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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 10: Opening Up

Kris heads to Madison's apartment. He was mad as hell that she left him and Micah and didn't tell them she was leaving and she hurt Micah. But he was also worried about. What made her run like that. He arrives and parks next to her car. So he knew she wasn't called away for an emergency. He goes inside seeing that her apartment was 2A. He head up the stairs to the second floor and goes to her door. He knocks. A few minutes later the door opens up. Madison was standing there but she looked horrible and pale.
"Oh god Maddie are you okay?" Kris says going in shutting the door behind him.
"No. What are you doing here?" Madison asks.
"I was worried about you baby. You left me and Micah and didn't even say anything. Which by the way upset Micah. He thought he drove you away." Kris says.
"Oh God no the reason why I left had nothing to do with you or Micah that was all on me." Madison says.
"What's wrong?" Kris asks.
"Oh god." Madison says before running to the kitchen sink just making it before throwing up again.
Kris rushes over to her grabbing her hair out of her face rubbing her back.
Finely Madison got everything up that was in her stomach. She felt a little bit better.
"Come on let me help you into bed baby. "Kris says.
He gently picks her up carrying her.
"Your neck." Madison says worried it would hurt him.
"Is fine." Kris says.
He gets her into the bedroom laying her gently on the bed. Madison lays there for a few minutes. Kris kicks off his shoe and slips off his jeans.
"What are you doing?" Madison asks.
"I am getting in bed with you. I am not leaving you alone." Kris says climbing in bed beside her.
"Kris you can't be here. We can't do this." Madison says as tears start to fall.
"Why not Madison? Despite you keep pushing me away I have fallen madly in love with you." Kris says.
"Don't say that." Madison says rolling over so she could face him.
"Why not baby because it's true. I love you Madison Grey." Kris says kissing her softly on the lips as he wipes her tears away.
"God Kristopher it hurts so much because I love you too but we can't be together." Madison says as more tears fall.
"Why not baby. Talk to me let me in." Kris says.
"I am no good for you and today made me realize that." Madison says.
"What do you mean?" Kris asks.
"Seeing you with Micah and how great of a father you will be. I know you will want more children and I don't know if I can give you that." Madison says.
"Damn we haven't even started officially dating yet and you are already talking babies." Kris says smirking at her trying to make her laugh.
"No we haven't officially started dating but what I feel for you and the connection we have is so strong I know it would end up there and like I said I don't know if I could give you that Kris. I don't know if I want to be a mom." Madison says.
"Baby why don't we take this slow one day at a time. If you decide you don't want kids I will respect that and love you anyway because I love you. I know that sounds crazy but the moment I saw you in your office you took my breath away and I felt something I never felt before. Not even with Liz." Kris says.
"Kristopher we cannot be together. I am damaged." Madison says.
"Baby don't say that?" Kris says kissing her head wiping the tears that were falling from her eyes away.
"It's true. Could you be with and love a rape victim? Because that is what I am. I was gang raped when I was 16 years old by a bunch of my mothers customers." Madison says.
"Jesus Maddie 16 oh god." Kris says.
"Yes they came to the house for sex with my mother who by the way was a stripper. Well my mother wasn't home she was working and my brother and sister were at a birthday sleepover so I was there. They were drunk and probably strung out. When I wouldn't willingly put out they took turns holding me down and took turns raping me until my mom came home and ran them out." Madison says.
"Oh my god baby I am so sorry. I know you had to be scared and god 16. But I do not see you as a victim baby. I see you as a survivor." Kris says.
"It took me a long time and a lot of therapy to fully heal from it. And I could never trust anyone completely for a while." Madison says.
"Baby you can trust me. I would never ever force myself on you. I would never hurt you baby I love you." Kris says.
"I love you too Kris but there is more you don't know about me." Madison says.
"Talk to me baby let me in." Kris says.
"I don't do normal relationships. I don't make love and I don't fall asleep with the guys I do let into my bed. I like complete control during sex and I don't like making a connection with them. I also like to use things." Madison says.
"So basically you like your men submissive to you. And you like to use whips and stuff like that right?" Kris asks.
"Yeah like I said we can't make it work.." Madison says.
"Why not? I am willing to try your way of a relationship if you are willing to try mine." Kris says.
"Really?" Madison asks shocked.
"Yes really baby I am willing to be submissive to you in bed from time to time if you let me make love to you every once in awhile and sleep in the same bed as me." Kris says.
"Are you sure." Madison says.
"Yes like I said I love you baby so will you please be my girlfriend." Kris says.
"Yes Kristopher I will be your girlfriend and I will try your way." Madison says.
"Thank god." Kris says kissing her.
"mmmm." Madison moans against his lips.
"God baby I want you." Kris moans.
"Take me Kristopher because I want you too." Madison says.
"God Maddie." Kris moans as they both all but rip the remaining clothes off each other.
"Do you want control baby?" Kris asks her.

