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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 8 - Engagement Party Disaster

Jordan is over at Maddie’s to have her help plan an engagement party.

Maddie - Are you nervous about tonight?
Jordan - A little bit.
Maddie - Aww, it’ll be ok little bro.
Jordan - You sure? Cuz Mom and Dad don’t really like her.
Maddie - I’m so sorry Jordan. Why would they not like her?
Jordan - The way she dresses and they don’t like tattoos
Maddie - Wait they hate tattoos?
Jordan - Yes, is that a problem?
Maddie - Have you not seen James’s tattoos?
Jordan - No, I haven’t seen them.
Maddie - Not surprised you haven’t seen them. He hides them by wearing long sleeved shirts. Only time they’d be visible is if he’s wearing short sleeved shirts or no shirt at all.
Jordan - (Laughs) So you’ve seen his tattoos then?
Maddie - (Playfully slaps Jordan’s shoulder) Hey, shut up.
Jordan - I’m just messing with you. That’s what brothers do.
Maddie - I know that. My adoptive brothers were buttheads so I know.
Jordan - So is everything going to be ready for tonight?
Maddie - You bet it will. James will help me.
Jordan - Ok, see you at 7 then.
Maddie - See you later bro.

Jordan leaves just as James comes back. He comes into the living room and sees Maddie all curled up on the couch. He goes over to the couch and sits next to her. He smiles as he pins her to the couch. They begin to looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. Maddie sighs when James starts nuzzling and kissing her neck.

James - (Whispers in Maddie’s ear) I love you baby.
Maddie - Oh James I love you too.
James - I don’t know if I ever told you this but you give me butterflies when I look into your eyes.
Maddie - Aww, that is really sweet James. Same thing happens to me when I look into your beautiful blue eyes.
James - I’ve been thinking and lets get married before the season starts.
Maddie - Aww, I love that idea.
James - (As he’s running his hand down Maddie’s back he feels what feels like a tattoo) Baby? When did you get this?
Maddie - The first month we were together. I hope you aren’t mad I didn’t show you it earlier.
James - Of course I’m not mad at you. Will you let me see it?
Maddie - Of course I will. (Laughs) You need to get off of me if you want me to show you.
James - Oh right sorry

James gets off of Maddie. She turns over so that she’s laying on the stomach. She lifts her shirt revealing a tattoo on her lower back.

Maddie - Well what do you think?
James - Wow, I’m flattered that you had my name tattooed on your body. What’s with the branches coming off of the heart?
Maddie - Each branch will have the name of our babies.
James - So each time we have a baby you’ll but their name and birthdate on the branch?
Maddie - Correct
James - That’s an awesome idea.
Maddie - Really?
James - Sure, why don’t we go lay down on our bed.
Maddie - Aww, you want to cuddle don’t you?
James - Well maybe
Maddie - Aww, then lets go and cuddle before the party tonight.
James - Sounds good to me.

James and Maddie get up from the couch. They go into their bedroom and lay down on the bed. James grabs Maddie’s arm and pulls her close to him. Maddie sighs while she lays her head on James’s chest. James smiles as he wraps his arm around her.

Maddie - James?
James - Yeah honey?
Maddie - I love you.
James - I love you too honey.
Maddie - Feels nice just cuddling with you. We don’t do that enough.
James - I know we don’t and I feel guilty for not cuddling with you as much as I should be.
Maddie - Aww, don’t beat yourself up about it. I still love you Jamesy.
James - I know you do cuz I love you too. Shouldn’t we be getting up to get ready for Jordan’s engagement party?
Maddie - Yes we should be but I don’t want to stop cuddling with you.
James - Aww, well we can cuddle some more when everyone leaves.
Maddie - Oh I like the sound of that.
James - I figured you would. Since we’re doing this party out by the pool do I get to see you in a bikini?
Maddie - You really think I should be wearing one being 4 months pregnant?
James - Who the hell cares what anyone thinks about your pregnant body. I think you’re sexy so wear it for me.
Maddie - Well ok
James - Baby, don’t be hard on yourself. You are still very beautiful and I love you so much.
Maddie - Aww, that is so sweet of you to say and I love you too.

They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. They continue to kiss until they get up and get ready for Jordan’s engagement party. About an hour into the party James and Maddie sneak off to be alone. James leans Maddie up against a tree. He unties Maddie’s beach dress revealing her bikini. He wraps his arms around Maddie holding her close They begin to kiss until they’re caught by Maddie and Jordan’s mom. Linda freaks out seeing James’s tattoos.

