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One Shots

Florida Nights


“How’s that, daddy?”


“Feels so good, right, daddy?”

“Well, uh…um…ow!”

“Oh! You okay?”

“Yes, just…please stop.” Jason reached back, trying as nicely as possible to remove the tiny, but apparently strong hands from his shoulders.

The woman who had been giving him her best attempt at a massage sat down in the bar stool next to him with a wide grin on her face. “I could do much better if you weren’t wearing a shirt.”

She reached out again to run her palm along his shoulder and then his upper back, leaning towards over and giving him a perfect view down her shirt. Jason threw back the shot that was in front of him and tried to make himself engage with this woman.

She was cute and obviously very into him. But while her deep cleavage was distracting, there was something about her that just felt…off. Why, he couldn’t say, and why he was even debating about going home with her was another puzzle. This was the whole reason he came out: to see his new town and meet a few nice girls. This one who was still rubbing his arm like he was a genie in a lamp was nice enough, but it just felt like she was trying too hard.

“Can I get you another?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jesus, even the bartenders are fucking gorgeous in Florida, he thought. The curvy brunette filled his shot glass with another round of tequila that he took like medicine. Maybe a few more of these and he would stop debating about the budding masseuse and just take her home.

The woman wasn’t leaving anything to chance, though. She scooted closer, pressing her breasts into his arm as her mouth was wispy against his ear.

“So, daddy, you ready to get out of here or what?”

Jason opened his mouth to just give in and relent to her pursuit. That is, until the woman screamed in his ear, causing him to push back in his seat.

“You fucking bitch!”

The bartender had an over exaggerated serious look on her face as her bent over the bar to dab at the woman’s shirt with a white towel. “I’m so sorry! It just slipped out of my hands I -”

The woman grabbed the towel from her and stood in a huff. Some alcoholic liquid dripped down the front of her shirt and onto her pants. Muttering, “Fucking unbelievable,” she stormed off towards the bathroom without even a single backwards glance at Jason. He looked at the bartender and gave her an amused smirk along with one eyebrow raised in suspicion.

The bartender merely shrugged and grinned back at him. “Welcome to Florida, Jason. That,” she pointed towards the bathroom, “was Lacy and she’s nothing but trouble.” With a wink she added, “You’ll thank me later.”

He had to laugh, it was unstoppable. “I kind of want to thank you now.”

She waved her hand nonchalantly. “Don’t bother, I was just teasing. I’m happy to help.”

Now he was interested. “You’ve done that before?”

“Not to Lacy, but a few other girls when the men they’re chatting up look like they need rescuing. Florida girls can be pretty predatory.”

Jason felt like he was bursting with joy for some reason and he rested his forearms on the bar to get closer to this woman. “I take it my knight in shining armor isn’t a Florida girl?”

“No, sir. I’m a good old Iowa girl, where they teach us a few manners, at least.”

Having never been to the state he asked, “And what’s in Iowa besides manners?”

“Corn and farmer’s sons. Why do you think I moved here?”

Jason quipped right back, “I assume it wasn’t to make friends with Florida girls.”

The bartender smiled, tapping her nose with her index finger to tell him he hit the nail on the head with that assumption and then asked, “Can I get you another?”

Enjoying this conversation far more than his last, he took steps to keep it going. “You could give your name instead.”

The smiley Iowa bartender, if she wasn’t actually blushing, in the very least inclined her head down as if she might be. “I don’t usually do that.”

His voice was bright with his mockery. “Aw, see, that’s just not fair. You already know my name.”

“Everyone in this town does. We’re excited to have you here.”

He couldn’t resist and said flirtatiously, “Really? How excited?”

His bartender, name still unknown burst out laughing and then shook her finger at him. “You, Mr. Demers, you are pretty damn charming, I’ll give you that much.”

Jason was chuckling along with her when he added, “I also speak French.”

Her face sobered. “Oh, shit, really? Well then I’m definitely in trouble. No woman can resist a French speaking hockey player, it’s a scientific fact.”

My God, how he hoped that was true because he felt desperate to know this woman. “You gonna tell me your name now?”

She put her elbows on the bar and put her chin in her hands, her nose coming within a few inches of his. Her smile was sassy and challenging. “I don’t think so.”

What an irritating woman she was, but sexy as hell. He whispered loudly over the din of the bar, “Dis-moi ton nom.”

She moaned and closed her eyes, letting his French wash over her. But she shook her head. “I told you I don’t do this, Jason.”

He waited for her to open her eyes again before he said seriously, “Tell me your name, or I’m gonna fuck Lacy in your bathroom.”

“Tsk. You wouldn’t dare.”

