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Je t'aime// c.g

Chapter One:

A/N: This is my first actual story so feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

Just a warning before hand this story will probably have very slow updates.

Claude's POV
I could remember everything about the night that I met Jessica. The way the lights in the bar hit her brown hair, the sparkle in her eyes and the bright red lipstick and the stain it left on the drinking glass. I had no idea how this one girl was making me so nervous and why I could not go over to talk to her, I am a professional hockey player after all she should be the one nervous to speak to me. Guzzling down the shot that I had in my hand I decide to go over to speak to her.
"Hey, How's it going" I say in my best seductive voice once I reach her.
"Gooood" She says extending the o showing that she was really drunk.
"I'm Claude, and you are?" I ask.
"Jessica, and I know who you are" She says with a drunken giggle.
"Hockey fan?" I question her.
She nods her head in a yes.
"Favourite team?" I ask.
"Born and raised a Montreal fan" She says with a proud smile.
"Canadian girl, eh?" I say.
"Yes, got a problem with that?" She teases.
"No not at all, it's just some of my friends have warned me about Canadian girls, apparently they're a handful". I say.
"Aren't you Canadian? You should know what the woman of your own country are like" Jessica says.
"I do but I've never experienced a girl from Montreal" I say with a smirk.
"Would you like to?" She asks with a smirk.
"I'd be a foul to say no, let's go back to my place" I say.
"Okay Captain" She says.
"I like that" I say with a smirk.

Jessica's POV
I woke up with a major headache, probably a hangover. I look around the room and I notice immediately that I'm in someone else's house. I look to my side to see who I had gone home with last night, what I see is a surprise. Claude Giroux, captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. I had heard on the news that he and his girlfriend had jut broken up, but I didn't think this was the way he would handle the break up, though he was a hockey player after all.
Knowing that I decide to get out of his bed and go and look for my clothes. Instead of putting on my clothes I put them inside of a bag that I found in his room, since he had just broken up with his girlfriend I figured some of her clothes must be still here, and I was right. I found a pair of shorts and a tank top which was good considering how hot it was outside. I put them on over top of the undergarments that I was already wearing. I dig into my purse to find the hair-tie that I always have and then tie my hair up, knowing that it was a mess and this was a way to hide it. The makeup that I had on last night was already gone. His ex-girlfriend had left a pair of flip-flops there, they where a little big but not that big.
I was already to leave but, I decide to get his phone number before I left to brag to all my friend and especially my younger brother who is a hardcore Flyers fan. I take one last look at the sleeping captain before leaving his beautiful house. I hope no one saw me leave his house, cause if they did I would be in big trouble. I start to walk faster, trying to get away from this area faster.
I finally reach my apartment and I walk inside the front door and I go into the elevator, since my apartment is on the 10th, as the doors begin to close a man walks through. I notice the man to be my next door neighbor, Aaron who had been trying to get me to have sex with him for some time now.
"Funny seeing you here, Jess" He says.
"No not really, I live here" I say not looking at him.
"I mean you actually being here, since you weren't here last night, and your always here" Aaron says.
"So you were stalking me than" I say.
"No I was just worried about you, I thought you were having a one night stand with someone other than me " He says, and with that my blood begins to boil.
"I was at my brother's last night" I snap at him.
" I hope so" He says and the doors of the elevator open. I get out of the elevator as fast as I can and I and walk to my apartment. I unlock the door and walk into my apartment. I let out a sigh as I close my apartment door. "I really need to move" I breathe out . I walk over to my couch and sit down on it. I flick on the tv and I put on Game Of Thrones since it's my favourite tv show, and that's how I spend the rest of my day.
Claude's POV
I wake up expecting to find Jessica beside me, but the spot beside me is empty when I wake. I get out of bed and look around my house to see if Jessica was still in my house. But there was no sign of her, I hope she at least left a note with her phone number on it, since I didn't get her phone number last night. There was a note but no phone number, It wasn't even from Jess it was my grocery shopping list. I check my phone messages to see if she tried to call me. Still nothing but, I saw a million missed calls from Wayne and I decide to call him back.
"Hey you finally decide to answer the damn! You coming to practice" Wayne says.
"Yeah sorry 'bout that I was sleeping" I say.
"And getting laid, we couldn't find you at the bar and we figured you hit it off with the pretty brunette" Wayne says.
"Yeah, I did" I say.
"You hear that boys! The captain got laid last night!" Wayne shouts to the members of the team that were in the locker room.
"Yep, I sure did" I say.
"So she still sleeping?" Wayne asks.
"No she left" I tell him.
"Did you get her number at least, cause she was smoking hot" Wayne says.
"No" I say.
"Oh man, you guys must have had some awful sex last night" He says.
"We didn't, It was good, Drunken sex but still good" I say.
"Hope you used protection" Wayne says.
I smack my hand against my face and pull down on my eyelids.
"Don't tell me you didn't use protection Claude" Wayne says.
"I honestly don't remember, The whole night was blurry, once we got to my place we had even more alcohol than we went and had sex, and J was so drunk last night I don't remember" I say.
"Well I'd try to find her, make sure you haven't got her pregnant" Wayne says.
"Yeah, I probably should, but I should probably be leaving for practice now" I say with a laugh.
"Don't come, your hungover, stay at home relax" Wayne says.
"Fine, bye for now" I say.
"Bye" Wayne says than hangs up the phone.
I let out a heavy sigh as the stress begins to weigh me down. What if I had gotten her pregnant and she has my child and that child grows up not knowing their own father. I sit down on my couch and flick on my tv and scroll through the channels trying to find something to watch that would hopefully increase my mood.

A/N: I feel like I'm cheating on Sid while I was writing this but, I hope you guys like it! :)

Remember to leave feedback in the comments! :)



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