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One Shots

A Very Kinky Christmas

(And lo, an angel of the Lord was upon them...)

Christmas is always a cheerful time for most people. Usually it was for Sean Couturier as well, but not this year. He hadn’t played hockey in weeks and while he knew his knee was healing it was still moving way too damn slow for his liking. He wanted to skate, to be with his teammates on road trips, to just be a damn hockey player, the only thing he ever wanted to be.

Sean had to smile at himself when he had such dramatic thoughts. He was still a hockey player, he knew that. But his inability to play right now was a point of frustration and annoyance. Add into all that, his girlfriend Mollie had decided to go home to Ottawa to spend Christmas with her family. With his own family spending the holidays in Paris, Sean was left alone in Philly. It would have been selfish to ask her to stay and wallow with him, but now that she was gone, he felt the sting of her abandonment acutely.

Okay, fine, he thought, not exactly abandonment, more like a temporary leave of absence during which he encouraged his own melancholy by isolating himself from everyone even more. That being said, he had managed to force himself into socialization when Danny Briere invited him over for dinner with his family on Christmas Eve.

The gesture was sweet and it should have made Sean feel better about his suddenly lonesome life, but instead it only made him feel worse. Because for as much fun as he had hanging out with the Briere boys like they used to and catching up with Danny and his new wife, he still ended up alone at the end of the night. And being alone on Christmas, quite frankly, sucks.

Unwilling to return to his empty apartment, he drove around downtown, looking at Christmas lights and trying to remember all the best displays so he could tell Mollie about them later. He tried calling her, but got no answer. Then, still in the mood for human contact, he tried calling his mom and her phone went right to voicemail. Being ignored by the two most important women in his life might have caused him to throw his phone in the backseat like a brat.

He drove home after that, because even the Christmas lights were starting to make him sad. What the was the point when he had no one to share them with? Yes, he was in full on self-pity mode and it was pathetic. When he entered his apartment, he flicked the light switch in the foyer, but nothing happened. He flipped it on and off a few more time and then sighed.

“I just changed that bulb.”

The Christmas tree in the living room provided enough to light to guide him into his apartment, but he paused in the middle of the room. That was odd, he hadn’t left his Christmas tree lights on, he knew he hadn’t. His mother had raised him better than to leave the house with a fire hazard like that going.

He tried the light in the kitchen to his right. That one didn’t turn on either. It wasn’t a power outage as, obviously, the tree’s lights were working, so what the hell was going on?

“Merry Christmas.”

Sean had a mini heart attack until he recognized her voice. Mollie. He turned around, grinning.

“What are you…wow.”

She stood in the hallway that lead to their bedroom, literally wrapped up like a present. She was naked, but two extra wide red ribbons were wrapped around her breasts and hips and then tied in bows in front. The lights they’d strung up in their room were on and illuminated her from behind.

Mollie smiled when his expression gave her the exact reaction she was looking for. She tried to sound casual when she asked, “How are the Brieres?”

After he took more than the appropriate amount of time to appreciate how fucking gorgeous she looked, he spoke. “Fine. What are you doing here?”

“We had Christmas early so I could home and spend the day with you.” She closed the space between them and linked her hands behind his neck. “You didn’t think I was gonna leave you alone on Christmas, did you?”

His soul had never felt this full and content; this might have been the happiest moment of his entire life to date. His hands brushed her hips ever so slightly, smoothing the satin ribbon that just barely covered her most private areas. “I guess I should have known better. I’m so glad you’re home, baby. And this…” His hands stroked upwards, cupping her breasts over the ribbon tied around her chest. “This is some surprise.”

Mollie grinned and his heart skipped a beat as it always did. She simply had the best smile, one that showed all her teeth and highlighted the little gap in front that never failed to charm him. It had been one of the things that drew them together, their quirky teeth that each of them adored about the other. Her dark hair was in a ponytail, letting him feel the full effect of her essentially nude form.

And now she ran her hands down his chest, working them over his shoulders to push his coat off. “This isn’t your only surprise. I have a few presents I want you open early.”

Sean fingered the bow between her breasts. “I hope this is one of them.”

She shook her head and backed away, going over to the tree and bending over to reach two items that hadn’t been there when he’d left for Danny’s. He silently groaned at the beautiful sight of her bare ass, but decided to control himself so he could let her play this thing out.

When she stood in front of him again, she held a gift in each hand. They were neatly wrapped in pretty gold and silver paper that he recognized as one of her usual choices for gifts. One was a small box that fit perfectly in her palm. The other was long and skinny.