He wouldn’t, because now he would only settle for one girl tonight, and it wasn’t Lacy. Speak of the devil…Jason felt a familiar hand slide along his shoulder blades as her sultry voice asked, “Miss me, daddy?”

He never looked away from the bartender’s eyes as he answered. “I sure did.”

Now he turned towards Lacy and the woman behind the bar panicked. He wouldn’t really do this just to spite her, would he? But he certainly looked like he was going to, his hand on her waist, his head inclined towards her as if readying for a kiss. And now Lacy was pulling him away from the bar. Why should I care, she thought? But dammit, she did. Jason was cute and sweet and the French could charm the pants off any woman, even her. She was suddenly filled with urgent jealously that felt like it was alive inside her.

She reached over the sticky counter and grabbed his forearm, as well as his attention. “Eve. My name is Eve.”

Jason let go of Lacy and turned back towards the bar. Lacy put up a valiant protest, but Jason effectively dismissed her and she accepted her fate, scowling at Eve before turning on her heel to resume her hunt.

“Merci beaucoup, Eve. When do you get off?”

“I gave you my name, I didn’t say I was going to sleep with you.”

Jason agreed. “No, you didn’t, but your eyes did.”

Well, shit, that was probably true. Eve never was a very good liar as all her emotions tended to play out across her face. Eve glanced away, but Jason’s hand on her neck brought her back to face him.

“I’ll sit here all night if I have to.”

Eve checked her watch. “Fifteen minutes.”

A smile was her answer from Jason as she poured him another shot to help him pass the time as he waited for her to finish her shift. Half hour later, they arrived at her house, a little shack, really, but it was on the water and came complete with its own dock. Jason was noting the peeling aquamarine paint when a frantic barking coming from inside the house almost gave him a heart attack.

Eve worked her key in the lock and apologized before shouting at the dog. “Sorry. Sissy, shut it!”

When the door was opened, Jason jumped back instead of moving forward. “Is that…a fucking doberman?”

Eve had the growling beast by the collar and was hauling her inside, smiling at Jason’s fear. “Florida men are kind of predatory, too. Sissy keeps me safe, don’t you girl?”

The dog only growled at Jason again, who was pretty sure he should have just gone home with Lacy, who had seemed like a goldfish person. Eve pushed the dog inside and called out to him, “Come on in, she won’t bite unless commanded.”

“Jesus Christ... “ Jason ran a hand down his sweaty face and tried to be brave. He came inside, shutting the door behind him and then locking eyes with Sissy who resumed her growling.

Eve now seemed exasperated with the dog. “Sissy! Sit!” The dog did as she was told, still staring hard at Jason, but no longer growling. Eve pulled a bone off the top shelf of her bookcase and threw it to the dog who immediately went to work on it.

Turning to face Jason, Eve blew out a breath. “Sorry. I should have warned you, but really, she’s very well trained, she won’t hurt you.”

Jason was still staring at Sissy suspiciously. It’s not that he disliked dogs, it’s just that he wasn’t really in the mood to be bitten. Well, not by a dog anyway.

When he finally decided that the dog was truly distracted, he shifted his gaze to Eve, who was giving him another sweet smile while folding and unfolding her hands together in front of her.

She noticed she was fidgeting and stuffed her hands in the tiny pockets of her jean shorts. “Sorry. I really don’t do this, Jason. I haven’t taken a guy home from a bar…ever.”

He flashed those adorable puppy-dog eyes of his and tried to put her at ease. “Please stop apologizing and you don’t have to be nervous. You sure you’re okay with this?”

She said a little too quickly, “Yes. I just thought you should know that this isn’t a habit of mine. I just…you’re very cute and even though I don’t know you, you seem like a decent guy. I like you.”

He smiled and took a step closer, putting himself just a few feet in front of her. “I like you too, farmer’s daughter.”

Eve laughed, but it was a breathy sound. “My dad was a teacher, actually.”

“And your mother?”

“Blue ribbon winning pie baker.”

Jason nodded and reached out for her hand, stroking her knuckles with his thumb as he swallowed hard. “Eve…if you’d like, I can come back tomorrow and take you on a real date. If you want…we can wait.”

Her next exhale came out hot against his cheek as her voice was strained. “Oh, Christ, no. I don’t think I can wait.”

“Thank God.” He leaned down and met her lips with his. Her smiled tasted as sweet as it looked and her giggles tickled his tongue like a bubbly champagne. He took in a massive breath that was all Eve and it made him dizzy with desire.

Her hips were round and plush under his hands and even the lingering residue of liquor on her clothes couldn’t mask the fresh, flowery smell of her perfume. He hadn’t felt them move, too distracted by her mouth, but when he realized they were at the foot of the stairs, he clutched her to his body and then lifted her until her legs wrapped around his waist.

