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Happiness Is Overrated


Eric was living his dream; captain of a playoff contending hockey team, living life in a great city. He had even had his happiness off of the ice, even if it was stressful at times. He had friends, and he had people around him that he considered family. His team and his team mates had filled a hole that he had in his heart when he was first drafted. He honestly felt incredibly lucky, and maybe even a little blessed. He hadn't wanted for anything or anyone in years.

But life has a way of moving you past your wants and needs. It was ways of remind you that no everyone will care about you the way that you want to. Eric is about to learn that no matter how fast you run away from your past, it has the most unpleasant ways of catching up with you.


  1. Alone And Forsaken

    Their love, like the leaves, now has withered and gone.

  2. Oh, Maker

    You're here, you're near, you're there and then you're gone...


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