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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 1: Not Again

Kris was gearing up to practice for upcoming Stadium Series against the Philadelphia Flyers. He was happy to be back on the ice for the first time in a few games. He had taken a hit during the Detroit Redwings game and it caused him some neck discomfort.
"So happy Tanger back." Geno says to him.
"Thanks I am happy to be back." Kris says
"Stadium game we need you." Sid says
"I know man I know." Kris says.
Practice starts and things were going good. That was until he took a hard hit into the boards. He went down and stayed down. He was in pain.
The trainers came over to him.
"You okay?" Jasmine one of the trainers asks.
"No my neck it hurts." Kris says wincing.
"Okay let's get you up and into the locker room." Ryan the other one says.
They help him up and take him back to the locker room. There they were able to examine it closer.
"Looks a little swollen. Think you might need an MRI." Ryan says.
"After the MRI you should go are Dr. Madison Grey. She is a neurosurgeon for us but she also specializes in personal training and massage therapy. " jasmine says.
"Yes I agree. She is our best doctor." Ryan agrees.
"She works for us? I heard of her but didn't know she works for us." Kris says.
"Yeah she don't travel with the team much stays here. But she was the one who worked with Sid and the concussion doctor when he had his concussion earlier this year." Jasmine says.
"Okay." Kris says.
He figured that if she could help get Sid back on the ice she would be able to get him back as well.
They scheduled his MRI and let him leave for the day. He was bummed that he would miss the game but hoped to be back on the ice real soon.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58