  9. Let them be Little


  10. It's Just Me and the Radio

    Damien Brunner

  11. Superstar

    you're on your own for a player

  12. Easier to Lie

    Tomas Tatar

  13. I've Done a rewrite!

  14. I Do

    Roman Josi

  15. I Wish I Could Break Your Heart

    Pekka Rinne

  16. Say You Do

    Patrick Kane Part 2 (Sequel to Come Wake Me Up)

  17. Rewind

    Marcus Foligno

  18. Lean On

    John Tavares

  19. Make You Miss Me

    James Neal


could you do guy: Jake Guentzel name: Brooke matoic type of imagine: smut jake and I just got back from celebrating winning the Stanley Cup and he thinks I was flirting with Olli Maatta and Jakes gets jealous and after we get home this big huge fight breaks out between me and jake he says that he should have listened to PK Subban and leave me and I told him that he probably should have and then I mumbled under my breath that I bet Olli could do a lot better when it comes to sex unlike jake and he hears me now he's far beyond pissed off he tells me to repeat myself but he knows what I said I repeat myself and then he tells me he's going to prove that he can do better because he needs to set me straight.

Brooke_Seguin Brooke_Seguin

Thank you so much! I'm really hoping to get back to my writing soon!

Stephenie Stephenie

Love your new update with James Neal! I can't wait to read more of your work!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat