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One Shots


Mondays are never fun, not even for professional hockey plays and especially not for hockey players who are currently being subjected to physical therapy for a knee injury when all they want to be doing is playing fucking hockey with their team that is currently on a nine game win streak.It’s not that Sean was jealous of his teammates, but he was…annoyed.Not with them, but with the whole situation.And it was causing him to lash out at people who didn’t deserve it, like his friends outside of the team.He just couldn’t help himself.The more games the Flyers kept winning a row, the more annoyed he became with sitting at home and watching instead of enjoying it with them.

Which is why on a chilly December Monday morning, it was safe to say that Sean had definitely gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.He heard the knocking start at 6 a.m. and tried to bury his head under a pillow to block out the noise.It didn’t work and the incessant sound continued.In a grumpy huff, he threw the covers off his bed and got up.He didn’t bother with a shirt, but simply stormed through his apartment towards the front door in his baby blue pajama bottoms and bare feet, scowling the whole way there.

He pulled the door open and immediately wished he hadn’t.

“Good morning, sunshine!I’ve got doughnuts, I’ve got coffee, and you’re my first appointment of the day so my muscles are at full strength so I am rip roaring ready to go!”

Sean sighed quietly and shut the door.“Hey, Kylie.”

His physical therapist had to be the most bouncy, happy person he’d ever met in his life.And considering his dark mood lately, she was the last person he wanted to see.And yet, he had no choice but to see her.Even though he tried very hard not to look at her too closely because that could lead to very bad decisions on his part.If she weren’t his physical therapist, he would have asked her weeks ago.But she was, so he resisted.Just barely most days.

Her blond hair was in a ponytail as usual and her compact, muscular form was covered by leggings and a tank top that she exposed when she took off her winter coat and tossed it on his couch.She set up their breakfast on his coffee table and Sean worked very hard to look at the doughnuts and not her ass in those black leggings.She was bouncing on her heels and humming some random tune.

Sean finally joined her at the table, flopping down on the couch.Even though she usually was, he pointed out, “You’re in a good mood.”

She looked up at him and smiled wide.“I am!It’s a beautiful day, we’re alive, I have work to keep me busy and play to keep me happy.And, you may have heard, my Flyers are on a nine game win streak so there is plenty to cheer about!”

My Flyers.Kylie the Philly girl born and bred always said it like that and it was the most adorable thing about her.Even more adorable than her dimples and extensive collection of funky socks.He glanced at her feet, today they were adorned in a Star Wars themed Christmas pattern, but even that ode to his favorite movie series couldn’t make him smile.Not when she just had to bring up the goddamn win streak.

“Yeah.I heard.”

She handed him a coffee and a sugared doughnut on a napkin.“Pretty sweet, huh?Did you see the game last night?Stolie looked amazing.Although, I am a little bummed because now they’re talking like Neuvy could be traded and I do love that cute Czech muffin.Don’t you dare tell him I said that!”

He must have been staring because she paused and gave him a puzzled puppy look.He cleared his throat and looked at the coffee in his hand instead.

She went on, “No sugar, extra cream.That’s how you like it, right?”

What he would really like is this little ball of energy naked in his bed, applying all the enthusiasm to his cock instead of his knee.

“Yeah, thanks, Kylie.You’re a sweetheart.”

She waved her hand to brush off the comment.“Oh, please.I just have a good memory for these sorts of things.Plus, caffeine intake is something I take very seriously.Now drink your coffee and eat your doughnut and I don’t want to hear a single word about your fucking diet.It’s got carbs for energy.”

“And the sugar and fat are good for…?”

Kylie’s eyes narrowed and then widened when he teased her.And then she burst out laughing; Sean simply had to smile.

She told him matter-of-factly, “Sugar and fat are good for mental well-being, of course.”

“Of course.”He really shouldn’t have, but he took a bite of the doughnut anyway.The satisfied grin she gave him was worth breaking his diet for.

Caffeine and sugar intake over, Sean hauled out the medical table from his hall closet and set it up in the living room.Kylie went about putting him through his paces.She stretched this, bent that, and worked his body until they were both sweating.For as much as he really wanted to bang the bubbly therapist, he never had any problem not getting an erection while she worked on him.Probably because his knee still hurt like all hell and he knew that when she was done she was going to tell him that he still wasn’t ready to skate again.

Still, she always sounded positive about everything.

