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After agreeing to help Carey, Jonathan, Corey, Tuukka, Petr and Henrik had to undergo extensive training. Through the two months they were training for battle each discovered their own roles on the team.

Carey and Corey were masters on the computer, as well as able to navigate anyone through any building. Petr was a magician on the field, able to be two steps in front of everyone else. He also had a knack for knowing what the person was doing before they did it, which would come in handy. Jonathan and Henrik were surprisingly good at the battle aspect, not so much the actual fighting, but defending and protecting the others. Tuukka, well Tuukka was the special case.

“Finns, never good at anything,” Henrik muttered under his breath as Tuukka almost shot Carey for the fourth time.
“Uh, can someone please take that thing away from him?” Carey asked, beginning to fear for his life.
“Is there anything you’re good at beside being a pain?” Corey jokingly asked.
“Hockey, I’m a hockey player, not a soldier!”
“So is everyone else.”

After a tenth unsuccessful attempt at teaching Tuukka everyone broke for lunch, everyone except Tuukka. He was determined to find his place on this team, he wasn’t going to let this be like Toronto. Where he was traded before he could even prove himself. He wasn’t going to disappoint his teammates, even if one of them is a Canadien.

All he was doing was messing around, it was a pure accident, but it might have helped him. He picked up a javelin and threw it down the room. Then did it again and again until he figured out where he belonged. He wasn’t good with computers or navigation, but he was able to defend someone when he needed to.

Tuukka wasn’t going be useful in command central, but he would be on the field. He was going to make sure everyone made it out alive. He was going to watch everyone’s backs while they couldn’t. Tuukka was going to protect his team.

Carey was Bruce Banner, Corey was Tony Stark, Petr was Steve Rogers, Jonathan was Thor, Henrik was Natasha Romanoff, and Tuukka was Clint Barton. They were basically the hockey avengers, and it was the greatest discovery Tuukka had.

Tuukka started out of the training room to tell everyone his discovery, when he heard a crash followed by shouting. He started down the hall to find out what happened, he just wasn’t sure he wanted to find out.



All right, let's kick some ass

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Wow, that sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

Thank you. I look most of it up once I get an idea

PuckLuck PuckLuck

Wow, that is awesome. You really know your hockey history.

Ladyfiaran Ladyfiaran

*fangirls for some awkward reason*
I'm not the only one who wrote about him, omg omg omg!! 8,)
I love how you included the founder of the NHL in here, it's amazing! Enjoying this story so far, can't wait to see why Gorman brought these goalies to 1949! :)

A Shruinger A Shruinger