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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 4 - Meeting Jordan

Maddie and James are at James’s house to start moving his stuff over to Maddie’s house. They’re in his bedroom packing his clothes when Jordan comes home. Jordan comes into James’s bedroom to say good bye to James.

Jordan - Place is seems empty now with all your stuff packed up.
James - You can stay here if you want to since I’m moving in with my girlfriend.
Jordan - Girlfriend?
James - Jordan, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Maddie.
Jordan - Nice to meet you Maddie.
Maddie - Likewise Jordan
James - Kind of odd with how a like you two look. You’re not related are you?
Jordan - Now that you say that my mom did say she gave up a baby girl for adoption cuz she was born too soon after Eric. She said that she was carrying them both at the same time. She also said taking care of two babies at the same time and that a family here in Pittsburgh adopted the baby. The family named the baby Maddie.
Maddie - You don’t suppose I’m that baby?
Jordan - It’s possible. You and I could have a DNA test done to know for sure.
Maddie - It would be nice to know for sure.
Jordan - Me too cuz I would like to know if we’re brother and sister. We can either do a home kit or have it done at the hospital.
Maddie - Lets do it at the hospital their tests would be more accurate.
James - Why don’t you two go now and get it over with?
Maddie - Will you take us sweetie?
James - Sure be glad to.

James takes Jordan and Maddie to the hospital so that they can have DNA testing done to see if they are siblings. One of the genetics doctors puts them both in separate rooms. The doctor takes hair, blood, and urine samples from both of them. The doctor tells them both that the results will be in a week from now. They track down James and then head home. When they get back to James’s Jordan helps James and Maddie take James’s boxes over to Maddie’s for a few hours. James heads back over to his house to say good bye to Jordan and gives him his key to the house. James goes back over to Maddie’s. He finds her making dinner. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. He kisses and nuzzles her neck. She turns around and they begin to kiss.

Maddie - I love you James
James - I love you too baby.
Maddie - Why don’t you set the table?
James - I would be glad to.

James sets the table and lights a couple of candles. A little while later Maddie brings dinner over to the table. Maddie sits down next to James. As they’re eating James takes a hold of Maddie’s hand and tells her how much he loves her. They finish eating, clean up the table, and then go over to the couch and start cuddling.

Maddie - It’s nice having you here.
James - It’s going to be nice living together.
Maddie - It sure is. You can protect me from the bat that got in the other day.
James - (Laughs) Baby, you’re not afraid of them are you?
Maddie - Maybe a little bit.
James - There’s nothing to be scared of. I’ll take care of it in the morning, ok?
Maddie - I know it’s silly to be scared of them but my brother from the family I grew up with let one loose in my room and it ended up in my bed.
James - Oh, then I guess I can’t blame you then. I’m sorry for laughing at you.
Maddie - It’s ok James. I’m not mad at you.
James - You ok sweetie?
Maddie - Just tired from helping you move.
James - Are you sure you’re ok? You feel kind of warm honey.
Maddie - Yeah sweetie I’m fine. I’m due to have my period in a few days. I always feel warm till it starts. Nothing to worry about.
James - Ok good cuz I would hate for you to be sick.
Maddie - That’s sweet that you’re worried about me.
James - I only worry cuz I love you.
Maddie - Aww, I love you too.
James - Lets go to bed honey.
Maddie - Sounds good to me.

James and Maddie get up from the couch and then go into the bedroom. They get ready for bed and then lay down on the bed. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest and goes right to sleep. James gives Maddie a kiss and then wraps his arm around her. He’s asleep a short time later until the next morning. Maddie wakes up and sees that James has left for morning practice. Her cell phone then rings.

Leslie - You ok hon? You sound awful.
Maddie - I’m not feeling too great.
Leslie - What’s wrong hon?
Maddie - I think I’m pregnant.
Leslie - Oh my god!! Have you told James?
Maddie - No, I’m too scared to tell him.
Leslie - Aww, what do you have to be scared of?
Maddie - I’m just scared if I tell him he’s going to leave me.
Leslie - Aww, he loves you and just moved in with you. He’s not going to leave you. He would never hurt you.
Maddie - I know he loves me and that he would never hurt me.
Leslie - So tell him when he comes home.
Maddie - I think I will.
Leslie - Aww, it’ll be ok.

The girls hang up. Maddie starts to cry when James comes home. He hears Maddie crying and then goes into the bedroom and sits on the bed beside her.

James - Hey, sweetie what’s wrong?
Maddie - I have something to tell you and promise me you won’t walk out on me.
James - I would never leave you sweetie. What could you tell me that could be so bad that I would walk out on you?
Maddie - I…I think I’m pregnant.
James - (Smiles) Really? You are?
Maddie - It’s too early to take a test but I think I am. So you aren’t mad?
James - Of course not baby. I kind of want you to be pregnant.
Maddie - Really? You do?
James - Of course I do. I kind of like the idea having a baby with you.
Maddie - I like the idea too.

James runs his fingers through Maddie’s hair and gives her a kiss. He decides to lay down beside her. Maddie snuggles up to James and goes right to sleep. James wraps his arm around Maddie and goes right to sleep till later that night. A week passes and the DNA test results are in to see if Maddie and Jordan are related. Maddie will also find out if she’s pregnant or not.



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