He heard her flip flops clatter to the stairs as he ascended and her laughter broke the kiss. “You’re literally sweeping me off my feet, Mr. Demers.”

Almost to the second floor of her tiny home, he lick along her neck and then whispered against her ear, “Attendez jusqu'à ce que vous vous sentez ma bite, alors vous allez vraiment me trouver charmante.”

She tensed in his arm and then moaned. “Oh, fuck.” The upper floor of her home was just a open-concept bedroom, bed in the center of the hardwood floor and white wicker furniture along the walls. Jason let her drop to the bed, but remained standing as he pulled off his shirt.

Eve just watched, her chest still rising with panting breaths and she finally finished her earlier thought. “I don’t even care what you say to me, just say it in French.”

Smiling, Jason dropped a knee on the mattress between her thighs and braced his arms on either side of her body, his mouth deliciously close to hers again. “That’s sweet, Eve, but just so you know, I said wait until you feel my cock, then you’ll really find me charming.”

She let out another moan that was mixed with aroused laughter and told him, “Oh, baby, I was wrong, you can use whatever language you want because it’s all getting me hot.”

He cocked his head as if to kiss her, but hesitated. Women who know of his nickname always called him daddy and while it never bothered him, it never really turned him on either. It was just part of his name now and he was used to men utilizing the moniker so it had become decidedly unsexy over the years. But now, after Eve called him ‘baby,’ he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to hear the nickname come from her pretty mouth.

Still braced over her body, he ran a finger along the bust line of her tank top, tracing the top curve of her breasts. He did it again, but this time pulled the fabric down to reveal a lacy pink bra. He thumbed one hard nipple through the material and met her eyes.

“How come you don’t call me ‘daddy’?”

Eve, her focus captivated by the impact of his fingers on her nipples, struggled to gather her thoughts. “Well…um…I figured that was more for your hockey bros.”

Jason didn’t answer right away, but merely laid her flat, tugging the tank top down until it gathered around her waist and then his hot mouth covered a nipple, wetting the lace, his teeth nibbling. Eve shuddered under his touch and brought both hands to his soft, fluffy hair to stroke and tug gently.

Before he moved to the other nipple he asked, “Would you call me that if I wanted you to?”

Eve arched her back, pushing her body towards his mouth as she gasped for air. “Uh, yeah sure, whatever you want.” Jason slipped one hand inside her bra to cup and knead her breast while his mouth still covered her other nipple, sucking at the wet lace. He didn’t ask for it, but let Eve do it herself, which she did after she groaned needily. “Oh…daddy, yes.”

Jason felt his cock twitch at the word and bit down harshly on her nipple. For some reason, his body reacted aggressively to her use of the term and it made him feel wildly out of control. Which was quite a lovely change from the norm, really.

He quickly adjusted them, flopping on the bed and then pulling her over to straddle his hips. Eve took a moment to lose her bra and tank top and then bent to kiss him. His hands caressed the smooth skin of her back, but his mind was focused on something else entirely.

Eve was grinding her hips with his, stroking her center against his cock that was straining against his shorts. Even through all their fabric he could feel her, hot and humid between the thighs, rhythmically torturing him with measured thrusts of her hips. Her upper body undulated in waves, rubbing her bare breasts against his chest and driving him insane.

While she was still kissing him and grinding away his sanity, he reached between them, unbuttoning her shorts and shoving them down just far enough to reveal her hips and the curve of her ass. He didn’t waste anytime shoving his hands down the back of her shorts and grabbing two handfuls of her soft flesh.

She left him to his groping of her body and worked her mouth down his long neck and then onto his chest. He tasted of salt and something purely male, pungent and intoxicating. Her own hands explored the sides of his body, skittering along his abs and then squeezing his biceps that flexed under her hold. That alone elicited a moan from her, just to feel his lean muscles under satiny skin.

As she mummered and hummed against his body, Jason became even more impatient. He flipped them again, sitting back to tug off her shorts and undies to leave her naked and then standing once more to rid himself of the rest of his clothing.

Eve opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it as she looked up at him.


She told him playfully, “I don’t want to tell you and boost your ego. You already think you’re hot shit.”

Jason only smiled, not saying what he thought, which was that he was pretty sure she’d tell him something flattering once he actually got inside her.

He crawled over her and followed as she moved further up the bed. “Bel ange, je ne pense pas que je suis bon, je sais que je suis.”

His mouth was on her neck and his cock just teasing her entrance when she asked with a grin, “What was that? It sounded sassy.”

