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One Shots

Say You Do


She was sitting in a packed bar watching the seconds click down, surrounded by her friends and a ton of drunk guys beer staining $160 jerseys. When the buzzer sounded the place erupted like volcano. The bartender blasts Chelsea Dagger through the speaker system and everyone sings along, for the 3rd time in 6 years the Blackhawks have won the cup. Jennifer smiles at her friends in pride and high fives them. She no longer watches the games holding her breath like she did last year shortly after her and Patrick broke up, now she just enjoys her favorite team and tries her hardest to ignore that blonde mullet smiling from ear to ear with all his best friends.

Its 3am before they know it and Jen and 5 of her friends have now moved to their 4th bar, the crowds never diminish, all they’ve been able to do is walk and it’s become like a mantra to scream at everyone when walking in “HAWKS WIN” like it’s not obvious, but she’s ok with that because she’s stayed on the happy side of tipsy all night. The doors swing open, everyone in the crowded bar cheers and Chelsea Dagger starts playing, yet again, the cheer changes to chants of “CROW” and “DUNCS” and the group of girls realize a group of Blackhawks have entered the party.

“I have to pee!” she yells out over the noise to her closest friend and pushes her way through the crowd to the ladies room “Oh I’m so sorry!” she yells as she’s pushed into someone’s arm causing them to spill their beer bottle all down themselves

“No problem miss” the voice yells back and her head snaps up

“Pat” she says slightly in awe, she hadn’t heard anyone cheer his name, and she thought she would have since he scored the goal to seal the game

“Jen, I didn’t recognize you, you cut your hair, and dyed it. Wow, uh you look good” he says stammering

“Yeah, thanks, you too Pat” she says and turns to make her way back to the bathroom. After standing in the line for the bathroom and making her way back to her table she looks around the bar wide eyed “I think we should go, Patrick’s here” her friends shake their heads in disagreement “Fine, I’ve sobered up, I’m going home” she says and moves her way back through the crowd to the now cooler feeling night air.

“You don’t have to leave” a voice says behind her and she turns to face him

“Yeah, I should go” she says turning back around and fishing through her purse for her keys.

“Don’t worry about it, any of it” he says quietly and she sighs irritated

“Don’t worry about what exactly Pat? The looks you give me across a room any time we’re in the same place together? The late night drunk texts? The phone calls when you’re, what bored? What am I not supposed to worry about?”

“The damage” he says simply

“What the hell are you talking about?” she says throwing her hands up in the air

“Jen, just, you can’t tell me you don’t think about what would have happened. Ya know if we worked it out, or if we’d never broken up, I think about it constantly. I’m not drunk, I’m the most sober Hawk in this bar and that includes Captain Serious who’s practically drooling champagne right now. Jen, look at me and tell me there’s not just a small spark of something left. Matter of fact, scratch that, just tell me you do still feel something. God even if you’re bold face lying to me, just tell me I’m not the only one that a year later is still hurting”


He studies her for a minute waiting for her to say something, anything even if she punched him right now it would be better than the silence.

“Pat” she says a frown on her face and he stops her

“Whatever kind of buzz you need to be able to lie to me right now, I’m buying, put it on my tab. I cannot leave here tonight and not have one more chance with you. I can’t”

“You’re out of your damn mind” she says chuckling “What do you think is gonna happen? You get me drunk and I go from girlfriend to ex to one night stand?”

“Never, you will never be a one night stand it will always be a game of what could have been and it’s killing me right now. Damn it Jen just lie to me, traipse around in my condo wearing one of my shirts well you hum some song I don’t know but you say is your favorite. Steal all the blankets on the bed I swear I won’t complain. Sit on the counter in my clothes while I make breakfast and sip orange juice while silently judging my ability to flip a pancake. Just say you still care about me, just for one night.”

“And if in the morning I want to leave?” she asks quietly like her voice might crack if she says it any louder

“Then I will have no choice but to let you go. All I’m asking for is tonight, that even if you don’t love me anymore that you would just say you do”


Her mind was reeling was she really going to do this, and after reopening that wound would she be able to walk away again, knowing the way they fell apart last time? She takes a deep breath stepping closer to him and wrapping her arms tightly around his neck she kisses him slowly, smiling at the familiar taste of whiskey, and mint.

“I miss you” she mumbles honestly and she hears a sigh of relief fall from his lips

“I miss you too baby”


Ok I've wanted to write a sequel to Come Wake Me Up since I wrote it a year ago,and a concept just kicked in and I wrote it in 45 minutes, sometimes it pays to wait for an idea.

Anyway, Song is Say You Do by Dierks Bentley and if you have not heard the song please take a listen, it's in my current top 5 and I've known about the song for a while, it's just one of those ones that sticks with you.

I've got another request to work on and then a list of my own that I'm constantly adding songs with no idea of what player to put with it. So my lovely readers and few subscribers I've got an idea, here's 2 songs that I would like to write a story to, i've got a concept and everything cooking in my mind I just don't have players for them. So first 2 either messages to me privately, or comments on here with a player name that you want will have the story done for them. the songs are

Ex To See and House Party both by Sam Hunt.

Oh and I also hope you guys enjoy this one!


could you do guy: Jake Guentzel name: Brooke matoic type of imagine: smut jake and I just got back from celebrating winning the Stanley Cup and he thinks I was flirting with Olli Maatta and Jakes gets jealous and after we get home this big huge fight breaks out between me and jake he says that he should have listened to PK Subban and leave me and I told him that he probably should have and then I mumbled under my breath that I bet Olli could do a lot better when it comes to sex unlike jake and he hears me now he's far beyond pissed off he tells me to repeat myself but he knows what I said I repeat myself and then he tells me he's going to prove that he can do better because he needs to set me straight.

Brooke_Seguin Brooke_Seguin

Thank you so much! I'm really hoping to get back to my writing soon!

Stephenie Stephenie

Love your new update with James Neal! I can't wait to read more of your work!

KitoftheKat KitoftheKat