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Are you in?

“Are you in or not?” Joe asked.

As much as Carey wanted to say no way in hell, but what he said actually made some sense. There were guys in the league who seemed to not care about the other players. Carey wasn’t going to name names, but he could definitely think of a handful. He wasn’t going to say anything until he talked with the others though.

Jonathan really wanted to laugh in Joe’s face, except for the fact it all made sense. The time-travel part went right over his head, but the two different sides made sense to Jonathan. Even though his brain was telling him this wasn’t possible. Jonathan wasn’t going to say anything to Joe though, at least not until he talked with the others.

Tuukka was close to laughing in Joe’s face, he had to be crazy for even thinking any of this was true. Except that would also make Tuukka crazy because he was actually agreeing with Joe. He knew how some players tended to carry themselves as if they were better than everyone else. Tuukka knew he had to talk to the others.

Corey really didn’t want to admit any of this was true, but it was very possible it was. He has met enough NHL players to know some acted different. Almost as if they knew something no one else knew. Almost as if they knew the NHL was playing in their favor. Corey really needed and wanted to talk to the other goalies before they made any decisions.

Petr has heard and seen a lot of crazy things in his life, this just happened to be the craziest. Right away he wanted to laugh in this guy’s face and call him crazy. The more he thought about it though, the less crazy it seemed and it started to make sense. Petr wasn’t going to be the one to decide though, he had to talk to the others before anyone said anything.

Everything Frank just explained made sense the more Henrik thought about it. There were players he knew, some one his team, that did act as if they were better. The NHL didn’t need to change before some got killed, everyone agreed on that. He needed to to talk with the others before anyone made any rash decisions.

“Can you give us a second?” Corey was the first to speak.
“Sure, take your time,” Joe said.

Corey led the group away from the other goalies before starting, “Guys, is it just me or does this make sense?”
“It makes sense,” Carey said, “Things do need to change.”
“Yeah, before someone dies,” Henrik spoke up.
“So, this means we are going to help?” Petr asked.
“Yeah,” Jonathan said.
“We have to,” Tuukka added.

“So are you in or not?” Joe asked.

Carey looked at each one of the goalies for speaking up, “Yes, let’s go.”



All right, let's kick some ass

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Wow, that sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Thank you. I look most of it up once I get an idea

PuckLuck PuckLuck

Wow, that is awesome. You really know your hockey history.

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

*fangirls for some awkward reason*
I'm not the only one who wrote about him, omg omg omg!! 8,)
I love how you included the founder of the NHL in here, it's amazing! Enjoying this story so far, can't wait to see why Gorman brought these goalies to 1949! :)

A Shruinger A Shruinger