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Lets Just Take it One Baby Step at a Time

Right Back to Where we Started From

“You are walking too slow mom! Kris is going to take us ice skating! Hurry up!” Dakota shouted running ahead of us at Mellon Arena. I sighed and grabbed Ryan’s hand and ran attempting to catch up with her.

“Dakota! Do I always have to repeat the rules every single day when we go somewhere?! No running and absolutely no yelling!” I shouted sprinting after her with Ryan in tow.

“BUT YOU ARE YELLING!” she shrieked, stopping abruptly that I almost ran into her. I grabbed her hand in one hand and Ryan’s in the other before walking towards the ice.

“Like I said. Do as I say, not as I do.” She gave a tiny sigh and walked forward with me and Ryan.

The entire team was still on the ice so we sat down on the first level to watch them. Whenever one of the guys skated by they gave the kids and I a quick wave before skating pass performing the drill. When Kris skated by Dakota and Ryan both jumped up and threw him a huge smile and waved so much I thought they would have been air born! Kris returned their wave and smile as he skated by to finish the drill.

The kids sat anxiously in their seats and waited for practice to be over. I was a little antsy too mainly because it was our first time both of us having the kids together. Usually we switched them on weekends or he’d take just them with him out but this time he insisted I come along too. When I originally refused he got the kids involved and I couldn’t say no to them!

The practice finally ended and the team skated off the ice. Kris skated over towards the door near where we were sitting and the kids tackled him to the ground. They all sat their laughing while I awkwardly stood off to the side, not sure where I fit in.

“Hey ready to skate?” Kris asked the twins. Their faces instantly lit up and they ran over to me. I handed them their skates and they ran back to Kris so he would tie them for them.

The kids smiled the entire time as he laced up their skates. I had not seen them this happy in the longest time ever. It seemed like the scene was out of a fairy tale. Kris and the kids cracked up at jokes together before sitting up and skating off the ice. They skated a few laps around the rink.

I grabbed my camera and slowly walked down towards the ice. Standing in the doorway I snapped a few shots of them all together. I snapped a few more of the candid photos. They never realized I was even taking any.

I took a few more before turning the camera to view mode and started going through the pictures. Every single one they were smiling from ear to ear. It was cute actually. They actually did look like a family. I was too engrossed into the pictures to hear someone skating up behind me.

“Having fun?” Kris asked, placing his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder. I shook my head yes and I could feel his face turn into a smile. His arms traced up and down the side of my arms as we stood there watching the kids skate around the rink trying to tag each other in their two man game of tag.

“Hey you guys hungry? I have reservations at Bistro D’ Italia if you guys want to go!” Kris shouted across the ice. The kids instantly turned around and skated towards us super fast. I jumped backwards to get out of their way but jumped into Kris. He grabbed my waist as we flew back into the floor in a fit of hysterics. Dakota and Ryan just rolled their eyes at us as they walked by to take off their skates. After they finished we all piled into my car and Kris drove us to the restaurant.

“Oh Mr.Letang! nice to see you again. Please follow me this way you’re table is over here.” The hostess smiled and show us to our table. She pointed to the one in the corner and we walked towards it.

I thought at first she miss pointed because a blonde girl sat at the table looking at the menu. As we walked forward the girl instantly jumped up and ran at Kris throwing her arms around him into a tight embrace.

“Kristopher! What did I tell you about keeping me waiting?” she laughed, grabbing his arm and walking towards the table. Ryan and Dakota followed close behind, giving the lady weird looks. I couldn’t blame them. I was completely surprised by this too. I started walking forwards and sat in the seat across from Kris between Dakota and Ryan.

“Danielle, Dakota, Ryan, this is Chelsea my girlfriend.” Kris smiled pointing us out to his girlfriend. I was shocked. I gave her a small smile before just zoning out of the entire conversation.

The dinner was awkward. I could tell Ryan and Dakota weren’t comfortable with this at all. We all made small talk through it but the twins never spoke a word. Chelsea would try to bring them into a conversation but they would only answer in a few words then went back to their plates.

“Kris it’s been a long day I think we’ll be going.” I spoke. I grabbed some money out of my wallet and handed it to Kris.

“Nice to meet you Chelsea. By Kris.” I grabbed the twins hands and we walked out of the restaurant towards my car. I started to strap the kids into their car seats when they began to cry.

“Guys what’s wrong?” I gushed whipping the tears out of their eyes.

“We don’t like her! Why is daddy with her?” Ryan cried, rubbing his eyes with his tiny fists.

“They obviously really like each other Ryan.” I spoke, getting into the car to pull away.

“Well that’s dumb! You and daddy should be together, that’s how it’s supposed to be!” Dakota wailed making my heart churn. I started the car and began to pull out on the road with tears brimming in my eyes.

“Hey Danielle it’s Kris, obviously. Cause this is my twelfth call of mine you haven’t picked up. So I’d like it if you’d call back. Bye.” His voice filled my room as I laid on my bed and cried. I didn’t expect to get back with him but I didn’t expect him to do this to the kids, or me for the matter. He didn’t even tell us he was seeing anyone. The worst part was the kid’s confusion. They didn’t understand it at all and it upset them, which in turn broke my heart.

The doorbell rang and I sprung up to get it thinking it was probably Jordan, he had a weird habit of showing up at my door at random hours of the night. I didn’t mind, it gave me someone to talk to in this city. Opening the door I was surprised that Jordan wasn’t there, but instead there stood Kris.

“What do you want? Haven’t you upset the kids enough for one night.” I icily spoke closing the door behind me as I stepped into the hall.

“I didn’t think they’d be upset. I can’t hide her from them. They needed to met her.” he spoke ringing his hands together.

“Yeah well you should have given them some warning. They weren’t expecting it and it upset them.”

“Are we talking about the kids here or you?”

“The kids!” I spoke really quickly. I was lying and he knew it.

“I’m sorry Danielle, I really really am.” He walked towards me putting his arms over my head so our foreheads were touching. He just kept staring like he was trying to solve a math problem.

“You drive me crazy you know that? I try to stop thinking about you but I can’t. I even dated Chelsea because she reminded me of you. Why are things so complicated?” he whispered. His breath tingled on my face as I stared right back into his eyes. Faster then my brain could comprehend he leaned forward pressing his lips to mine. All too soon he moved back and walked off towards the elevator, throwing me a small smile as he walked in. This just got even more complicated which I thought wasn’t possible.


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