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Je t'aime// c.g


After a recent breakup from his girlfriend, Claude Giroux is heartbroken. So his teammates decide to take him out to the bar in hopes of him getting laid.

At the bar, Claude meets Jessica, Claude takes Jessica back to his house and they have sex. Jessica leaves in the morning without Claude knowing. Leaving the captain wondering about her.

It isn't until Claude gets an unexpected call a few weeks later from her, calling to tell him she's pregnant and that it's his. Acting on impulse Claude tells Jess she should move in with him so he can keep on eye on her and the baby. Jess accepts and moves in with Claude.

Claude had thought having Jess move in with him would be easy. But it's the exact opposite. The pregnant woman loves hockey and comes to all the games, and since she just loves to talk tells everyone on the team all of the weird things Claude does.

As much as Claude is annoyed by the heavily pregnant and hormonal woman, he can't help but fall in love with her



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