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Lets Just Take it One Baby Step at a Time

Maybe. Just Maybe we will be Alright.

“Meet me. Just one drink. Please?” Kris practically begged over the phone as I sat with my kids watching Dora the Explorer. I could just imagine his face right now. His head would be titled back, his eyes wide with worry, and his bottom lip would be jutting out just a bit to put a cap on his pout.

“No. And Kris you may ask me again in about three minutes, which I know you will. And would you like to know the answer in advance so I can save you the trouble? Well its no!” I stated through gritted teeth. We had been arguing for over an hour on the subject and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer or give up it seemed. He’d been at this for weeks. Ever since the kids and I left the dinner early and after our kiss at the door he’s been trying to get me to meet him but each time I shoot him down. I was hurt to say the least and nothing he could say would ever take the pain away.

“Fine. Since you won’t talk to me can I talk to the kids?” he asked. I put my hand over the phone and yelled for the kids.

“Mom why are you yelling we’re right here!” Dakota’s shrill voice screeched back as she and Ryan looked up at me.

“Dakota use your inside voice.” I stated. My hand was still over the phone but I knew he could hear by the laughter I could hear coming out of the receiver.

“BUT YOU’RE…” She started to yell before I threw the phone in her hands and quickly told her to talk to daddy. She instantly quieted down.

“Hi daddy!” she sang into the receiver. They talked for a while before Dakota hung up and walked over and plopped herself in my lap.

“Guess where you are going!” she happily sang while jumping up and down on my lap.

“Um to the moon?” I giggled back. She jumped to her feet and turned towards me. With a hand on her his she leaned in to tell me a secret.

“Daddy is picking you up in five minutes.” She whisper yelled before running away to her room.

“Dakota no he’s not. Now it’s time for both of you to go to…” I started before the doorbell rang. I quickly walked towards the door and there stood Ana, the children’s babysitter.

“Hi Danielle! The kid’s bedtime is at 8:30 right? Hope you have a good time tonight!” her voice rang as she walked past me and into the awaiting arms of my children.

“Ana did Kris call you?” I asked as she walked over to the counter and threw her overnight bag onto the counter.

“Yup! I am overly excited you two are going out tonight. Time for you both to reconnect for your children’s sake and your own.” She said in a happy voice as she walked farther into the apartment with the kids.

“Ana I’m not going….” I started before I was cut off by the doorbell ringing. A sign escaped my lips as I walked over and threw open the door.

And there he stood. That cocky grin was all the way across his face. His tight muscles could be seen though his shirt as he leaned across my door frame with his arms across his chest. In one hand were his keys while the other held a bouquet of flowers. He held out the flowers to me which I took in my hands and instantly brought them to their face with a small smile etched on my face.

“Purple roses…” I started before he cut me off with a almost silent ‘your favorite’. Before I could object Kris walked into the house to put the flowers away in a vase.

“No no it’s fine I’ll get them!” Anna called as she ran into the foyer and took the roses out of his hands. She quickly ushered us out the door and pushed it closed right behind us. Guess I wasn’t getting out of this date.

I took a quick sip of my drink as me and Kris awkwardly sat at the bar he took me at. Everyone else was laughing and chatting away having a grand time but it was just awkward for us. Kris kept looking over at me ready to speak but then would look away. I could tell something was up and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hear it or not. Did he not want me or the kids in his life? Were he and that skank, I mean Chelsea.

“Just say it Kris. Tell me you never want to see me or the kids again. I get it. There isn’t enough room in your life for Chelsea and us.” I spoke through quivering lips as I gripped my drink tighter. My knuckles had turned white from how strong my grip was but I didn’t care. I was hurt at the thoughts I was thinking. Kris spun around to face me with a shocked look on his face.

“That’s not even close to what I was going to tell you. I wanted to… to try and give us another shot. I know I fucked up big time last time and I’ve regretted it for five years. And just seeing you again makes everything from five years ago and before rush back to me. I never knew what love was until I lost it.” He spoke as his hand lightly touched the side of my face while the other clutched my hand.

“What about Chelsea?” I snarled as I moved backwards and removing my hand from his. Kris let out a sigh before putting both of his hands on the bar next to me so he was hovering directly over me.

“Chelsea who?” he said with a smirk before lightly putting his lips on mine in a feather light kiss.

“Your girlfriend dumb ass.” I whispered as his lips were removed from mine. His hands grasped my hands as his eyes bore into mine. I felt like I was the only girl in the world. Kris always made me feel special and tonight was no exception.

“Like I said Chelsea who? I have no girlfriend like Chelsea. I did use to have a girlfriend but I can’t remember her. You know why?” he asked as he moved closer to me and his hands on the sides of my face. I quietly shook my head no and he let out a sigh.

“Cause I met this really beautiful girl. We used to be together, hell even married, and I fucked that up. And once I saw her again I just knew.” He said with a small smile before placing a tender kiss on my lips which I did not resist.

