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Explanations… Finally

Carey Price and Corey Crawford should have been sleeping, just like Joe told them too. Corey also should have thought about what he saying before his one Cup speech. Carey should have not tried to come back too soon from injury.

They didn't always do what they should, that's why the two were walking around the conference room when they should be in bed. They just really wanted to find out why they were sent back here and how.

Luckily no one was in the conference room when Carey and Corey entered the room. Neither were sure where to start looking, but it was obvious this had to be the work of magic. Or a time machine, which was impossible.

Though the past 20-odd events should be impossible as Carey reminded Corey.

Carey was looking on one of the computers when he heard a noise behind him, followed by cursing. Cursin he knew all too well from the many games Montreal played against Boston.

“Tuukka, be quiet. We don’t want anyone to hear us,” Henrik hissed at the Finn.
“What are you guys doing here?” Corey asked.
“We should be asking you the same question,” Corey said.
“Petr, are you sure this is a good idea?” the group heard Jonathan asked as he and Petr entered the large room.
“I guess we’re all here for the same reason, the more the merrier, just keep it down,” Carey said.

The goalies set to work trying to figure out how and why they were brought here, what they were told wasn’t enough for them. Half of them were trying to figure out how they got sent back and the other half was attempting to figure out why.

After about an hour of searching Jonathan found something he thought everyone should see. It wasn’t a paper, but a picture. In the picture showed Gordie Howe standing next to Tommy Gorman.

“Guys, I think what we were told earlier was true,” Jonathan said.
“There was a war, I mean, there’s going to be a war. I mean, uh, a war happened in October,” Carey said at the same time.
“War, what do you mean war?” Tuukka asked.
“Well, I don’t know if it was actually happened, but remember when Joe told us there was more than just our universe? Yeah, that part is true and universes didn’t so much as cross as people and players were influenced. Well, mostly just players,” Carey explained.

“There are two sides in the NHL, a war is going to happen within the next four months that leads to the end of the layers of the Infinite. Joe brought you guys back to try to prevent that from happened, as none of you agree with how the NHL is run, it was fairly easy to do. You all wanted to do something that makes the NHL a safer place for people to play, whether you were aware of it or not. There is another half of players who don’t agree with you or are just neutral and don’t have a side. The League of Evil run the NHL you play in. We brought you back to stop that from happening,” Frank explained.

“Are you in or not?” Joe asked.



All right, let's kick some ass

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Wow, that sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Thank you. I look most of it up once I get an idea

PuckLuck PuckLuck

Wow, that is awesome. You really know your hockey history.

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

*fangirls for some awkward reason*
I'm not the only one who wrote about him, omg omg omg!! 8,)
I love how you included the founder of the NHL in here, it's amazing! Enjoying this story so far, can't wait to see why Gorman brought these goalies to 1949! :)

A Shruinger A Shruinger