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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 14: Pain in the Neck

It has been a few weeks since Kris had been on the ice with the other injured players. Things were going well he had no pain and with the way things were going with Madison he had no tension or knots either. Kris had just joined them for their morning skate. He was doing really well. Madison was on the sidelines watching closely. She hoped that in a few days or so he could join the other players in non contact and maybe be back for the end of the season if not then by the playoffs definitely.
Kris was skating when all of a sudden he got a sharp pain shooting through his neck. It hurt so bad he ended up sliding to the ice holding his neck.
"Kris." Madison yells running out to him.
"Oh god Maddie it hurts it hurts it fucking hurts." Kris says.
"Okay baby I get that on a level of 1-10 how is the pain?" Madison asks she needed to know.
"A 15." Kris says.
"God okay we need to get you off the ice. I need a little help over here." Madison yells.
Sid who hadn't gone out to practice yet comes running to her.
"What's wrong?" Sid asks.
"He is in pain and I need help moving him." Madison says.
"Okay I will help." Sid says.
"Need extra hand?" Geno asks skating over.
"Yes. Be careful and avoid his neck." Madison says.
With the help of Geno and Sid she was able to get Kris up and off the ice. They take him back to the training room and sit him down gently on the bench.
"Baby I am going to give you something for the pain okay." Madison says grabbing her bag.
"God okay." Kris says he was all but in tears with how bad the pain is.
Sid and Geno were standing there with him. They knew that if he was almost in tears the pain was bad.
Madison gives him a shot of low grade morphine to ease the pain.
"How is that baby?" Madison asks him.
"Better its now a 7-8." Kris says.
"Can you guys help me get him to my car? I am taking him to the Hospital and having a stat MRI done. I am going to call in favors to get him one asap." Madison says.
"Sure we can help you." Sid says.
"Yes will help." Geno says.
They help Madison get Kris out to the car and inside.
"Thanks guys." Madison says.
"Sure thing Text me if you need anything and let me know how he is." Sid says.
"Will do." Madison says.
She puts the car into park and heads to the hospital. They get him registered and they take him back to be seen. Madison talks to the ER doc who was overseeing Kris's care giving him the recent history.
"Thank you baby." Kris says.
"You are welcome. Now lets find out what is causing this pain." Madison says squeezing his hand.
That was when Madison collapsed on to the floor.

"Maddie." Kris says. He couldn't move so he hit the call button. The nurse came and got another stretcher. Her and tech got Madison onto it.
"Can she stay in here with me. Please that is my girlfriend." Kris says.
"Sure okay." The nurse says.
They started an IV in Madison's arm. She looked so pale. Kris was worried about her.
The nurse took some blood work from her. Madison was still out.
"Once the fluids kick in she should wake." The nurse says to Kris leaving to have the labs run on Madison and check what was taking MRI so long.

Madison opens her eyes. She starts to panic not knowing where she was.
"It's okay baby you fainted so they put you on a stretcher next to me." Kris says.
"I must have been dehydrated or something." Madison says.
"Yeah they gave you an IV with fluids." Kris says.
"Good. Have you had the MRI yet?" Madison asks.
"Nope but I am next in line." Kris says.
"Good." Madison says.
A few minutes later they take Kris down to MRI. Madison was happy. That was when the nurse came in.
"Dr. Grey we ran some tests on you when you fainted. We got the results back." She says.
"Okay what is it?" Madison asks.
"You are pregnant." She says smiling at her.
"Wait what?" Madison asks not believing she heard her right.
"You are pregnant. They are going to do a sonogram to see how far along." The nurse says as the tech comes in with the machine. They put some gel on the wand and the tech rolls it across her belly.
"You are about 7 weeks pregnant." The tech says.
He prints out a copy for her.
Madison did the math it added up to the first time her and Kris slept together at his house after the game. She asked the nurse not to say anything she wanted to tell Kris.
They wheel Kris back in to the room.
"How did it go?" Madison asks.
"Okay. Just want to know what the results are." Kris says.
"Soon baby soon. I will look them over with the ER doc he already told me he was consulting me on your case." MAdison says getting off the stretcher.
"Are you okay?" Kris asks.
"Yeah I just need to make sure I drink." Madison says taking the IV out.

An little bit later the doctor brings the MRI results back into the room. He puts them onto the wall and turns on the light. Madison goes and stands with him looking it over. Madison shakes her head.
"What?" Kris asks.
"Sorry baby but despite our best efforts the herniated disc is only getting worse. You will need surgery." Madison says.
"Son of a bitch." Kris says knowing that was the end of the season for him.
"Sorry. It's a 4-6 recovery time so we want to schedule it as soon as we can." Madison says.
"Okay." Kris says defeated.
"Hey don't do that. It will be okay. I will be by your side the whole time okay. I do these surgeries all the time and I will be the one to perform this one." Madison says squeezing his hand.
"Question can I schedule the surgery for after the last road trip. I want to go with them one last time this season since I won't be there for the playoffs." Kris asks.
"Okay but I am going with you on the road. I will order for you to get a cortisone shot. That will help the pain until surgery." Madison says.
"Thanks baby you don't know how much it means to me for you to let me do this." Kris says.
"I know how much it means to you." Madison says.
They give Kris the shot and then discharge him into Madison's care. They did write for some pain medicine to just in case.
Madison drives them home. She then calls Coach Sullivan to tell him what was going on while Kris rested.
They scheduled a press release the following day to make the announcement. It was also the Penguins last home game of the season. Madison made them a quick dinner and they ate and then went to sleep not long after.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

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Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

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So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

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