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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 16 - Maddie’s Birthday Surprise

Maddie gets back to the house and sees the lights all turned off. She figures James isn’t there so she opens the door and turns on the lights. James, his mom, her mom, Jordan, and Leslie all jump out and yell “SURPRISE!!” Maddie smiles and cries cuz James really didn’t forget her birthday. The party lasts for a few hours. Everyone leaves so that Maddie and James can have some alone time to talk. James sits on the couch next to Maddie.

James - (Places his hand on Maddie’s leg) Maddie, honey, I’m sorry again for overreacting about you not wanting me to touch you.
Maddie - I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t snapped have at you.
James - So do you forgive me?
Maddie - Of course I do. I love you too much to stay mad at you. Do you forgive me too?
James - You know I do. I love you way too much to stay mad at you.
Maddie - I was so hurt when I got your text cuz you didn’t I say happy birthday. I thought you forgot.
James - I would never forget your birthday.
Maddie - Did you get me anything?
James - Did I get you anything? Of course I did. Wait right here.

James gets up and goes into their bedroom. Get grabs the gift bags that he’s been hiding in the closet since Christmas. He comes back into the living room and hands Maddie the gift bags. He sits back down beside her. She opens one of the bags and smiles when she sees James’s team issued hoodie from last year. She opens the other and finds a body pillow that she can lay on as her belly grows during her pregnancy, a basket of lotions, moisturizers, and cocoa butter. She also finds a beautiful black silk maternity kimono robe that she can wear during her pregnancy. She smiles and gives him a kiss and lays her head on James’s chest. James smiles and wraps his arm around Maddie.

Maddie - Thank you for the sweet gifts
James - Glad you liked your gifts babe.
Maddie - It was very sweet of you to think about me and my body as it changes.
James - I know how uncomfortable you’ve been.
Maddie - Aww, that is really sweet.
James - Why don’t we go to bed?
Maddie - Sounds good to me.

James and Maddie get up from the couch and go to their bedroom. They get ready for bed and lay down on the bed. Maddie snuggles up to James and goes right to sleep. James cover them with the blanket they have on their bed. James wraps his arm around Maddie and goes right to sleep until the next morning. A week passes. Training camp starts for the shorten season due to the lockout. James and Maddie also get ready for the birth of their twins but that story for another day.

To Be Continued



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