“That’s good, real good.See if you can go just a little further.Don’t rush it, just let your body ease itself into it.”

Sean attempted to bend his knee slightly further than he had, but then winced in pain.

Kylie immediately stopped him.“Whoa nelly.That’s quite enough.Straighten your leg and let’s do it again.Don’t push yourself, let it happen naturally.Stop when you feel like you’re forcing it, okay?”

Easier said than done when Sean had the patience for healing of a five year old.“Yeah, okay.Let’s do it again.”

By the time they were done, Sean felt like he had just run a marathon when all he had done is lay on his back and let Kylie manipulate his muscles and joints.She smiled at him brightly, but he could see the facts clearly in her eyes.

She told him plainly, “It’s coming along.A few more weeks and we’ll see about having you do some light skating.”

While he hadn’t expected to hear anything different, he still found his jaw grinding in frustration.“A few more weeks and then I can try to skate.Great.Thanks.”

Kylie was used to her patients being anything but patient with their healing, but Sean seemed worse than normal these days.She smiled when he scowled at her and then tried to talk about something she figured would make him happy.

“Did you see the standing this morning? Flyers are third in the division, not the wild card spot anymore.Pretty awesome.”

He knew she was trying to cheer him up and he knew that there was no way she could know that she was making his mood worse, so he simply grunted in response.

As she packed up, Kylie dug herself in deeper without knowing it.“I know, I know, it’s still early, but what a great sign!We have just as many points as those Pittsburgh bastards and I think the boys can keep it up.Granted, some of the play hasn’t been the best, but damn, we just keep finding a way to win.I was thinking the other day –“



Her voice, quiet and tentative, made him feel ashamed for yelling.It wasn’t her fault he was moping about being on the sidelines when his team was doing well and he shouldn’t have taken it out on her.When he met her eyes, he felt even worse, as they were wide and confused and slightly hurt.

“I…I’m sorry.”

She shook her head.“Why are you sorry?I’m the one who should be sorry.Here I am hanging around, blathering on when you probably have things to do.I’ll see you on Wednesday.Eat the rest of the doughnuts, don’t waste them.”



He sighed and tried to regain his composure.“Don’t be sorry.I’m not annoyed with you.”

“But you are annoyed, I can see that.”

“Yes, but not with you.”He should have ended things right there, but her open and honest face made him want to spill all his thoughts to her.“I’m annoyed with my fucking knee, with the fact that my team is on fire and I have to sit at home watching the games from bed.I’m annoyed that I don’t get to help or to celebrate with them.I’m annoyed –“

Kylie came forward, grabbing his hands that he was clenching and cutting him off.He looked down at her and then she kissed him.God knows why, but she did.And it wasn’t her fault, honestly.The man walked around in nothing but a pair of flimsy pajama pants, his beautiful upper body displayed for her and then he had the nerve to be so cute when he was pissed off.She might have initiated it, but that kiss was his fault.

His fault or not, Kylie was mortified at her behavior when she pulled her mouth away from his.

“Um…I just…you obviously have a lot of mental tension.”Sean didn’t confirm or deny, he simply stared.Kylie continued, “I thought…that is they say sometimes you need a physical outlet for psychological frustration.Like sex…or even just kissing.It’s supposed to help.”

That may have been true, or Kylie may have just made that up.Either way, Sean asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really.Do you feel better?”

“No, I don’t.”

She didn’t have the opportunity to frown at his answer because he kissed her again, shoving her backwards until she knocked against his bookcase.He shouldn’t have been that rough, but she only moaned into his mouth, so he stopped worrying about it.He forced her body against the shelves hard, pressing his chest to hers.One hand wrapped around her throat lightly and the other tilted her jaw to open her mouth a little wider.Paperbacks fell off the shelves and to the floor around their feet, but neither of them noticed or cared very much.

Now that the damn was broken, Kylie couldn’t stop touching him.Sure, she put her hands on his body all the time, but not like this.Now she could fully appreciate the softness of his skin as her palms brushed up his sides, enjoy his strength as they rode the muscles of his back when he writhed his body against hers, and then they sunk lower, finding his narrow, toned hips.

She could never control herself when it came to two things: men and chocolate.The cream filled doughnut she had for breakfast had satisfied one craving and now she hoped Sean might satisfy another.She slipped just one finger in the waistband of his pants and traced a line from his lower back to his belly button.

He hissed out her name.“Kylie.Unless you want me to fuck you, get your hand out of my pants.”

