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One Shots

Sexy Stranger

The bell over the door of the bookstore jiggled cheerily and the clerk greeted Jonathan with a smile.

“Help you find something?”

“Just looking, thanks.”

“All right, let me know.”

Jonathan gave him a nod and maneuvered through the other patrons on the main floor of the shop. The store was as large as it was old, four floors populated by aging wooden shelves that often creaked and moaned under the weight of the books that were crammed into every available inch of space. Even when it was busy, the place managed to have a quiet, homey atmosphere that invited shoppers to stay and linger a while.

Our esteemed Captain headed directly towards the third floor, which (among other things) housed the world and military history sections, two of his personal favorites. He wandered through the small walking spacing between the shelves and made his way towards the north end, seeing or hearing no one else around him.

He came upon Daisy quite suddenly, rounding a corner that separated European history from Asian history.

“Oh, hello.”

She turned and smiled at him, her lovely blue eyes partially obscured by her thick glasses. She looked him up and down, saying, “Hello, sexy.”

Jonathan sighed. “Daisy…”

She half laughed, half shouted, “What?”

“You’re supposed to pretend you don’t know me.”

Daisy now rolled her eyes and slammed shut the book she was holding, re-shelving it, only to grab another and scolded Jonathan, “I was. I can’t call strangers sexy?”

Well, she did have a point there. She certainly wasn’t demure and he could, in fact, imagine her blatantly calling a man attractive two seconds after meeting him.

He conceded the point by resuming the game. He came to stand next to her, grabbing the book she had put down earlier and paging through it. “So…come here often?”

Daisy was doing a perfectly fine job of not laughing at the silly situation…until she met his eyes that were taunting and cheeky. The giggles burst out of her mouth and were smothered by her palm. “Sorry, sorry.” She cleared her throat and met Jonathan’s smile with her own. “Um, yeah, I do. You?”

“Oh, yes, my favorite bookstore in Chicago. Have you read this?”

Daisy looked at the book he was holding and even though she had been looking through it earlier, she had to really focus to even remember the title. Jonathan was proving to be very distracting, as usual. His casual look of cargo shorts, pale blue t-shirt, and flips flops only accentuated the naturally beautiful lines of his body. His exposed skin was tan, his body still warm from his walk in the Chicago summer heat, his masculine smell coming off him in waves. Hello, sexy, indeed.

“Um, a while ago. The author’s never lived in Japan, so take his opinion with a grain of salt, but the facts seem solid, well researched.”

Jonathan was right to pick this place for their playful meet. He could listen to her talk history and world politics for hours. And while he loved how she stimulated his mind, it was also the fact that he was a raging sapiosexual – nothing turned him on like an intelligent woman – that made his body react as well. Book worms, history buffs, teachers, librarians, anything, he would take them all. It also probably didn’t hurt that Daisy had the body of an athlete and the face of an angel.

He put the book down on the shelf behind her, standing directly in front of her, but without touching. Daisy reached behind her, shoving her own book back on the shelf. He said quietly, “That’s a cute dress.”

The dress was pure summer – floral in pattern, loose fitting, free flowing, short, and sleeveless. Daisy swallowed and responded flirtatiously, “Probably look better on your bedroom floor.”

Jonathan nodded. “Probably. Maybe I can take you for a coffee. You can tell me more about the politics in post-World War II Japan.”

She shrugged, feigning indecision. “Well…maybe.”

He took a step closer, letting her breasts rest against his chest as he looked down at her. He whispered seriously, “Or maybe I could I just fuck you right here. Then we can do coffee after.”

Daisy nodded several times and smiled. “Let’s go with that idea.”

He bent to kiss her upturned mouth, smiling and nipping at her playfully as she reached both arms around his body to pull him close. She backed up and he pressed forward until they were nestled in corner formed by a shelf and a wall. With his mouth busy, the scent of old books and worn wood filled his nostrils, and as strange as it was, being in a temple of knowledge such as this spurred him on even more.

She was stroking his back, moaning at the feel of his hard body and plush mouth when his hands danced along the edge of her dress, his rough knuckles grazing her thighs. At the slight and teasing contact, Daisy gasped inside his mouth, her lips trembling as he kissed her harder.

He used one hand to hook the back of her knee and lift her leg to cradle his hip. Then, this same torturous hand moved slowly up her thigh, exposing more of her pale skin as he went. When he reached her bare ass, he groaned and squeezed.

Jonathan muttered against her mouth, “Were you expecting someone?”

“Not at all, sexy stranger, I never wear panties when I leave the house. One never knows when an opportunity might arise.”

Barely containing his lust fueled laughter, he responded, “It is good to be prepared. To be ready for whatever may come along.” As he spoke, his hand shifted between their bodies, merely playing along her pussy. Daisy’s hips flexed, her thighs widened and tightened in anticipation. Jonathan kept his hand still, his fingers resting on her outer lips as he kissed towards her neck and then her ear.

His question was breathed out against her skin. “Are you ready for something big, darling?”

Only recalling where they were stopped Daisy from screaming out her answer. Her whimper was cut short when she bit her lip and she felt her whole body switch to high alert at hearing his words. “Yes…very, very ready.”

He was kissing along her throat, licking her pulse point and then biting her other ear when he arrived there. “I should probably check, just to be sure.”

Nodding, but hardly breathing she told him, “Oh, yes, please do.”

Instead of slipping inside her right away, Jonathan’s palm moved lower, caressing her tender inner thigh with a feather-like touch. Frankly, Daisy was surprised she hadn’t creamed along her thighs as the wetness of her body felt like it was overflowing the longer he went on teasing her.

