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Je t'aime// c.g

Chapter Three:

A/N: New chapter, hope you guys like it and please, please, please leave feedback in the comments, so I know you guys actually like this story.

Claude's POV
"You're what!" I ask loudly into the phone.
"Pregnant, You're going to be a dad" She says.
"How? And how do you know for sure that it's mine?" I say.
"Are you doubting me?" She asks.
"I barely know you, and i'm famous hockey player, people try to trick us all the time in search of money" I say now walking out of the locker room not wanting the team to hear my conversation.
"Do you really think that less of me that I would try to trick you? You think a want to have a hockey player's baby? I have a life you know!" Jess shouts into the phone.
"Are you 100 percent sure i'm the father, I don't want to end up on 'Maury' or something like that a few months later" I tell her.
"So you're actually going to be a part of this baby's life?" She asks.
"Well yeah. I mean if you don't want me to, than that's fine" I say.
"No, no, no. I want you to, I really want you to, i'm just shocked, that's all" Jess says.
"Do you want to meet up and discuss this or something like that?" I ask.
"Yeah sure, how about the Coffee shop on Brock St." She says.
"Sure thing, what time?" I ask.
"Well i'm actually there right now" She says.
"Cool be there soon" I say.
I hang up the phone and just stand there and let the news sink into my brain. After processing the news, I walk back into the locker room.
"What was that all about?" Wayne asks when I enter the room.
"You know Jess" I say.
"Yeah, did she call?" Wayne asks.
"Yeah and guess what? She pregnant" I say and I start to take my equipment off .
"Oh Cap, you should have used protection" He says.
"I'm going to be a dad though, in a few months i'll have a baby to take care of, a little human of my own" I say smiling.
"But what if it isn't yours? What if she's just using you for money" Wayne says.
"I know this may sound crazy but, She isn't the kind of girl to do that" I say.
"You guys had a one night stand, people that have one night stands don't magically get together and live a happy life, and remember she hasn't talked to you in months, who knows what she got into" Wayne says.
"But what if this is my child, what if in a few months this women give birth to a baby with ginger hair, and it grows up without a father, without someone to help raise them, and then I miss out on my only opportunity of having a child. What happens then Wayne?" I say.
"Do what ever pleases you Claude, but don't say that I didn't warn ya" Wayne says.
I finally finish undressing from my equipment and I put it into the bags. I grab the bags than turn to Wayne
"Tell coach I'm not going to be here today" I say walking out of the room, and the then to my car. I put my bags in the trunk then I drive off to the coffee shop.
Jess' POV
I think I made the right choice on calling Claude, he deserved to know about it. I sat in the booth and waited for the ginger male to come by. I had already had two blueberry muffins but I was still craving more, I decided on getting one more and a coffee, cause carrying a baby is hard work!
After waiting in the short line up, I order my stuff and waited. After receiving my stuff I go and sit down at the table I was previously at. I begin to eat my muffin and in comes a familiar face. He sees me and smiles, his missing tooth visible in the wide grin on his face, his rust colored curls peaking out from underneath his hat. He makes his way towards me and sits down at the side opposite of me.
We sit there in an awkward silences as I sip my coffee.
"So how'd you figure it out?" He asks.
"Figure what out?" I say.
"You know about the baby" He says.
"The same way every girl does, my vagina hasn't bleed in about two months" I says.
"Are you sure this baby is even mine?" He says.
"Believe it or not you are the third person I've had sex with this entire year and it's October" I say.
"What about the first and the second guy" Claude says.
"The first was in January, so if it was his than this baby would already be born, and the second was in March and we used protection. So that leaves you as number three, and we didn't use protection, so by the laws of health, that makes you the baby daddy" I say.
"Interesting way of putting it". Claude says.
"So from now on you'll have to pay child support, so I'll be expecting that every month, and we both know you have enough money for that" I say.
"Wait, What? All you want me to do is pay child support. I want to be a part of this kids life, I'm their father". Claude says raising his voice a little making the couple beside us look at us.
"I didn't think you wanted anything to do with me and the baby" I say.
"Well I do" He says, "You guys are my family"
I smile and let out a little laugh. We just sit there for a while just looking at each other and smiling.
"Do you want move in with me?" Claude asks.
"Really?" I say.
"Yeah, your pregnant with my baby, It's kind of my job to take care of you" He says.
I blush, "I guess my small apartment isn't really the best place to be raising a baby" I say with a laugh.
"No it isn't" Claude says with a laugh.
"I'm going to need some help moving all my stuff though" I say.
"I'll be happy to help" Claude says.
"So when do you want me to move in?" I ask him.
"Well, I have to clean up a bit, so later this week more closer to the Thursday-Friday area". Claude says.
"Okay, See ya then" I say, and Claude gets up probably to go to practice. He reaches close to the door than turns back around and comes towards me.
"I didn't get your phone number". He says taking out his phone and giving it to me.
I type in my first and last name, my phone number and address. I give it back to him.
"I know you already have my phone number" He says and laughs a bit.
"Yes, I do" I say and smile.
"Well bye until Thursday or Friday" He says and starts to walk towards the exit. He leaves the building and I watch the hockey captain disappear into the street with the rest of the citizens of Philadelphia.
I then let out a breath I had no idea I was holding in.



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