Ooo, was that a challenge?Putting the ball in her court?Kylie smiled and then licked into his mouth again.She pushed both hands into his pants now, rubbing his bare thighs and then wrapping her fingers around his cock.If she hadn’t already been kissing him, she would have kissed him for opting out of underwear that day.

Sean pushed his hips forward, thrusting into both her hands and moaning at how good it felt.She giggled slightly when he made the needy sound against her lips.

“Clearly I underestimated your level of tension earlier.Silly of me to think that kiss would be enough to work it all out.”She waited for him to answer, but he was distracted by her lovely and powerful hands on his dick.He only rested his forehead on hers, breathing heavily.“Sean…tell me what you need from me.Let me help.”

Sweet, smiley Kylie, always looking to help.He kissed her again, harder and faster and more greedily than before.He pulled her hands free of his cock and put them on his back.She immediately pulled him closer, forcing a shelf to dig into her back, ignoring the pain that caused.Sean’s hands snaked under her tank top and then delved inside her leggings, shoving them to her hips.

Kylie whined into their kiss when she knew what he was doing and then stopped stroking his back long enough to shove the stretching fabric down her thighs.Sean didn’t stop kissing her, he refused to, but he reached down with one hand, freeing just one of her legs before pushing his pajamas down to his knees.

He pressed his hard member against the soft give of her mound and they both groaned.Their kiss was already messy and disorganized and it got even more so when he tentatively tugged the crotch of her panties down and then gently grazed her lips with his fingertips.

“Sean!Don’t tease me.”

A feral growl came from his throat and he quickly pulled her panties aside and pressed his cock forward until he felt it slip inside her.

He opened his eyes finally and watched as her mouth fell open, gasping out quiet breaths, the pleasure of his cock shone through on her face.

“Good fucking God, you are adorable.”

Kylie looked at him and smiled, dimples appearing deeper than he ever saw them before.“Thank you.”She clutched his upper back, hauling his face back towards her for another kiss.“Now let’s see if I can work out that tension for you, huh?”

She had one foot propped up on a shelf, but he grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his waist.Then he started to move.He could just about imagine the sight they made – his pants around his ankles, Kylie still mostly dressed with her leggings hanging off one foot, a wild, frantic mess, both of them.

But Sean was holding back, Kylie could tell.She thrust her hips forward to meet his and bit down harshly on his lip.

“Come on, Sean.That isn’t going to help anything and you know it.”

For the first time in weeks, Sean laughed.He reared back and fucked into her hard, rocking the shelf against the wall and making more books fall around them.

She grinned.“Good.Listen to your body, it knows what your mind needs.And I can take it.”

He groaned in relief and arousal and started fucking her at a steady, quick pace.Kylie held on to Sean at first and then lifted her arms to grasp at a shelf above her head.With her chest exposed, Sean bent to suck a nipple between his lips and then gently nibbled on it.Kylie was reduced to a stuttering, stammering mess of indiscernible words and moans.He was brutal, not holding back and finally there were no books left on any of the shelves.

Sean licked up her chest and let their tongues get reacquainted for a while before he told her, “You want to know what I need?I need you tight, squeezing my dick until I can’t fucking move.”

“Don’t stop.Just like that.You’re so fucking good and I’m gonna come so hard.”

“Good.That’s what I need.You need it too, huh?”

“Yes.I need it so bad.Sean…fuck.Don’t stop.”

He sped up even more, banging his hips to hers, forcing his cock deeper until she was so tight around him; he came just as she was wailing his name.He ended his last thrust on a groan, kissing her trembling lips until she put a hand on his chest and gently eased him back.

He pulled up his pants, watching as she righted herself and wondering when she was going to look at him again.When she did, she smiled, of course.

“I’ll tell Don I can’t see you anymore due to a scheduling conflict.I can recommend another great therapist who can take over.”

Right, because he had just fucked her, pretty much destroying every professional standard of conduct.He nodded and would have gone away silently to pout if she hadn’t wrapped her arms around his waist again.

“And you…you owe me dinner.And a movie.A proper date.I’m free on Thursday.Does that work?”

Sean had been free every night for weeks and it had annoyed him to now end.Now, it was a blessing.He met her smile with one of his own.

“I’m free.How does Rogue One and pizza sound?”

Kylie hummed her happy approval.“Sounds like a date.”



So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

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Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

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damn that was hot

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if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


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