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Je t'aime// c.g

Chapter Two:

A/N: Here is chapter two! hope you guys like it! :)
A few weeks later...
Jessica's POV:
I wake up with the terrible urge to throw up. I run to the bathroom and puke into the toilet. After a couple minutes I stop puking, I sit back down on the ground by the toilet and lean my back against the wall by it. I wonder why I was getting so sick, probably food poisoning, but food poisoning doesn't usually last this long. I've been getting sick like this ever since the night in the bar with Claude.
Oh god no! I can't be! Shit! I don't remember using protection! Thoughts like this race through my mind. Only one way to find out.
I grab some clothes from my closet and change into them I put on a little makeup and fix my hair a bit. I slide on my flip flops and grab my purse and make my way to the store to buy a pregnancy test, and also grab some food considering I was going out anyways.
The store is within walking distance of my house and it doesn't take me to long to reach it. I grab a basket as I walk in the store. I have to restrain my self from grabbing all the fatty junk food snacks but I fail at some, I walk over to the section with the pregnancy test and I grab a few just to be sure and then I go and grab some more shampoo and conditioner since I was running low on that.
While grabbing my hair care products I ran into, Emily and her mother , Emily is one of my kindergarten students, I know I'm 22, single, and possibly pregnant with a hockey player that I barely knows' baby! What a great role model I am. I say hello to them and then I'm on my way and hoping not to run into any more people I know.
I buy the items and get on my way to my apartment. Once I reach my apartment I set the bags down and grab the pregnancy tests an go to the washroom.
I use three test just to make sure, since some test can come out with wrong answers. I set them on the counter in the washroom and wash my hands and leave them there to tell me the results while I put away all the groceries.
I took me about 5 minutes to put away all the groceries considering I had to buy extras since I was a having a family party later that week. It's going to be an awkward one if I have to tell them I'm pregnant though, expessially if Claude isn't there and I have to explain that it was a one night stand.
The moment of truth had finally come, the pregnancy test results.
I'm pregnant!
Claude's POV
I walk into the locker room and I'm greeted by all the guys.
"Hey Cap!" Wayne calls when I enter.
"Morning Simmons" I respond.
"Any word from your one-timer?" Wayne asks.
"No," I say.
"No need to get snappy," Wayne says.
"Well I'm sorry, I'm just upset about this whole thing," I say.
"Maybe it was just not meant to be," Wayne says.
"Well I've already figured that out," I say.
"Why do you care about this girl so much? You barely now her," Wayne asks.
"I don't know, Wayne. I just felt something with her" I say.
"Is the captain in love" I hear Brayden Schenn call from the other side of the room.
"Shut it, Schenn" I say.
"So is that a yes," Brayden asks.
"No" I say.
"He's right," Wayne says, "You're in love with her"
"I wouldn't call it live just yet. I like her, really like her" I say.
Our chatter goes on for a couple more minutes and some of the guys have left the locker room.
My phone starts to ring and I pick it up.
"Hello?" I say when I pick up the phone.
"Hi, It's Jessica for the bar a few weeks ago" The voice says.
My heart skips a beat, it's her. "Hey! how's it going?"
"Okay, I guess, um I have something to tell you" Jessica says.
"Okay" I say hoping it is something good.
"I'm pregnant"

A/N: Hope you guys liked chapter two! :)
Super happy that hockey season started!
What team are you guys cheering for?
I'm cheering for the Pens, which is funny since i'm writing a Claude Giroux fanfic! :)



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