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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 14 - First Christmas

James is helping Maddie decorate the Christmas tree . Maddie laughs and shakes her head when James finds the mistletoe and puts it over his head wanting a kiss.

Maddie - (Laughs) Babe what are you doing?
James - Wanting a kiss under the mistletoe. (Playfully begs) Please baby?
Maddie - (Laughs) Ok stop that.
James - (Smiles) Come on baby how can resist me.
Maddie - No fair using your smile on me. You know that’s my weakness.
James - (Laughs) Of course I do. That’s why I do it.
Maddie - I love you.
James - I love you too.

They begin looking into each others eyes and start to kiss. They continue to kiss until Maddie gets up and goes into the kitchen. A while later James gets up and heads to the kitchen. He sneaks up behind her and wraps his arms around her.

Maddie - (Playfully slaps James’s hand with the spatula) Don’t even think about eating those.
James - (Laughs) You’re no fun.
Maddie - (Laughs) Yes I know I’m such a drag.
James - It’s ok I can wait I guess.
Maddie - At least wait till the cookies cool so you don’t burn your mouth.
James - Well boo
Maddie - It won’t take long.

James fixes himself a smoothie to snack on while he waits for all the cookies Maddie’s been baking to cool. Maddie gets done with all her baking and then goes over to the couch and sits next to James. James grabs Maddie’s arm and pulls her close to him. They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss.

James - Damn, you are so sexy baby.
Maddie - (Sighs) Oh James do you really think that about me?
James - Of course I do. My heart skips a beat when I’m near you.
Maddie - Even with my less then perfect body?
James - Baby, your curves are sexy and you don’t have to have the perfect body for me to love you. You’re sexy just the way you are.
Maddie - That’s so sweet and it means a lot that it doesn’t bother you that I’m not a model.
James - You’re prefect just the way you are. I’ve dated the model types and hated being with women who worried about their weight and appearance all the time. Being with you is a breath of fresh air cuz you don’t obsess about that.
Maddie - Aww, that is so sweet James.
James - I mean it baby.
Maddie - I love you James.
James - I love you too baby.

James then lays on top of Maddie. They begin to kiss again and tearing each other clothes off. James starts kissing gently biting Maddie’s neck again. She begins to moan when James starts kissing others parts of her body.

Maddie - Oh James. Oh god James.
James - Oh Maddie. Oh god baby.
Maddie - Oh god that feels so good.
James - Oh baby you are so sexy.
Maddie - Oh James I want you so bad.
James - Oh Maddie baby I want you so bad too.
Maddie - Oh yeah right there.
James - Oh baby I love you.
Maddie - Oh James I love you too.

The sex continues until Maddie orgasms. James gets off of her. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest. James smiles when he wraps arms around her.

James - That was so amazing.
Maddie - It sure was.
James - I love you so much baby.
Maddie - I love you so much too James.
James - Why don’t you go lay down babe? You look really tired.
Maddie - Will you come with me?
James - Of course I will.

They get dressed and then go into their bedroom. They lay down on the bed. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest and goes right to sleep. James smiles when gives her a kiss and wraps his arm around her. He’s asleep a short time later until later that night. A couple days pass. It’s now Christmas day. James and Maddie are in the living room opening presents. Maddie’s eyes light up when she sees that James got her his jersey while James smiles when he sees Maddie got him his favorite Swiss chocolate. James starts rubbing Maddie’s shoulders. He stops when Maddie crawls up on the couch beside him. They then begin cuddling. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest and is asleep a short time later. James smiles when he wraps his arm around Maddie and whispers in her ear ‘I love you baby.’ He goes to sleep a little while later until later that night. A week passes and it’s now a few days before Maddie’s birthday.



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