“What did you know?” I whispered back. He kept his gaze right on me as he let out a small laugh.

“That I never loved her. That I always have, and always will love you.” He said as he leaned closer and kissed me with desire, passion, fury, and more all wrapped into a mind blowing kiss.

“Mommy!! Wake up we need…” Dakota and Ryan’s shrill voiced yelled through the house as they came running to my room but were silenced when they jumped on my bed and realized I wasn’t the only one in it.

“Hey sport. I could have sworn I heard a lot of yelling thought the bad guys were after you or something.” Kris said while Dakota and Ryan laughed at how silly their dad was being.

“Want breakfast?” Kris asked as he sat up in bed and grabbed Ryan as he tickled Ryan. Ryan let out a shrill yes through his laughs as Kris got up and carried Ryan out of the room with Dakota yelling after him about how happy she was to have him at breakfast.

I quickly got out of bed and was thankful we had gotten redressed in the middle of the night in case the kids ran in to wake us up in the morning. I stretched out my joints as I walked towards the bathroom so I could shower and get ready for the day. I turned on the shower and quickly threw my clothes on the ground before walking in. I let the water wash away my fear. I wasn’t afraid to be with Kris. Hell I loved him. After I finished I got out and did my hair and makeup before running to my room to pull on a pair of jeans and a baby doll white tank. As I lifted my shirt over my head there was a soft knock on my door.

“One second!” I shouted as adjusted it before walking over to the door and finding Kris standing there with a tray filled with bacon, pancakes, and orange juice.

“Damn you got up! We made you breakfast in bed.” Kris laughed as he followed me into the room and we sat down on the bed. I gave him a small smile as he handed me the food and I began to eat it up.

“When did you learn how to cook? The only thing you ever used to make was pizza rolls in the microwave.” I said with a laugh as I kept eating the dinner he had made me. He just laughed along with me as I continued to eat.

“Danielle I really do love you you know that right?” Kris hesitantly spoke as we walked out of my room with my empty dishes many minutes later.

“Yeah I know. And I love you too.” I said as my smile etched across my face. He gave me a passionate kiss before grabbing me in his arms and twirling me in the air.

“One more thing though will fix this.” He said as he knelt down holding my hands in his. My eyes instantly welled up with tears as he opened a box. Inside it sat a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The center diamond was huge with a few smaller diamonds on the other sides.

“Last time we got married we were young. And I was certainly foolish and stupid to leave you and our wonderful children. So will you marry me, well again?” he said still holding his hands in mine. From the corner of my mind I saw Dakota and Ryan staring at us from around the corner with smiles across their face. I knew my answer right when he knelt down and I knew making him wait was making him nervous. I shook my head and he yet out a yell of happiness as he put the ring on my finger and shot up to give me an electrifying kiss.

“Now you just need to keep making me breakfast in bed.” I said with a laugh and he laughed to as our children ran around the corner to embrace us in hugs.

“Mommy you look so pretty!” Dakota gushed as Ana helped me finish lacing up my wedding dress. Yes finally Kris and I were getting married. After lots of thought we decided a wedding in July would be good that way we could have a honeymoon without the threat of him leaving for a hockey road trip.

I looked over my shoulder into the mirror and I agreed with her. I did look pretty. My chocolate brown hair was pulled up with curls that framed my face and a few hanging from the back in an elegant fashion. My silver head band with a lace veil hung down the back of my head to the floor and as far as my train of my gown.

The gown was just gorgeous! It was pure white with a sweetheart neckline, a corset top, and towards my hips it swooped out into a ball gown. Along it there was beading and stitching that just looked fabulous. My entire face just glowed with happiness. I did my makeup simple pale lipstick with my eyeliner and mascara lining my brown almost black eyes.
I smiled at Dakota as I look at her dress. She was going to be our flower girl. She wore a semi poufy pale gold dress and held a white basket filled with rose petals. Her hair was also in an updo similar to mine and she looked adorable. I then looked over at Ryan and smiled as he fumbled with his tie. He was to be our ring bearer.

The music started and we made our way down the aisle. I was nervous but tried not to let it show. Women and men smiled at me as I followed Dakota down the aisle. It was picture perfect. As I reached the altar Dakota went to the left while Ryan went to the right and I went forward to stand with Kris.

“You look beautiful.” Kris whispered awestruck almost like he didn’t believe this was reality. A blush crept up over my checks as the priest began to recite our vows and which we repeated.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.” The priest said as everyone stood up and applauded. Kris grabbed my waist and dipped be and put his lips on mine in a passionate kiss. He was mine, I was his, we were one.

“I love you Danielle Letang.” He whispered in my ear as we walked down the aisle towards our reception area.

“I love you too Kristopher Letang.”


Okay so I posted the whole story here! I am currently writing a sequel because I HATED the last chapter. So I will be posting the sequel here! Ill start posting the completed chapters tonight. And just saying, I love the sequel so much more! Hope you all liked this and you wont be disappointed with the sequel!


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