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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 15 - Fight with James

It’s a few days before Maddie’s birthday. Maddie’s mom has come down to work on her relationship with Maddie. James is at the gym so that gives Maddie and her mom some time to talk. They’re sitting on the couch in the living room.

Linda - I’m glad Jordan convinced me to give you and James a chance.
Maddie - Really?
Linda - Sure, you’re my daughter and should be happy that you have a pretty good life.
Maddie - Did Jordan tell you that I’m carrying twin boys?
Linda - Twins? Wow I’m sure you weren’t expecting that.
Maddie - No, it was a pretty big surprise. I guess after my miscarriage I became super fertile.
Linda - When are my grandbabies due?
Maddie - First part of April.
Linda - So excluding this month you have two months left?
Maddie - Correct
Linda - I’m going to go to my hotel since it looks like you could use a nap.
Maddie - Ok, I’ll talk to you later Mom.
Linda - Ok, take care of yourself.
Maddie - I will and Mom I love you.
Linda - (Gives Maddie a hug) I love you too sweetie.

Her mom leaves. Maddie goes into the bedroom and lays down on the bed. She is asleep a short time later. Half hour later James comes home. He comes into the bedroom and sees Maddie is sound asleep. He lays down beside her and starts nuzzling and kissing her neck until she wakes up annoyed.

Maddie - James, please stop. I’m not in the mood to be touched right now.
James - What is with you lately? You won’t let me be intimate with you.
Maddie - I’m fat and gross so I don’t want to be touched.
James - If you don’t want to be touched maybe we should sleep in separate beds.
Maddie - Maybe we should

Maddie gets up from the bed. She packs a bag with a couple days worth of maternity clothes.

James - Where are you going?
Maddie - I’m going over to Leslie’s for a few days.
James - Fine, just get out of here.
Maddie - Fine, I will.

Maddie leaves angry and heads over to Leslie’s. James grabs the picture of him and Maddie that’s on the nightstand and throws it across the room. The frame shatters when it hit’s the wall. He goes over to clean up the mess. As he’s picking up the pieces of glass he starts to cry cuz he just let the love of his life walk out on him. He starts to wonder if she’ll come back. Meanwhile Maddie arrives at Leslie’s angry and upset.

Leslie - Maddie, hon, what’s wrong?
Maddie - I just got into a fight with James. Can I stay here for a couple days?
Leslie - Of course you can.

Leslie lets Maddie in. Leslie find the blow up bed and takes it into the spare bedroom. She blows it up and puts some bedding on it so that Maddie can get some sleep. Maddie heads to bed. Being so upset she’s asleep the minute she gets into bed. Leslie pokes her head in the room to see if Maddie is ok. A few days pass. Maddie’s cell phone gets a text from James that says, “Please come home baby. I’m sorry for annoying you. I miss you so much I would rather die. I don't know what to do, I just cant lie. I really want to hug you and kiss you right now. I really wish I can do it somehow. I hope you feel that I really love you. I wish you love me that much too. I am sorry for hurting you.” Maddie still feels hurt that James didn’t wish her a happy birthday but she decides to head back over to the house anyway. A few hours pass. She’s back at home.



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