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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 2 - Maddie’s birthday

It’s the morning of Maddie’s birthday. She wakes up and sees a very sweet birthday text from James that says ‘The first thing that came to my mind this morning was that today is your Birthday. I hope I've been the first one to wish you a happy birthday because you're special to me. Happy Birthday babe!’ Maddie smiles and sends James a text telling him thank you for wishing her a happy birthday. Her cell phone then rings.

Maddie - Was just thinking about you.
James - I want you to be ready when I come home from practice.
Maddie - Ok, what are you up to James?
James - It’s a surprise.
Maddie - Well ok
James - See you in a couple hours babe.
Maddie - Ok, see you later James.

James and Maddie hang up. Maddie goes to take a shower and get ready to go out with James. As she’s getting ready her phone rings again.

Leslie - Hey, birthday girl.
Maddie - Hey thanks
Leslie - What is that handsome boyfriend of yours doing for you today?
Maddie - I don’t know but he’s up to something.
Leslie - Aww, must be a birthday surprise.
Maddie - Guess I’ll find out when he gets home.
Leslie - I’ll be over later to bring over your gift.
Maddie - Alright talk to you later.

The girls hang up. Maddie finishes getting ready to go out with James when he gets home from practice. A few hours later James comes over to Maddie’s house to take her on a birthday date before his game tonight.

James - Ready to go babe?
Maddie - Where are you taking me?
James - (Smiles) It’s a surprise sweetie.
Maddie - Well ok

James and Maddie leave. They drive for awhile until they arrive at an ice skating rink. James tells Maddie that he’s going to teach her how to skate. Maddie smiles as they put on their skates. James steps onto the ice while Maddie is a little scared.

James - (Laughs) Come on babe the ice isn’t going to hurt you.
Maddie - I’m afraid I’m going to fall.
James - I won’t let you fall sweetie.
Maddie - You promise.?
James - Of course I do.

Maddie steps onto the ice. James takes a hold of her hand so that she doesn’t fall. They spend a little more then an hour on the ice. They put their shoes back on and then head for home. On the way home James takes Maddie out to lunch. They have lunch and then head home so that James can rest a little before his game. James drops Maddie off at her house. He walks her to her door. He wraps his arms around Maddie holding her close. He gives her a kiss and then goes home. Maddie goes inside her house. She changes clothes and decides to take a nap before tonight’s Penguins game. She goes into her bedroom and lays down on her bed. She covers herself with her blanket and is asleep until later that night. She makes herself something to eat and watches the Penguins game. She falls asleep half way through the game and wakes up long enough to see James scoring the game winning goal. She smiles and then notices she forgot to open the gift gave her. She opens the bag and smiles when she sees that James got her his jersey. She sends him a thank you text and then heads to bed. She lays down on her bed and covers herself with her blanket. She is asleep a short time later until the next morning. A moth passes and it’s now Valentine’s day. Maddie is pretty sure James will plan something special for that night.



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