“Which one do you want?”

Sean was a grown man and didn’t really get excited about presents anymore, but considering what Mollie seemed to have in mind (based on her outfit), he was nearly giddy to see what was in the boxes.

He picked the smallest one and pulled off the bow, sticking it on Mollie’s arm as she giggled at the gesture. Tearing off the paper and letting it fall to the floor, he opened the box and chuckled. He picked up the tapered glass object shaped like a Christmas tree and tested the weight of it.

“Only you would buy such a ridiculous butt plug.”

She laughed and snatched it from him. “Hey, you wanna shove it up my ass or not?”

“Oh, I definitely do. I want my other present first, though. Something tells me they’re meant to be used together.”

She held out the other box for him. “You don’t have to use them together, but I know you’ll want to.”

His heart now pumping even faster, Sean couldn’t get the gift open fast enough. When he did, he let the box fall to the floor along with the discarded wrapping paper and then groaned aloud. The riding crop had a red and white striped patterned and he stood there, smacking it against his palm and smiling at Mollie.

“Christmas tree butt plug, candy cane riding crop…Mollie, baby, you spoil me.”

She nearly burst with joy seeing him grin so big. Ever since she left she had heard the slight hurt in his tone when they spoke. Coming home early had been her original plan all along and now she was so glad it had been. She pressed the butt plug into his free hand and then untucked the polo shirt he was wearing.

“Well, you know, I hate giving boring presents. What do you say, wanna have a very kinky Christmas with me?”

“Any Christmas with you is the best Christmas, but I do like where you’re heading with all this.”

He smacked her ass with the crop and Mollie pressed against him when she jumped. She had her hands on his belt when he struck her again.

“Not yet, my little elf. Hands to yourself until I give you permission.”

Mollie felt a shudder race through her entire body when he put on his Dom voice and used the word that she both loved and dreaded - permission. The first time he ever said that to her, the first time he told her should would need permission to come, Sean had watched her eyes glaze over and he knew that Mollie was just what he had been looking for. And Mollie had known that Sean was exactly what she needed.

She let go of his belt, brushing the back of her hand against the outline of his cock before pulling fully away from his body. She held her hands together behind her back to physically prevent herself from reaching out for him again. This made her chest pop out and that didn’t escape Sean’s notice.

She licked her lips and asked, “Bedroom?”

Sean shook his head and used the riding crop to point towards the couch. Mollie walked passed him, exaggerating the sway of her hips as she did, feeling his eyes follow her every step. Without needing his direction, she bent over the arm of the couch, both hands pressed flat, her fingers curling around the edge.

She could hear him breathing, but he didn’t move towards her yet. He was still enjoying the view a bit too much. When she had bent over, the ribbon around her hips shifted higher towards her waist, exposing even more of that beautiful ass of hers. In the faint light given off from the Christmas tree, her pale skin nearly glowed. And he couldn’t wait to turn it as bright red as the ribbon decorating her body.

He came closer and dragged the tip of the crop along the back of one of her thighs. Mollie immediately braced herself for a strike, but it never came. She only felt the stiff leather of the crop slowly warm against her skin as he caressed her thighs and then her back.

Sean gently laid the crop across her back and then leaned down towards her ear. “Don’t move, little elf.”

Mollie nodded and then Sean was gone, down the hall and into their bathroom. She knew right away what he had gone to get and when he returned she soon felt the familiar slippery liquid against her ass.

That was enough to draw a small moan from her lips and as she heard him applying the lube to the tree shaped plug, another soon followed. Her inner muscles clenched in anticipation, but she forced them to release, knowing it would go easier when she was relaxed. And feel so much better, too.

The cold glass pressed against her hole and she greedily shoved her hips back toward his hand, forcing the first tier to slip inside her. The end of the plug was almost nothing, her ass having been trained by Sean for over a year now, she took it easily.

“Oh, fuck yeah.”

Sean normally would have scolded her for being so aggressive and taking it before he was ready, but he must have been in the giving spirit because he only chuckled and pressed a kiss to her hip.

“I missed you so much, Mollie. I really did. How about I Iet you put it all in?”

She whimpered and nodded and rocked her hips. Sean used the slightest pressure to hold the plug in place, but he didn’t push it forward. Instead, he let Mollie push back, impaling herself and letting another, wider tier slip into her ass.

He could see her knees shaking already and she moaned happily when he wiggled the thing around. “You’ve got two more, baby.”

