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dude, that's my sister!


Patrick and a few of the other boys finished practice up early and decided to cool off in the stands. Not only that, but he'd noticed someone who'd grabbed his interest during practice. He had no clue who she was or why she was there, but he was staring - big time.

After practice, when they're all seated, Kane takes to directing everyone's attention to the hot mystery blonde he's been focused on all morning. A few laugh and point out how out of his league she is, and others discuss taking a shot with her as well. Either way, his attention is completely on her for the remainder of his time spent sitting there.

Later that night at the family dinner, he sees her again, only this time she's the one who's smiling and approaching him. After some getting to know each other and a moment in an empty staffroom, they run into the Captain himself, Jonathan Toews.

And she's hugging him.

And calling him her big brother.

And Kane is soooo screwed.


Allison Toews

Allison Toews

twenty three —— student at chicago state, sister of jonathan toews of the chicago blackhawks. good friends with andrew mcbay & hailey kennedy. ( * fc: blake lively )

Andrew McBay

Andrew McBay

twenty four —— student at chicago state, classmate of allison toews. crushing on hailey kennedy [secret]. UPDATE: now dating hailey kennedy. ( * fc: paul wesley )

Hailey Kennedy

Hailey Kennedy

twenty three —— currently taking a year off school to work, best friend of allison toews. big jonathan toews fan, crushing on andrew mcbay [secret]. UPDATE: now dating andrew mcbay. ( * fc: marie avgeropoulos )

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

twenty six —— center & captain of the chicago blackhawks, good friends with patrick kane. typical overprotective, disapproving older brother (of allison toews).

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane

twenty six —— rightwing on the chicago blackhawks, good friends with jonathan toews. notorious flirt, big time goofball.


  1. chapter 01.

    sharp's a dilf

  2. chapter 02.

    at least she's not the girlfriend

  3. chapter 03.

    between two toews

  4. chapter 04.

    STAGE 1: sex. STAGE 2: withdrawal. STAGE 3: drink. STAGE 4: repeat.

  5. chapter 05.

    hide-and-go-sleep with your friend's sister

  6. chapter 06.

    word of the week: fuck.

  7. chapter 07.

    got a date for tonight? —— go fish.

  8. chapter 08.

    knock knock. who's there? your best friend. your best friend who? your best friend who slept with your baby sister —— oops!

  9. chapter 09.

    make sure to buy your tickets for the shit show!

  10. chapter 10.

    sex + love = pancakes... that's how it works!



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Update please

HockeyGirl8 HockeyGirl8


Yuuuussss the Authors note made me happy :D

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