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One Shots

I've Done a rewrite!

Please go check out chapter 3. Unless you're a new reader after today which is May 30th, I've rewritten the story "Say Something" with Jonathan Toews because quiet honestly I never liked it all that much. I thought I did but the more I continued to hear that song the more I realized I actually kinda hated it. I like it a lot better now, I hope you all do as well. And now that I've re-written that one I may be able to move on and find inspiration for the the loads of others I've been stuck on.

There may be a couple more rewrites in the future. But for now please tell me what you think of this rewrite, if you're new please tell me what you think in general, i'm open to requests, just remember I need a player and a song!



could you do guy: Jake Guentzel name: Brooke matoic type of imagine: smut jake and I just got back from celebrating winning the Stanley Cup and he thinks I was flirting with Olli Maatta and Jakes gets jealous and after we get home this big huge fight breaks out between me and jake he says that he should have listened to PK Subban and leave me and I told him that he probably should have and then I mumbled under my breath that I bet Olli could do a lot better when it comes to sex unlike jake and he hears me now he's far beyond pissed off he tells me to repeat myself but he knows what I said I repeat myself and then he tells me he's going to prove that he can do better because he needs to set me straight.

Brooke_Seguin Brooke_Seguin

Thank you so much! I'm really hoping to get back to my writing soon!

Stephenie Stephenie

Love your new update with James Neal! I can't wait to read more of your work!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat