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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 1 - New Neighbor

It’s right around Christmas time. Maddie is at her apartment in downtown Pittsburgh looking for houses for sale out side of the city. Her cell phone rings.

Leslie - Hey, how’s the house hunting going?
Maddie - I think I may have found something. I’m going to go look at it tomorrow.
Leslie - Well I hope it works out for you. I know how stressed you are living downtown.
Maddie - I just want a little peace and quiet and maybe a boyfriend.
Leslie - Aww, I didn’t know you’ve been wanting a guy in your life.
Maddie - I think it’s time I settle down a started a family with the right guy of course.
Leslie - And you deserve to be happy. I gotta head to work. I’ll talk to you later.
Maddie - Ok, bye

The girls hang up. Maddie goes into her kitchen to fix herself some lunch. She eats lunch and then decides to go take a nap cuz she has a pretty horrible headache from her period showing up. She ends up sleeping until the next morning. She calls the realtor who is selling the house she’s interested in. She goes to look at the house. She loves it so much that she puts an offer on it that same day. A few days pass and she ends up with the house. She spends the next couple days packing up her apartment and starts moving into her house by the weekend. As she’s taking some boxes into the house she catches sight of her neighbor when he comes home. She looks over at him blushing and smiles sheepishly. He then comes over to introduce himself.

James - Hey, you must be the new neighbor.
Maddie - Yes, I’m Maddie.
James - I’m James. Nice to meet you Maddie.
Maddie - Likewise James.
James - Since you just moved into your house why don’t I take you out tonight.
Maddie - That’s really sweet and I would love to have dinner with you tonight.
James - Great, I’ll be over at 7.
Maddie - Ok, see you later.

James goes back to his house. While Maddie goes inside her house and then realizes who is taking her out tonight. She then calls Leslie.

Leslie - Hey, get all moved in?
Maddie - Yes and you will never guess who my is neighbor.
Leslie - With the excitement in your voice it’s gotta be one of the Penguins.
Maddie - Yes
Leslie - Ok spill who is it.
Maddie - James Neal
Leslie - Oh wow
Maddie - He’s taking me out tonight.
Leslie - That’s sweet that he’s taking you out so you didn’t have to cook for yourself tonight.
Maddie - I know it is. I knew it was him when I saw the tattoos.
Leslie - Maybe you two will be dating by the end of the night.
Maddie - I’m not going to get my hopes up yet.
Leslie - Aww, don’t worry your date with him will be fine.
Maddie - I hope so.
Leslie - If you need help picking out something to wear I can come over.
Maddie - That would great.
Leslie - Ok, see you in a little bit.

The girls hang up. A little while later Leslie comes over and helps Maddie pick out something to wear to tonight. Maddie pulls out a teal leopard print dress.

Maddie - What do you think?
Leslie - That’s really cute and pair that with your pair of knee high boots.
Maddie - That’s a great idea.
Leslie - I should go so you can finish getting ready.
Maddie - I’ll call you when I get home.
Leslie - Ok, have fun.

Leslie leaves while Maddie continues to get ready to go out with James in a few hours. A few hours later Maddie here’s a knock at the door. She goes to answer it. She lets James in.

James - You look nice Maddie.
Maddie - Aww, thank you James.
James - You’re welcome Maddie. Are you ready to go?
Maddie - Yeah, lets go.

James and Maddie leave her house and go get something to eat. They arrive at the restaurant and get a table away from everyone. They order food. As they’re waiting for their food they start talking.

James - You are so pretty Maddie.
Maddie - Wow, never thought I’d hear a guy say that to me.
James - Well you are.
Maddie - Aww, thank you James. That really means a lot.
James - I mean it.
Maddie - That’s really sweet.
James - You know you sound like you’re from Canada.
Maddie - Yes I’m from Thunder Bay.
James - Then you probably know my roommate then.
Maddie - Why? Who’s your roommate?
James - Jordan Staal
Maddie - I’ve heard of him but never met him.
James - I don’t mean to change the subject but I’m sure your boyfriend likes it when you wear that dress.
Maddie - He probably would if I had a boyfriend.
James - That’s surprising that a pretty girl like you is single.
Maddie - Are you trying to say you want me as your girlfriend?
James - (Smiles sheepishly and blushes) Well maybe if you would want me as your boyfriend.
Maddie - You’re really sweet James and I would love to be your girlfriend.
James - Really? You will?
Maddie - You bet I will.
James - I was hoping you were going to say that.
Maddie - You’re really sweet and I think I could be happy being with you.
James - (Smiles) I think I could be happy with you too. You ready to go home?
Maddie - Yeah, I’m starting to get tired.
James - Ok, then I will take you home.

James pays for dinner. They head for home. James walks Maddie to the door. He wraps his arms around Maddie pulling her close to him. They begin looking into each other eyes and begin to kiss.

Maddie - Thank you for everything tonight.
James - You’re welcome Maddie. I enjoyed going out with you tonight.
Maddie - So did I. I should be heading to bed.
James - Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Maddie - Night James
James - Night Maddie

James gives Maddie one last goodnight kiss. He heads for home while Maddie goes inside her house. When she gets inside she sighs. She sends Leslie a text telling her how the date went. She goes into her bedroom to get ready for bed. She lays down on her bed, covers herself with her blanket, and goes right to sleep until the next morning. A couple weeks pass and it’s now Maddie’s birthday.



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