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Lets Just Take it One Baby Step at a Time

One Step Forward and One Giant Leap Back

September 2008

“I NEED MORE KETCHUP!” Dakota’s shrill scream filled our new apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I set down the box of pictures I was unpacking and walked into the kitchen towards the fridge. I removed the ketchup from the fridge and walked beside her and stooped to her eye level.

“Indoor voice please. Now how do you ask for ketchup?” I asked her holding the ketchup bottle in my hands. Ryan was snickering in his booster seat behind me at the mess his sister got herself into. I couldn’t blame her though, she was only five. She huffed crossing her arms across her chest.

“Fine no ketchup for you.” I sauntered off to the fridge but as I went to open the door she spoke.

“Can I please have the ketchup?” I turned away from the fridge and poured more ketchup on her plate kissing her forehead.

“Course dear. Ryan you need anymore?” I asked walking towards him. He shook his head no so I threw the bottle into the fridge before I walked back towards the living room to finish putting up the family photos. I finished decorating them all over the room before I collapsed on the sofa. Turning my head I sighed seeing how many boxes I still had to unpack. I hardly made a dent in them over the past few days. I stood up stretching getting ready to tackle more of the boxes as my phone rang from my bedroom. Running to pick it up I realized it was my new boss on the caller id.


“Hey Danielle. We’ll I am really sorry to call you on short notice and all but do you think it is possible you can start today? The NHL wants a spread of them about how they plan to come back in the 08-09 season after losing the cup last season.” The Pittsburgh Gm asked me. I sat down on the couch. I couldn’t go in today. Yeah it’s important to them and for my job but the sitter doesn’t start until tomorrow.

“Well if I can find a way for someone to watch my twins I can come in…” I started before he cut me off.

“Oh right I forgot about those adorable children of yours! Well you can just bring them in. I’m sure they will entertain themselves. You did say they loved hockey maybe they can go skating if they have skates.” He suggested. I thought about it for a moment before accepting the deal and we hung up.

“Hey guys finish eating fast mommy has to go to work.” I walked into the kitchen and stated washing the dishes. The kids groaned. They began to eat but I could tell they wanted nothing to do with my secret plan. They groaned as they picked up their dishes and brought them over to me. I nodded my head and began to wash them as they sulked off into the living room.

“No whining. I have a special treat for you guys tonight.” Their faces instantly light up and they scampered off getting their coats and shoes on to leave. I chuckled to myself as I watched them run around finding their items and watched them wait patiently, well as patient as twin five year olds can be, at the door for me. Grabbing my keys and their skates I ran out the door to my Escalade and buckled them into their booster seats.

“Are we there yet?” the twins said in synch giggling at the fact they said it at the same time and that it was bugging me.

“Say it one more time and I will take your surprise away.” I said driving the car towards the road the arena was on. The kids pretended to zip their lips and were quiet for the rest of the car ride.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot the kids unbuckled themselves and jumped from the car. They stared up at awe at Mellon Arena, a place they thought they would never see. They ran towards the building with me in tow. We walked into the entrance and they ran around like kids in a candy store.

“Danielle! Nice to see you again. Hi Dakota and Ryan.” Ray said walking towards me. I smiled and the kids instantly glued to my sides. They are very shy.

“Hey Ray. Sorry they are shy. Guys this is Ray. He is my boss.” The kids waved tentatively causing a chuckle between me and Ray.

“Are you laughing at me?!” Ryan exclaimed pointing a thumb at his chest. I shook my head no and we walked down towards the ice giggling at his reaction. As we got to ice level the kids pressed their noses to the glass in awe of the site before them. Players skated back and forth down the ice.

“Mommy mommy! That’s Sidney Crosby!” Dakota shouted pointing to the captain skating near the front of the pack. They were jumping up and down pointing out their favorite players.

