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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 9 - Please take me back baby

Leslie has taken Maddie out to dinner to get her mind off of the roller coaster of emotion she’s been having lately. Maddie is still completely heartbroken about losing both James and Jordan. She sighs when her cell phone gets a text. She sees it’s from James.

Leslie - What’s wrong hon?
Maddie - James just sent me a text.
Leslie - What does it say?
Maddie - “My heart cannot find rest while you are gone. Everything has lost its color since you are not here. I miss you. I keep telling myself that I'm done trying so hard to get you back, but really I know that I'll never stop because I love you too much to give up. I guess I never let you go because in the back of my mind I still believe that someday we'll get our second chance. After all this time, I've now realized that I cant live without you. Right now I want you back so bad. I just want a text from you saying you want me too. Come home baby. I need you in my life. So turn around baby so I can see your beautiful face.”
Leslie - Oh my so he’s here somewhere. You have to find him and tell him you’ve been miserable without him.

Maddie turns around and sees James walking towards her and Leslie. She gets up and grabs her stuff when James follows her outside. They sit down on a near by bench so that they can talk.

James - I never thought I would see you again.
Maddie - Me either. I really miss you and I’ve been miserable without you.
James - I’ve missed you too. I’m sorry to hear about Jordan getting traded. I wish I could make you feel better.
Maddie - That’s sweet that you still care about me.
James - I never stopped caring about you.
Maddie - On top of everything else I lost our baby. (Starts to cry)
James - (Scoots closer to Maddie and wraps his arm around her and starts to cry too)
Maddie - I’m sorry
James - I…I love you.
Maddie - I love you too. If we end up back together we can always try again. I hope you aren’t mad at me.
James - I could never be mad at you. I should be heading home. I’ll see you later.
Maddie - James, please don’t go.
James - I just want to be alone tonight, ok.
Maddie - You’re not mad at me are you?
James - Of course not.
Maddie - We should be together tonight so we can mourn the loss of our baby together.
James - I guess you’re right.
Maddie - Then I’ll come home with you tonight.

James and Maddie leave. They head for home. They get ready for bed, lay down on the bed, and start cuddling.

James - This feels so right.
Maddie - I know it does and I’m sorry my mom forced us apart.
James - It’s not your fault. I’m not mad at you. I’m just heartbroken about losing you and our baby.
Maddie - I know you are cuz I am too.
James - Maddie?
Maddie - Yeah James?
James - Do you think we’ll ever be back together?
Maddie - James, we’re laying on our bed cuddling right now. I think we’re back together.
James - I guess you’re right. So to make this official I have to ask will you take me back baby?
Maddie - Of course I will James.
James - I was hoping you would say that.
Maddie - Of course I would. I love you so much.
James - I love you too.

They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. James then lays on top of Maddie. They begin to kiss again and tearing each other clothes off. James starts kissing gently biting Maddie’s neck again. She begins to moan when James starts kissing others parts of her body.

Maddie - Oh James. Oh god James.
James - Oh Maddie. Oh god baby.
Maddie - Oh god that feels so good.
James - Oh baby you are so sexy.
Maddie - Oh James I want you so bad.
James - Oh Maddie baby I want you so bad too.
Maddie - Oh yeah right there.
James - Oh baby I love you.
Maddie - Oh James I love you too.

The sex continues until Maddie orgasms. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest and goes right to sleep. James smiles when he wraps his arm around Maddie. He’s asleep a short time later until the next morning. A few weeks pass. James and Maddie decide to go ahead with their plan of getting married. They decide to elope in Hawaii.



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