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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 5 - New Family

Maddie’s cell phone rings. It’s the hospital wanting her and Jordan to come back to the hospital. She calls Jordan to tell him to come get her. Jordan comes over to Maddie and James’s house and they drive off to the hospital. They wait in an exam room for the doctor. They doctor comes into the room and sits down.

Doctor Lola - Your DNA test results reveal that you are indeed full siblings.
Jordan - Wow, never knew I had a sister living here this whole time.
Maddie - It’s nice to know I have family in this city.
Doctor Lola - Also Maddie with your blood work it showed that you have high levels of the pregnancy hormone running through you.
Maddie - So I’m pregnant?
Doctor Lola - Yes, that means you’re pregnant. It appears you conceived around the 21st of February.
Maddie - So when would I be due?
Doctor Lola - You would be due in the middle part of November. I will give you the card of the OBGYN that is in this hospital and you can call her and set up an appointment with her.
Maddie - Ok, thank you doctor.

Jordan and Maddie leave. Jordan takes Maddie home and then heads home. She sees James asleep on the couch. She decides to lay on the couch beside him. James then wakes up and smiles.

James - Hey, how long have you been laying there?
Maddie - Not long and I’m sorry I woke you.
James - It’s ok honey. I found your bat. I caught him in one of your empty shoe boxes and sent let him loose in the wooded area across the street.
Maddie - Thanks sweetie
James - So what did the doctor say?
Maddie - I’m Jordan’s sister and on top of that I’m pregnant.
James - Wow, that’s great news. How does it feel knowing you now have family here?
Maddie - It’s wonderful cuz I don’t just have you but I have him too to look after me while I’m pregnant.
James - And we will make sure you’re safe.
Maddie - Aww, and that’s why I love you James.
James - I love you too.

They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. James then lays on top of Maddie. They begin to kiss again and tearing each other clothes off. James starts kissing gently biting Maddie’s neck again. She begins to moan when James starts kissing others parts of her body.

Maddie - Oh James. Oh god James.
James - Oh Maddie. Oh god baby.
Maddie - Oh god that feels so good.
James - Oh baby you are so sexy.
Maddie - Oh James I want you so bad.
James - Oh Maddie baby I want you so bad too.
Maddie - Oh yeah right there.
James - Oh baby I love you.
Maddie - Oh James I love you too.

The sex continues until Maddie orgasms. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest. James smiles when he wraps arms around her.

James - (Nuzzles and kisses Maddie’s neck) I love you baby.
Maddie - (Sighs) I love you too.
James - (Places his hand on Maddie’s belly and smiles) Hard to believe you’re going to have this baby 9 months from now.
Maddie - (Smiles) I know and it makes it even better that it’s your baby I’m carrying. Is it ok if I go to bed?
James - Sure honey it’s ok. I know you don’t feel very good. Did you want me to come with you?
Maddie - I would like that cuz I want to cuddle with you some more.
James - I would be happy to hold you tonight.

James picks Maddie up and carries her to their bedroom. He gently lays her down on the bed. He lays down beside her and wraps his arms around holding her close so that they’re spooning with one another. He is asleep a short time later until the next morning. A few months pass and it’s now May. James and Maddie have decided they want to announce Maddie’s pregnancy.



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