There was a chuckle and then he told her, “I said I don’t think I’m good, I know I am.” Then he shoved his entire length inside her incredibly wet pussy.

Eve whimpered and laced her fingers together behind his neck. The feel of him was like an ice cold soda on the hottest summer day, refreshing, but also a shock to the system. She felt her inner muscles adjust and bend around him, the stretch deliciously erotic.

Her eyes were already hooded when she looked up at him. “Show me something good, daddy.”

He felt his cock throb again and it was a little alarming to consider how he reacted like this when she alone called him that. Eve felt the subtle movement inside her and gave him an amused look. Jason merely started to thrust between her thighs and shrugged. “Apparently he likes when you call me that.”

“Ugh, God, and now you’re referring to your cock as a separate entity. Are you going to push all the right buttons in one night?”

“I certainly hope so. I’ll do my best, amoureux.”

She breathed out hard every time he pulled out, gasping when he shoved back in and in between she mumbled, “Beautiful…fucking…French speaking…charming…man. You…are…delightful.”

Jason bent to kiss her, not bothering to contain his smile. “As are you, believe me. You want me to push a few more of your buttons?”

“Oh, please, any of them.”

Jason sat back on his heels, letting her spill across his lap as he continued fucking her. His thumb found her clit and flicked over it lightly. It was enough to make Eve feel pulses of pleasure radiate through her body. She could only tilt her head back, elongating her neck, and then grab at the sheets alongside her body with both hands.

He brushed her hot button again and she whimpered. He did it again and she moaned. He did it a few more times until she screamed out his name and he felt her body quiver and pull at his cock. He let her finish before he grabbed her arm and pulled her up to sitting, straddling his thighs.

Jason did his best to thrust up, but she now rode him. Eve bent to bury her nose in the crook of his neck, breathing him in and planting tiny kisses on his skin. He clutched at her ass, forcing her close when he couldn’t hold back any longer and he came burrowed in her warmth.

Her lovely mouth kissed along his jaw until it landed on his lips and they shared several long and lingering kisses as their bodies relaxed.

He pulled away and smoothed back her mussed hair. “Eve, goddamn, that was - oh, fuck!”

“What? What?!”

Jason had a death grip on her with one arm while he pointed to the side of the bed with the other. Eve laughed and said, “Sissy, you’re such a pervert.”

The dog proved the accusation by jumping onto the bed and promptly curling up a few inches from them. Jason miraculously didn’t flee, but he still held her like a drowning man would a floatation device.

“She sleeps with me, by the way, there’s no stopping it. You can go if you like, I know she’s not exactly your best pal.”

Jason looked at the dog who was calm, but still eyeing him up. Then he looked at the beautiful woman still in his lap. There was really only one option here.

“I’ll stay, but I get the side without the dog.”

“That’s probably for the best.”

She kissed him a few more times before she crawled under the sheet and Jason was soon snuggled up behind her. He and Sissy share several more glances, but they were only slightly hostile, so he soon drifted off to sleep.

When Eve woke up, she turned over, expecting to come face to face with Jason’s angelic face. Instead, she got a nose full of dog hair and she sat up to look at the scene. Sissy had pushed her way between the two of them and was nestled against his chest, her head taking up most of what used to be Jason’s pillow. His hand rested on the dog’s body, holding her close.

A laugh came out her nose and Jason opened one eye to look at her, smiling. His voice was rough and sleepy. “Your dog’s okay, actually. I kind of like her.”

“She’s clearly warmed up to you, but then again, I think most women would eventually.”

Jason shifted to sit up, but Eve pushed him back down just as Sissy grumbled in her sleep and snuggled closer. Eve told him, “Relax. It’s Sunday. Sissy and I always have waffles in bed on Sunday. I read the paper, she eats my bacon. Would you care to join us?”

That sounded like the best Sunday plans Jason could have imagined. He smiled and said, “Depends. You gonna let me have your bacon instead?”

“I’ll let you two fight over it, but she’ll probably win, though, fair warning.”

Jason patted the dog’s side and Eve thought her heart might explode. “That’s okay with me. You need my help?”

Eve shook her head and leaned over him for a kiss. Then she kissed Sissy’s head and then Jason again…and then again. The man was incredible and she was suddenly very, very happy she hadn’t talked herself out of bringing him home last night.


A couple people requested him and someone asked for him being with a girl with a Daddy kink/ageplay, but for some reason I just can’t write that because Jason just seems like that would make him really uncomfortable, which is just my personal opinion.

Also, I’m already writing a part two for this because for some reason I got really emotional thinking about Jason hanging out with Eve and her dog.


So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

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Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

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if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


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