“So are you ready for your surprise?!” I exclaimed bring the bag out from behind my back. The kids eagerly shook their heads and sat down in the seats. I took their hockey skates out of the bag and they started screaming. I helped them put on their skates and Ray guided them towards the ice where Crosby and Malkin came over and started chatting with them. Dakota’s face was all red when Crosby was talking to her. She had the cutest little crush on him.

I sat in the stands watching them skate around. They were pretty good skaters. I burst into a fit of hysterics when Ryan ran into a random player. The player dusted himself off and helped Ryan onto his feet. I ran towards the door with Ray as the player skated Ryan off the ice. Tears were still trickcling down his face. Ryan ran right into my arms when the door was opened and I picked him up in my arms slowly rocking him.

I glanced up to thank the player but couldn’t speak. I was floored. I could tell he was too. I never expected to see Kris Letang ever again. I moved Ryan to my other hip as I moved past Kris to call for Dakota. He stared at me dumbstruck, probably trying to comprehend everything. Dakota skated over and I picked her up and walked her over towards the seats to take off the skates leaving Kris standing there speechless.

“So! Did you guys have fun?” I asked cheerfully, pulling their skates off their feet. They shook their heads yes and kissed me on the cheek.

“Okay well I have to work now. So will you guys please stay here and not get into any trouble?”

“We promise.”

“Pinky swear?” I asked holding my pinky out. They nodded their heads and wrapped their pinkies around mine. Giving them both a quick kiss I grabbed my camera and followed Ray towards the ice.

“This is Danielle. She is our newest photographer. She will be doing the shoot today. So follow her directions.” Ray spoke stepping aside so I could stand next to him on the carpet that was placed on the ice.

“Okay. Well let’s just make this simple and quick. I need individual shots and a team shot. So lets just get that out of the way.” I directed the players in to three rows adjusting their angles and snapping a few shots. Ray gave me a thumbs up signaling I could move onto the individual photos.

The players stood in a line and I called them up when I was ready. They did many poses then they were allowed to leave. The funniest one up there had to be Jordan. He tried to look like the male models look with the pissed off look and I’m sexy and I know it look. During his shoot I couldn’t stop laughing. Finally I got a perfect photo of him and I sent him off.

“Letang.” I could hear him skating up to me and standing in front of me. He was the final person then I could leave.

“Ok go stand by the goal and face me. Act like your about to shoot a puck in off a rebound.” I directed. He did as he was told and I snapped a few shots. I had him pose in various poses and got all my shots and sent him away. I sat down on the carpet putting my camera back in its case and cleaning the lens.

“So looks like you did good for yourself.” Kris remarked pointing towards my camera noting my new job.

“Yeah it has been tough but I did it. At least this one pays enough. And Pittsburgh has a great schooling system for them so it’s a win win.” I stood up grabbing the case any walking off the ice. I went to step off the ice when I slipped. Instead of crashing to the ice his arms shot out and grabbed me.

“And yet you are still a klutz.” He laughed pulling me to my feet. I blushed and walked off the ice towards the stands. I got halfway to my kids when I heard Kris yelling for me to wait. I turned on my heel and walked back towards him.

“Do well um yeah do they know about me?” He asked, pointing towards Dakota and Ryan.

“Nope.” I turned back on my heel but he grabbed my arm and swung me around to face him.

“Why not?”

“Oh what would u like me to do break their hearts and tell them the truth? Yeah I can see that conversation going well. Hey kids your dad his name is Kris Letang. He left us because he didn’t care about you guys. Yeah I can definitely see that going fairly well.” I remarked sarcastically leaving Kris dumbstruck by the ice.

“Mommy why were you fighting with the nice man?” Ryan asked looping his arm with mine as we walked down the stairs towards the exit.

“Sweetie we weren’t fighting. We were talking about hockey and how awesome he is.” I answered. It was a complete lie. I know I should tell them the truth, liars are sent to time out, but the truth isn’t always the easiest to say.


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