"No baby I am going to see if I can handle letting you have control." Madison says.
"Okay if you want me to stop say so okay." Kris says.
"I will." Madison says.
Kris pushes inside of her and started to move slowly inside of her. He moves them so they were side by side. Every inch of their skin was touching.
Kris links his fingers with hers looking deep in her eyes as he moves slowly.
"Kristopher oh Kristopher. "Madison moans.
She didn't know she could feel like this. She was in sensation overload.
"Feels good don't it baby. I have always wanted to try this position with someone but never found the right one until you." Kris moans.
"God baby." Madison moans.
Kris kept moving slowly in and out of her driving them both to release.
"Maddie baby. "Kris moans as he cums inside her.
"Kris." Madison moans cumming with him.
They ride it out kissing and touching all over each other. They make love a few more times before Madison's eyes start to get droopy. Kris pulls out and gets up.
"Where are you going?" Madison asks.
"Shhh baby I am coming right back." Kris says kissing her head.
He goes to her bathroom finding a wash clothe wetting it then goes and washes the left over of their releases off of her.
He discards it in her hamper and then comes and climbs back in bed with her. Madison curls up against his chest. Kris kisses her head as he covers them with a blanket.
They both fall asleep.


"Where are you going?" Madison asks.
"I have to go home baby. Sid is watching Micah for me and I have to be there when he gets up." Kris says kissing her head.
He had finished dressing.
"Can I come with you?" Madison asks.
"Are you ready for that baby? Not that I don't want you with me baby but I don't want to push you into something your not ready for." Kris says.
"I want to wake up next to you baby. I said I would try your way and I want to." Madison says.
"Okay baby then yeah come on." Kris says.
Madison gets up and packs a bag. She put a few changes of clothes in it. She grabs the rest of what she would need as well throwing it in.
"Okay let's go." Madison says.
They head to Kris's truck. They get in and head to Kris's house. Kris parks and they both head inside quietly.
Sid was sleeping on the couch with Micah laying on his chest.
"Awww." Madison says softly.
"He loves his Uncle Sid." Kris says covering them with a blanket.
"Oh your back." Sid says quietly not wanting to disturb Micah.
"Want me to take him back to bed?" Kris asks.
"Nope I like bonding with my godson. He can sleep here." Sid says.
"Okay. What happened?" Kris asks.
"He had a bad dream so I bought him out here to watch the mighty ducks and he fell asleep on me. I guess I fell asleep too." Sid says.
"Thanks for watching him." Kris says.
"I told him you had to go check on Miss Maddie. He was happy to know you checked on her." Sid says.
"Yeah I did." Kris says.
"So I take it things worked out." Sid says.
"Yeah we straightened everything out. I know you met her before but let me introduce you to my girlfriend Dr. Madison Grey. And Madison let me introduce you to one of my best friends Sidney Crosby." Kris says.
"Nice to meet you." Madison says.
"Feeling is mutual. Now you two should get some rest." Sid says.
"Yeah you to and thanks again Sid." Kris says.
"Anytime you know that I always got your back just like I know you always have mine." Sid says.
They say goodnight and Kris and Madison head up to his room. They strip out of their clothes and climb into Kris's bed. Madison curls up against him laying her head on his chest. Kris kisses her head as he covers them with a blanket.
"Night Maddie baby." Kris says.
"Night Kristopher." Madison says.
They both fall asleep.

So love me like you do, la-la-love me like you do
Love me like you do, la-la-love me like you do
Touch me like you do, ta-ta-touch me like you do
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Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

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Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

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So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

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