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A Missing Puzzle Piece


Everything dies baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back

Molli was is an awful car accident when she was 19, erasing most of her memory. And when 2 guys on the same team fall for her, she has to decide which guy before Lou Lamoriello makes the decision for her.

Disclaimer: Alright, if you're read Fate Has A Way on here, you can see that my plot seems similar to hers. I SWEAR I had Chaoters 1-5 typed on my computer before even hearing of this website. Now obviously I don't own Zach Parise, Travis Zajac or anyone in the NHL. But characters like Molli are mine. Oh and a note on Ilya's wife. I learned AFTER writing this that his wife's name is Nicole, so I do could Nicole as an original character. Thanks! ~Taylor


  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

    Nicole's POV

  3. Chapter 3

    Ilya's POV

  4. Chapter 4

    Molli's POV

  5. Chapter 5

    Travis's POV

  6. Chapter 6

    Zach's POV

  7. Chapter 7

    Split POV- Travis, Molli and Zach

  8. Chapter 8

    Molli's POV

  9. Chapter 9

    Split POV- Travis and Molli

  10. Chapter 10

    Split POV- Nicole, Zach and Ilya

  11. Chapter 11

    Split POV- Nicole and Molli

  12. Chapter 12

    Zach's POV

  13. Chapter 13

    Nicole's POV

  14. Chapter 14

    Molli's POV

  15. Chapter 15

    Split POV- Molli, Travis, Zach and Nicole

  16. Chapter 16

    Split POV- Travis, Zach and Nicole

  17. Chapter 17

    Split POV- Nicole and Zach

  18. Chapter 18


@abbyalexa30: You're good! Yeah this is Taylor and hi! Welcome to my life of a hockey obsessed freak that also happens to love Zach Parise to death. Nice work Abby.
parisegirl09 parisegirl09
Oh and I love your story :)
abbyalexa30 abbyalexa30
This is gonna sound creepy... Are you @taylorswiift on Instagram? I recognized the name Taylor... And I know THAT Taylor is obsessed with the New Jersey Devils and Zach... I know there are probably a lot of people like that, so I'm probably wrong. Anyway, if you are this is Abby. :) We used to talk a lot:) -Abby
abbyalexa30 abbyalexa30

For some reason the end is all one big paragraph! I'm sorry it got messed up somehow. :( It'll be better next time.

parisegirl09 parisegirl09