Mollie shoved her hips back aggressively and felt herself stretch harshly around the next wider level. The burn of her ass made her pussy feel hot too and she clenched down on the plug, only increasing the heat and pleasure.

Sean’s hand soothed up her back. “Last one then that ass will be stuffed full. Think you can take it?”

She would have rolled her eyes at his insinuation that she couldn’t handle it if she hadn’t been enjoying it so much. “Yes. Hell yeah.”

Bracing her hands on the couch she relaxed her body and let the plug slip fully inside of her. And she did feel stuffed, wonderfully full of the hard glass object. She was still enjoying that sensation of fullness when Sean brought the leather crop against her skin.

He still didn’t strike her, but went back to teasing her with it. This time he trailed it along her stomach and sides, then up her arms and along her neck. She tilted her head to one side to allow him more access.

Her mouth was open, panting and so Sean traced her fat bottom lip with the tip of the crop.

“Stick out your tongue.”

She did and he pressed the folded over bit of leather along the wet surface, flipping it over until it glistened with saliva. As she licked he said, “Let’s keep the festivities going. Your safe word is ‘Santa.’ Okay?”

Mollie nodded and then closed her mouth around the crop, sucking it deeper until it hit the back of her throat. Sean smiled, pulled it free, and then smacked her ass with the wet leather.


Sean ignored the outburst, but rubbed the spot on her ass he had recently stung.

“I don’t even need to ask. I already know how naughty you were this year.”

Mollie agreed with him, eager to say anything that would evoke more of this delicious punishment. “Yes. Yes, I was so bad. Such a naughty girl.”

Sean struck her again, on the other cheek, and Mollie stiffened her arms to keep from moving too much.

“There’s twelve days of Christmas, right? But that seems like such a small number of strikes considering how bad we both know you’ve been.”

Mollie couldn't answer because the crop met her ass several more times, fast and hard. Her whole body clenched, including her ass, rubbing the plug against her sensitive inner skin each time, making her pussy so wet she was shocked it wasn’t dripping onto the floor.

It wasn’t just the plug or the crop, but it was Sean. It always was mostly about him. The brute strength he wielded over her, the stern and serious tone of voice he only took on in the bedroom, but also his warm and reassuring presence, the pleasure he always gave. After the pain, of course.

Mollie closed her eyes and let the entire moment soak into her skin and he spoke again. “Together let’s recap the bad things you’ve done this year and then punish you accordingly. I’ll start. You let me tie you to the bedpost and use the flogger on you until you nearly passed out. Very naughty. Five strikes.” He divided the five between the halves of her ass and then said, “Your turn.”

Mollie took a gasping breath, breathing through the pain of her ass while also fighting to keep her body from exploding with pleasure. “I sent you those nasty pictures while you were on the long road trip.”

“That was bad. How many do you think that’s worth?”


“Nope, six.”

Six times the crop came down sharply on her ass. While he tried to spread them out, that almost made it worse because the stinging pain covered more inches of her skin.

“You begged me to fuck you while my mom was staying with us.”

Mollie groaned, remembering that very naughty moment that admittedly wasn’t her best. Sean’s mom had stayed with them for a week and used their bedroom while they shared the pullout couch. Three days with no sex was about as much as she could handle and eventually Sean’s body pressed against hers every night became too much of a temptation. While he was sleeping, she had crawled under the covers and found his cock with her mouth. He could never be mad about that, but he had still been reluctant to fuck her with his mother just down the hall.

So, Mollie had begged and pleaded in whispered tones and rubbed her cunt against his thigh until they were both panting and frustrated. Eventually he gave in, rolling on top of her and pressing his cock slowly into her pussy. He had had to use both hands over her mouth to keep her quiet, but it all ended well.

Now he asked, “How long did you last until you came that night?”

“Ten minutes.”

“I think you know how many you get for that, then.”

When he finished that round of ten, Mollie was sure she was going to come. There may have been no stopping it. Her ass tightening and releasing around the plug again and again, being at Sean’s mercy, it was pushing her body further past the point of pain and well into the realm of pleasure.

But she was nothing if not obedient, so she asked for his permission. “Sean…can I come, please?”

He kissed her shoulder in an incredibly sweet gesture and then nibbled the lobe of her ear. “My nasty, naughty Mollie. I haven’t even touched your pussy yet.”

“I know. Please? Please, Sean.”

He slipped the crop between her thighs, dragging it through her wetness and almost breaking her resolve to not come until he told her she could. She begged him even more. “Please, oh, please, let me come.”