He shifted slightly, now running the back of his hand along the inside of her opposite thigh and thankfully moving steadily higher. When he was back at her pussy, he let one finger slide into her slick channel, quickly adding a second, then just as quickly a third.

The only sound besides their panting breaths was the wet suction of his digits becoming lost in her soft flesh, but that was only because Daisy had her mouth pressed against his shoulder, biting down to keep from moaning and/or yelling.

Jonathan slowly thrust his fingers, probing deep, but keeping his contact with her g-spot light, not wanting her come too soon. He was as overwhelmed as she was, but managed to say, “Definitely ready for something big and hard.”

Now Daisy spoke. “Please. Oh, please, yes.”

“Mmm, yes.” His hand came free and Daisy whined at the loss.

Jonathan smiled at her neediness and kissed her softly as he reached to undo his shorts. Still whispering he told her, “You have to very, very quiet. Yes?”

Daisy only nodded, not trusting her voice not to shout her reply. He opened his bottoms just enough to haul out his cock and it was indeed very hard, very big, the tip burgundy colored with the rush of blood and almost angry looking. Daisy knew the feel of his sensitive, stretched skin against her hand and mouth and looking at him now, exposed in a public place, it made her mouth water.

“Sexy stranger?”


“Would you like me to get your cock ready?”

Jonathan had to grit his teeth and his voice was ragged when he replied to her question. “How so? Don’t I look ready?”

Daisy reached out, pulling him closer using his dick like a leash. Her palm stroked his shaft and he had to close his eyes to keep from shooting off too soon. Now, she teased him, nuzzling against his chest and tugging gently on his cock. “You are very hard, but I think you might want to be as wet as I am.”

His only answer was a lusty groan that morphed in a growl when she released him and came to her knees. She looked around his body, just to make sure they were still alone and the coast was clear. Since it was, she looked up at him with those lovely wide and so very blue eyes, smirking innocently as she tongued the crown of his cock.

At first, Jonathan forgot their silly game and just enjoyed watching his girlfriend suck him off in a bookstore. But then…he imagined that they really were strangers, that she was just a girl he had run into in the history section and had somehow sweet talked into conducting a nasty, very public little affair. It was this thought – a stranger being so captivated by a few words of conversation with him that she felt the desire to put her lips around his cock – that nearly drove him over the edge.

His cock was fully encompassed by her mouth when he tugged her free of his body. “I think I’m plenty wet, darling.”

When she stood again, smiling, he captured her mouth in a kiss. One hand gripped her neck firmly while the other took hold of his now glistening cock. His elbow nudged her thigh and she lifted her leg once more, leaning back and using his body to brace herself open. The tip of him found her folds, sliding through her arousal and getting closer to heaven with every passing second.

As he slipped inside, he used both hands on her hips to tug and tilt her body closer, forcing his length to fill her entirely. Daisy let out a staggered moaned that wavered and then broke on a quiet gasp at the end. Her eyelids fluttered closed and Jonathan paused only long enough to kiss them delicately before he was hiking up her leg even more and thrusting between her thighs.

Once again, Jonathan first enjoyed the moment with Daisy, his familiar lady love. And then he enjoyed it in an entirely different way by thinking about her as a stranger. With both of them still basically fully dressed, the only intimate contact was his bare cock in her hot cunt. Even his hand cupping a breast over her dress felt innocent enough with the barrier of her clothing. He abandoned his groping of her chest and cupped her jaw in a wide palm, tilting her head back to kiss her deeply as he fucked her rather calmly, both of them taking care to be quiet and keep their bodies as still as possible.

That was when he heard it, the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the stairs that were less than twenty feet from where they were hiding out. He looked at Daisy’s wide eyes and silently bid her to be still as he stopped his movements altogether, but still keep his cock firmly embedded inside her.

They both looked towards the stairs and through the gaps in the shelves that hid them, saw a generic looking man appear, head first. They prayed he would turn right, but God was not with them, because he went left, directly towards them. Like frightened prey, they froze. The man wandered passed the shelf closed to them and then Daisy could see him clearly. She held her breath.

He kept walking, not looking their way. He passed several more shelves until he was well established in the back rooms of the floor. Jonathan let out a breath and Daisy thought she might faint.


Jonathan chuckled softly and pressed her back against their corner. “Better hurry. He’ll have to leave this way.”

Daisy nodded and they both smiled wickedly. The threat of being nearly caught, of literally being in the presence of a strange while her boyfriend’s cock was inside of her had Daisy’s blood pumping overtime. It only took a few more long, deep thrusts before she was panting as quietly as possible, urging him on with her hips.

Jonathan agreed with a nod and quickened his pace. While lovely, this also made Daisy feel wildly out of control of her own body. As he stroked her tender flesh, his hard pelvis rubbed against her clit. She felt the hot rush of orgasm, the flush of her skin, combined with the heat of Jonathan’s body closely pressed to hers.

She must have started making too much noise, because Jonathan covered her mouth with his sweaty palm, squeezing her ass roughly with the other. Her orgasm exploded around him, her pussy quaking and quivering and almost pinching his cock. When he came soon after, he pushed his own mouth against the back of his hand that still pressed against her lips. And they silently caught their breath.

Quickly, soon after, her dress was pulled down, his pants were tugged up, her hair adjusted, his sweet kiss planted on her lips.

“That was awesome.”

She couldn’t possibly find a reason to disagree. “Yes, but now you owe me a coffee.” She grabbed the book she had been browsing when all this nastiness started and handed it to him. “And this.”

“With pleasure, but are you going tell me your name, sexy stranger?”

His grin was ridiculous and Daisy had to pinch his cheeks. “Maybe not yet. Let’s be strangers for a little while longer.”


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So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58