Linda - Get away from my daughter.
James - Whoa, take it easy Mrs. Staal. You know me.
Linda - You look like James but you can’t possibly be him cuz the James I know isn’t covered in disgusting ink.
James - I’ve always had the tattoos.
Linda - Then why haven’t I ever seen them.
James - I keep them covered. Only one who has seen them is Maddie. Your daughter has one too so are you going disown her for showing her love towards me and our future kids?
Linda - WHAT?
Maddie - I never knew tattoos were such a bad thing. I got it to surprise James and to show him that I love him.
Linda - Your baby is going to be born into a house where his parents are rebellious, irresponsible, unintelligent, and are probably criminals.
Maddie - Why aren’t you yelling at Jordan’s fiancée? She has more tattoos then James.
Linda - She’s not my blood. You are Maddie. If you don’t get that thing removed you can’t be with James anymore.
Maddie - What? You can’t do that.
Linda - I won’t if you get your disgusting tattoo removed.
Maddie - Mom, I’m not going to do that. I love James and if you can’t accept that then I don’t want you in my life. I was doing just fine on my own before I knew who my real family was. You can’t force James and I apart. We’re engaged in case you forgot.
Linda - Watch me

Linda grabs Maddie by the arm and drags her away from James. Maddie starts crying for James and Jordan to help her. James and Jordan run after them.

Jordan - Mom what the hell are you doing?
Linda - Saving your sister from making a mistake.
Jordan - You know James. You know he would never hurt anyone. Yes he has tattoos but that doesn’t make him a bad person.
Linda - I’ve heard things from people and I don’t like what I’ve heard. So Maddie say goodbye to your lover cuz we’re leaving.
Jordan - You can’t do this to her. I won’t let you.
Linda - I have to save her before she hits rock bottom.
Maddie - My life has been wonderful. I’m not in trouble. If you don’t like James then fine you don’t have to like him but I love him. He makes me happy.
Linda - It’s more then just not liking him. He’s too young for you and not right for you. So say good bye to him cuz you’re never going to see him again.
Maddie - Fine I’ll go but can I have a few minutes alone with him?
Linda - Make it quick.

Linda goes inside while Jordan goes to find Callie. Maddie and James are now alone.

Maddie - (Starts to cry) I don’t want to do this to you James.
James - Then don’t. We can run away and get married.
Maddie - I have no choice. Maybe one day we can be together again.
James - (Starts to cry too) I…I will always love you.
Maddie - So will I. I hate that my mom is forcing us apart. I will never forgive her for this. I don’t want to break your heart.
James - Don’t worry honey. I’ll think of something where we can be together.
Maddie - Well I better change clothes and leave.
James - Ok, I love you.
Maddie - I love you too.

James gives Maddie one last kiss and starts to cry watching her leave cuz he doesn’t know when he’ll see Maddie again. Maddie goes inside to change clothes and packs a bag. Instead of going with her mom she sneaks off and heads to Leslie’s. Jordan comes over to see if James is ok.

Jordan - Hey, where’s Maddie?
James - (Sniffles) She left and isn’t coming back thanks to your mother.
Jordan - I can’t believe she would break you two up. Don’t worry I’ll convince her that you and my sister are meant to be together.
James - You would do that for me?
Jordan - Of course I will. I know how much you love my sister and that she loves you. She did the same thing to Callie and I a couple years ago and we got back together.
James - How long did it take for you and Callie to get back together?
Jordan - A month
James - That seems like forever
Jordan - It’ll be ok. I’ll stay will you tonight just so I can keep your mind off of Maddie not being there.
James - Thank you

Jordan tells Callie he’s staying with James tonight since his heart has been broken. Callie says that it’s fine. The guys go inside. James goes into the bedroom and gets ready for bed. He lays down on the bed and cries himself to sleep. Jordan pokes his head in to see if James is ok. He hates seeing James so heartbroken. He quietly closes the bedroom door so that James sleeps. He goes back into the living and lays down on the couch and goes to sleep. Meanwhile Maddie has gone over to Leslie’s for the time being. Leslie is shocked to see Maddie at her door and not with James. She sees Maddie crying and completely heartbroken.

Leslie - Maddie? What’s wrong hon?
Maddie - (Sniffles) I…I’m not with James anymore.
Leslie - I’m so sorry. What happened? I hope he didn’t hurt you.
Maddie - My mom forced us apart.
Leslie - Why would she force you and James apart?
Maddie - Cuz of our tattoos.
Leslie - That’s not right. You got your’s to show your love for James.
Maddie - She thinks our baby is going to be born in a terrible household.
Leslie - I’m so sorry your mom is being like this. I will help you get James back.
Maddie - Really? You will?
Leslie - Of course I will. You and James should be together. Now why don’t you come in. I’ll blow up the blow up bed for you sleep on.
Maddie - Thank you

Maddie comes into Leslie’s apartment. Leslie find the blow up bed and takes it into the spare bedroom. She blows it up and puts some bedding on it so that Maddie can get some sleep. Maddie heads to bed. Being so upset she’s asleep the minute she gets into bed. Leslie pokes her head in the room to see if Maddie is ok. A month passes and Maddie’s life has gotten worse since being forced to break up with James. Now her brother has been traded to Carolina and she lost her and James's baby. She doesn’t know if her life is ever going to get better. Until one day her and Leslie go out to eat and run into James. Will they get back together?



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