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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 13 - Flashbacks

James and Maddie are cuddling on the couch. James nuzzles and kisses Maddie’s neck and whispers “I love you so much” in her ear. Maddie sighs when she falls asleep in James’s arms. There’s a knock at the door. James’s mom gets the door and rolls her eyes when she sees Maddie’s mother.

Deborah - Don’t even think about storming into the living room. Your daughter is sound asleep while she’s cuddling with my son.
Linda - And you approve of this?
Deborah - Of course I do. My son loves your daughter with all of his heart. Just cuz they both have tattoos doesn’t make them horrible people. James has had his ink for years. All his brothers have the same family tattoo.
Just then Maddie wakes up and hears her mother’s voice which brings back a flashback of the night her mother making her leave James.

Inside the flashback…..

Maddie - (Starts to cry) I don’t want to do this to you James.
James - Then don’t. We can run away and get married.
Maddie - I have no choice. Maybe one day we can be together again.
James - (Starts to cry too) I…I will always love you.
Maddie - So will I. I hate that my mom is forcing us apart. I will never forgive her for this. I don’t want to break your heart.
James - Don’t worry honey. I’ll think of something where we can be together.
Maddie - Well I better change clothes and leave.
James - Ok, I love you.
Maddie - I love you too.

Seeing those images again she starts to cry. James wakes up while his mom comes into the living room.

James - Maddie, honey, what’s wrong?
Maddie - Hearing my mom’s voice just made me have a flashback of the night we were forced to break up.
James - (Wipes the tears from Maddie’s eyes) Shh, honey don’t cry. We’re never going to be apart ever again. I can promise you that.
Deborah - That’s right sweetie. My son isn’t going anywhere.

Just then Maddie’s mom comes into the living room wanting to talk to Maddie alone. James and his mom go outside.

Maddie - What the hell do you want Mom?
Linda - Have you lost your mind?
Maddie - Mom, will you once and for all listen to me or are you going to continue to treat me like the black sheep of the family?
Linda - Fine I’ll listen.
Maddie - I haven’t lost my mind. I love James with all of my heart and he loves me. Yes he has tattoos but he treats me like his queen. He would never do anything to hurt me. When I don’t feel good he cuddles with me just to make me feel better. He is a very sweet, kind, caring, and loving guy. If you can’t be happy for me that I found a guy I fell in love with, married, and starting a family with then I don’t want you in my life. Jordan is at least happy for me so why can’t you be? Please tell me cuz I would like to know.
Linda - I guess it’s cuz I don’t really know you that well or James for that matter. So I guess I really don’t what makes you happy. So then you get treated poorly and I shouldn’t treat my own daughter like that. I’m sorry for treating you and James so poorly.
Maddie - I don’t know if you knew this or not but two months ago something very bad happened to me.
Linda - What happened to you?
Maddie - A few weeks after you forced James and I apart I had a miscarriage. I was 4 months pregnant at the time. I was so scared cuz I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was in the hospital for a couple days. I cried the whole time cuz I had just lost my baby and not having James there with me but since you forced us apart he couldn‘t be there with me when I needed him. He was the father to that baby.
Linda - Wow, I had no idea that you lost your baby. Jordan never told me what happened.
Maddie - I told him not to. The only people I told were my friend Leslie, Jordan, James, and his mom.
Linda - I guess I don’t blame you for not telling me since I haven’t been the mother that you’ve needed. You seems to be in good hands with James’s mom being here so I’m just going to go.

Maddie’s mom leaves. Maddie goes into the bedroom and lays down on the bed. James and his mom come back inside. James goes into the bedroom to check on Maddie. He sees that she is sound asleep. He goes over to the bed and lays down beside her. He wraps his arms around her so that they’re spooning with one another. He is asleep a short time later until later that night. A month passes and it’s now James’s birthday. It’s the morning of James’s birthday. James wakes up and finds that Maddie is already up. He gets out of bed and goes into the kitchen and finds that she is making his favorite breakfast. He wraps his arms around Maddie and starts nuzzling and kissing her neck. She turns around and they begin to kiss.

James - You really didn’t have to go to all the trouble for me.
Maddie - I know but I wanted to. You deserve it after everything you’ve done for me since our relationship started. I want your birthday to be special.
James - (Smiles) It already is special cuz I’m spending it with my sexy wife.
Maddie - Aww, do you really think that about me James?
James - Of course I do. There is no other woman like you. You're nothing short of my everything.
Maddie - Aww, that is so sweet.
James - I mean it. Did you need help setting the table?
Maddie - That would be great if you did.

James sets the table and lights a couple of candles. Maddie goes over to the table to grab the plates and dishes up a full spread of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast. She goes back over to the table and sits down next to James.

James - Wow, honey you didn’t have to make all this for me.
Maddie - I know but I wanted to.

As they’re eating James takes a hold of Maddie’s hand and smiles.

James - I love you for who you are as an individual. You being yourself is enough to make me love you more.
Maddie - I love you for the man you are and for the way you make me feel. Your smile lights up my world and baby my promise to you is I love you forever. You are the one I want to spent the rest of my life with.

They finish eating and clean up the table. They go over to the couch and start cuddling. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest. James wraps his arm around Maddie as they begin to kiss.

James - I love you baby.
Maddie - I love you too.
James - Thank you for the nice breakfast.
Maddie - You’re welcome sweetie.
James - Kind of nice spending time together before the season starts.
Maddie - It sure is. Is it ok if I go back to bed for awhile?
James - Sure it is sweetie. I’ll join you.
Maddie - I would like that.

James and Maddie into their bedroom. They lay down on the bed. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest and goes right to sleep. James smiles as he gives her a kiss and then wraps his arm around her. He’s asleep a short time later till later that night. A month passes. James and Maddie are at the doctor again to see if things are going ok with Maddie’s pregnancy. As they’re waiting for the doctor Maddie has a flashback of the night of her miscarriage.

Inside the flashback…

Doctor Jade - I’m sorry Maddie your had a miscarriage and lost your baby.
Maddie - (Starts to cry) Nooooo
Doctor Jade - I’m sorry but you’re going to have to stay in the hospital for a few days for treatment.

Seeing the horrible image of what happened that night Maddie begins to cry. James wraps his arm around her trying to comfort her.

James - It’ll be ok baby. Everything will be ok.
Maddie - I know I’m just a little nervous.
James - It’s ok baby. I’m nervous too.
Maddie - You are?
James - You bet I am. I don't want anything to happen to these babies
Maddie - Aww, I don't want something to happen to them either

James gives Maddie a kiss when the doctor comes into the room. She performs and ultrasound on Maddie’s belly.

Doctor Jade - Everything looks great in there.
Maddie - I’m so relieved to hear that.
Doctor Jade - I know you’re scared about what happened two months ago but I don’t see that happening this time. Your little boys look just fine.
Maddie - So, our twins are boys?
Doctor Jade - Yes your twins are boys.
James - (Smiles) That’s wonderful news.
Doctor Jade - I will see you two again at 5 months
Maddie - Ok, thank your doctor.

They leave the doctor’s office and head home. They tell James’s mom that the twins are little boys. James and Maddie go into their bedroom. They lay down on the bed. Maddie snuggles up to James and goes right to sleep. James wraps his arms around Maddie. He’s asleep a short time later until later that night. A couple months pass and it’s now Christmas time, which is James and Maddie’s first Christmas together.



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