He pressed the crop against her clit and held it still, using his other hand to gently tug on the base of the plug.

“Oh, God. Fuck. Please.”

“One more. Tell me one more naughty thing you did this year.”

Mollie was too busy rubbing her pussy against the crop to answer, so he took it away, smacking her ass and then her thighs until she lost count of how many times he hit her.

“One. More. Answer me.”

Mollie gasped out, “My ass. I let you do whatever you want with my ass, whenever you want to. Anything. All the time.”

He tisked. “Very naughty.”

“Yes, yes, I know. Please, Sean. Fucking please.”

He reached underneath her, his fingers stroking her clit, and Mollie nearly came, but since she still didn’t have permission, she bit her lip to distract herself.

Sean told her quietly, “Ten more. Then you’ll be done.”

His fingers stayed circling her clit, but he used his other hand to strike her with the crop again. Mollie whimpered so hard it was basically a sob. He still wasn’t going to let her come and she was going to die unsatisfied, she was sure of it.

He was halfway done when he whispered in her ear, “You can come, little elf.”

Her well-trained body wasted no time jerking and shuddering and coming against his fingers. He struck her ass and thighs with the crop again and again, far exceeding the ten he promised her. But only because she gasped and clenched with extended pleasure every time he did so. She came and came, unsure of how long and he reddened her ass even more until she finally collapsed to her elbows and sighed.

She heard the crop clatter to the floor and then he pulled her up straight, kissing her mouth for the first time that night while squeezing her hips in his palms. When he pulled away, they were both panting and Sean smiled.

“I think it’s time for my other gifts, yeah?”

Mollie nodded and let him reach between them to tug on the end of the bow around her chest. The ribbon fell away slowly, the soft fabric brushing her nipples sensually until her breasts were exposed. He quickly undid the other ribbon at her hips, unwrapping his gift and admiring it.

“Turn around.”

Mollie listened without question and then felt Sean tug her arms together behind her back. Then she felt the smooth satin encircle her wrists. With Mollie rewrapped and unable to move her arms, Sean turned her around to face him again.

He stripped off his polo and then started on his pants, watching her eyes follow the movements of his hands, watching her throat work as she swallowed down the urge to touch him, watching her raise her eyes and meet his again when he stood naked before her.

His fingers wrapped around her elbow and as he sat down on the couch, he arranged her in his lap. It was hard to get her balance without the use of her arms so Mollie had to let him have his way. He grabbed one of her hips with one hand and his cock with the other, directing the tip until it nestled under the hood of her clit.

Mollie rocked against him as best she could, hungry for the gift he was surely about give her. He grabbed her chin with his forefinger and thumb, making her meet his gaze.

“Since you were so naughty this year, should I make you beg for it? Make you get on your knees and earn it?”

A truly delicious thought if there ever was one, but Mollie didn’t have the patience at that moment. She shook her head, vehemently. She rose on her knees and wiggled until his cock came closer to her entrance, making him groan as all the wetness he had caused trickled onto the tip of him.

Her voice faint and weak she murmured, “Please, Sean. Please don’t make me wait.”

“Alright. Only because you asked like a good girl. Now fuck me.”

He held his cock steady with one hand and guided her hips forward. Mollie felt the head of his cock press inside her pussy that was spread open for him and then moaned deep in her throat as she shifted down.

Sean’s hands gripped her thighs, squeezing and kneading as he enjoyed the wet fit of her pussy surrounding him. He told her again, “Fuck me.”

And she tried to, as best she could. Without being able to brace or balance with her arms, her hips and thighs got a workout trying to lift and lower her body onto his. It was rough and awkward, a fucking with an uneven rhythm that did more to annoy him than it did to bring him closer to orgasm.

He stopped her after not too long and readjusted them, putting her feet against the couch and leaving her squatting over his cock. He held her by the waist, offering balance and aid where she needed it.

Mollie pressed the balls of her feet down and lifted, sliding back down his cock, smooth and easy. Sean sighed with pleasure.

“That’s it, baby. You got it now. Just like that.”

Mollie loved to hear his words of praise and reapplied herself to her task with renewed vigor. His hands were tight on her torso and she started bouncing freely, up and down, sending his cock deep and then shallow again.

Just like when her ass took a beating, she clenched around the plug in her ass with every upward swing on his dick. That combined with the way his thickness massaged her g-spot provided enough stimulation that Mollie was hovering on the edge of another orgasm. But she knew she could never get there just from this. And Sean knew it, too.

