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Lets Just Take it One Baby Step at a Time

Forget Baby Steps, it's One Giant Leap for Mankind

Everything about my new job was perfect. I took pictures during their practice in the morning, went home and had lunch with the kids, and then later I’d leave to take pictures of the game. Ray was really nice and got my kids seats near where I was taking pictures so they could watch the game. They were overly excited when that happened. They were even allowed to sit in a box with Mario Lemieux. Me and Natalie, his wife, have been getting along a lot lately and she just adored the twins.

Surprisingly I got along with the team pretty well. They became like my second family. I was either at the rink with them or they were chilling at my apartment. Jordan was over a lot playing video games with my kids. That was always fun to watch. Jordan always lost to them.

“Mommy hurry! We are going to miss Mr. Crosby’s party!” Dakota shouted from the front door.

“What did I tell you about yelling?” I shouted, grabbing the Christmas gifts I got for the secret santa.

“But you are yelling!” Dakota whined, stomping her foot on the ground. I laughed and tossed the gifts at Ryan which he caught effortlessly.

“Do as I say not as I do.” I spoke, ushering them out the door. She huffed and stomped off down the stairs towards our car. They buckled themselves in their booster seats and we drove off towards Sid’s place, also known as the Lemieux family home.

We pulled into the driveway and they rushed out of the car. I followed behind holding the gift. Dakota and Ryan were beyond excited. They loved hanging out with the guys. I rang the doorbell and Jordan answered it. The kids attacked him and he threw them over his shoulders.

“Hey guys! Danielle and the rug rats are here!” Jordan shouted. I heard feet come flying towards us and Sid, Marc, and Evgeni all appeared. Jordan set the kids down and they were engulfed by the players hugging them.

“What about me.” I pouted putting my arms out. Jordan laughed and gave me a hug, twirling me in a circle.

“Merry Christmas Sido!” I said as Jordan set me down. I handed him the secret Santa gift which he ran and put under the tree with all the other gifts.

“Merry Christmas to you too Candy Kane!” he shouted enveloping me in a hug. Damn it. He obviously looked in my high school year book and saw the nickname I forever had. Sid turned on his heel and we all sat around the tree. Ryan sat on my lap with Dakota on Sid’s. she was such a little flirt.

“Shall we open presents?” Max asked, walking in dressed as Santa. Everyone howled in laughter as he sauntered over to the tree and picked up two gifts.

“Lets let the little munchkins go first.” He said tossing them their gifts. Their eyes instantly lit up and they attacked the paper throwing it every which way. They were always cute at Christmas to watch.

They finished tearing off all the paper and started screaming. I looked over and saw they had jerseys. Dakota’s had gotten a Crosby jersey much to her delight. She sprang up from her seat and tackled him into a hug. Ryan had gotten a Malkin jersey and he ran over and high fived him.

“Well we figured that since they go to every game they have to look the part.” Evgeni said. The kids said thank you and Max started handing out the rest of the gifts. Everyone opened their gifts and just sat around drinking or listening to music.

“Here is your gift.” Max said throwing me my gift. I nodded my head and opened it. Inside the box sat a hockey stick necklace. Funny I recognize this from somewhere. I picked it up and examined it. On the stick was carved seize the day in Latin and the numbers 58.

“You like it?” Kris whispered walking over towards me.

“You gave this to me a long time ago. And I gave it back when you made Junior’s. I didn’t think you kept it.” I said holding the necklace tight in my hand.

“I can be a jerk but I’m not that much of a jerk. I kept pretty much everything.” He said sitting down next to me.

“Could a fooled me.” I said standing up and walking outside. I heard footsteps follow me and saw Kris right behind me.

“I do care. That’s why I want to be in their lives.” He said, leaning against the railing.

“We went through this before. It wont work.” I stormed off through the living room and into the kitchen. He followed right on my heels. Grabbing my arm he spun me around and pined me against the fridge.

“You always say that! But I think they have the right to know I’m their father.” He practically yelled. I heard many feet come running towards the kitchen. They all stopped when they saw us.

“You guys okay? We heard yelling…” Marc started. I nodded my head and turned around to see Dakota and Ryan standing behind them. I could see tears in their eyes.

“Thanks Kris. Good job again.” I said pushing past Marc to hug them.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Ryan asked, “I’m a big boy. I can handle anything.” He said pointing towards his chest. I chuckled, pulling him into a bigger hug.

“Cause you guys wouldn’t understand everything.”

“So he’s our dad?” Dakota asked. I nodded my head and Kris walked up next to me and squatted down to their eye level. Dakota and Ryan ran at Kris and just gave him a big hug. I knew I should have been semi happy; they always wanted to know their dad. But I couldn’t. I never want them to go through losing him for a second time.

After the happy reuniting the kids went back to playing the Wii with Sid and Max. I felt the couch sink down and Kris sat next to me.

“Now that they know you you can’t just leave them again.” I said.

“I can’t Danielle ever do that to them. I mean come on look at them. They are our kids. I sound like a sap but they are just amazing. So innocent. I can’t ever hurt them again like I hurt you and them year’s ago.” he spoke so quietly. I sighed and he pulled me in a hug.

“I’ll always be here for them. And for you.” And I was hoping he meant it.


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