She looked at him with big, pleading eyes and he shook his head. “No. You don’t have permission to come, even if you could like this, which I know you can’t.”

Mollie whined and Sean released his hold on her body just long enough to smack her sore ass a few times. “You spent all year being naughty, but if you’re nice, I’ll let you come again when I’m done. But first you need to make me come, Mollie. Be a good girl and then I’ll let you come.”

His hands returned to give her balance and Mollie worked his cock as fast as she could, telling him, “I can be nice. I can be good.”

“Prove it.”

“This is nice, right? This is what good girls do?”

She swiveled her hips as she lowered and then again as she rose. She used her wet lips to circle and stimulate the sensitive strip of skin between the head of his cock and the shaft before taking him deep again.

His grip tightened around her ribs and his eyes rolled slightly. “Ugh, yes, Mollie. That’s what good girls do. That’s nice.”

She did it again, this time rolling her hips to work her pussy around that bit of skin a few extra times before thrusting down on him again. She leaned forward, kissing his cheek and then his jaw and then his upturned mouth.

“Good girls know how to make their boys come hard, yeah?”

“Oh, yeah, baby. You are, too good.”

Mollie knew he was close, could feel the ripples of his orgasm starting to shake the walls of her pussy. She nudged him with her words. “Sean…do nice girls like the taste of come?” He groaned and mumbled something unintelligible. His answer didn’t matter, so Mollie went on. “I think they do. I think good girls love that salty hotness in their mouths because I’m being a very nice girl right now, but I still wish you would have put me on my knees so I could feel you come down my throat.”

“Shit, Mollie…”

She grinned with pride and planted kisses on and around his mouth. “Next time. Will you come in my mouth as my Christmas present, please?”

That was the final straw; no man could hold back while a woman begged for him to come in her mouth. He kissed her hard, harder than he intended and she moaned softly at the rough contact. His cock twitched and he felt the sticky result of her filthy mouth drip between them.

Sean let his cock soften and slip out of her, relaxing more and more every second. But Mollie was still fired up having spent so long pleasing him without being able to come again. When his cock was free of her body, she pressed her pussy against his pelvis, trying to create any contact with her clit.

He took pity on her, pushing her hips back and to the side until she landed on the couch next to him. “Alright, alright. I promised you could come.”

With her hands still tied behind her back, Mollie just laid there with her thighs wide open and watched as he grabbed the crop from where it had been discarded on the ground. She expected him to tease her clit with the tip like he had before, but instead he stuck the handle in her gaping pussy.

Even though it was narrower than his cock it still felt incredible. Probably because it was just such a nasty, indecent thing to do with an inappropriate object. Since she was coated with his come, Sean worked the leather crop in and out of her entrance easily while she writhed and thrust her hips.

He leaned over her cunt, tonguing her clit as he fucked her with the crop. The taste of her, combined with his own leftover essence was pungent and familiar. Strange to say, but licking her pussy after they fucked always tasted like home to him.

Mollie’s orgasm exploded against his mouth and he lapped at her clit until her moans became gasps. By the time he got her hands untied, he was hard again and she was snuggling against his chest, his cock pressed against her thighs.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

Sean laughed and kissed the top of her head. “Very, very merry Christmas. Thank you for coming home.”

She turned her head to kiss his chest and then smiled at him, whispering, “I have more presents for you in the bedroom.”

Good God almighty, what else could she possibly have? He quirked an eyebrow at her and then stood, carrying her down the hall bridal style.

“Nice girls shouldn’t keep secrets.”

Mollie shrugged. “Then you should know that I was very, very naughty and bought very, very naughty things. Looks like you’ll have to teach me another lesson. Just make sure it involves me on my knees.”

He set her down and without even waiting for her to hand him the new gifts, guided her to her knees in front of him. Sean would never deny Mollie something she wanted, especially not on Christmas.


I already started another Coots story because I cannot control myself when it comes to him, BYE!


So it would be nice to have a sequel to this!

Polarvortex Polarvortex

If you decide to do these again, can you have a Braden Holtby story? Name: Kelly, Premise is that she gives him an X-rated surprise when he gets home from winning the cup in Vegas. Rough and filthy please!

hockeyyy hockeyyy

Can you write a chapter with John Tortorella and any player

Lmarina2000 Lmarina2000

damn that was hot

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

if you are still doing requests

Kris Letang Pittsburgh Penguins to this song http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/lovemelikeyoudo.html


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