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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 15: Press Release

The next day Madison and Kris arrived at the arena. He had a lot of things going on but the most importnant thing was the press release announcing his injury and that he would be having surgery. Kris was bummed but knew it was the best. He had the surgery scheduled for Thrusday April 13. It was also the last home game of the season and fan appreciation night. They had a little time before the press release so Kris went to clean out his locker since he was done for the year.
"Man we are going to miss you." Sid says as he helped Kris.
"I know man but the quicker I get this done the quicker I will be back out on the ice." Kris says.
"This true." Geno says.
They help him put the stuff in a box and take it out to his car. They were heading back into the arena when he heard
"Daddy." As Micah runs up to him.
"Hey buddy." Kris says.
Sid picked Micah up and handed him to Kris. Micah hugged him tight. Liz walks up.
"Figured you could use some moral supprot." Liz says hugging him gently kissing his cheek.
"Thanks Liz." Kris says.
They head inside.
"Okay buddy Daddy has to go speak okay. Go with Uncle Sid." Kris says handing him back to Sid.
Madison walks over.
"I was wondering where you were." She says.
"Sid and G helped me empty my locker and take the box to the car. Liz and Micah showed up as we were walking in for moral support.
"Good I am glad." Madison says smiling.
"Hi Ms. Maddie. Are you going to fix daddy's boo boo?" Micah asks.
"Yes I am. " Madison says.
"Good please fix it soon." Micah says.
Kris went to go up to the podium. Madison moved off to the side. She was standing at the steps so she would be there to hug him when he came off after. She put her hands in her pocket and that was when she felt the sonogram pic. She sits down on the steps looking at it. Tears started to come.

A few minutes later she felt Liz sit down next to her.
"You okay Madison?" Liz asks.
"No. I am pregnant and I haven't even told Kris yet. I don't know if I am going to keep it." Madison says.
"Why not you would make a great mom." Liz says.
"No I don't think I would. I have been through a lot. I was gang raped when I was 16 years old. They brutally attacked me and did some damage." Madison says crying.
"Oh god Madison I am sorry that is horrible." Liz say putting her hand on her back for comfort.
"Yes I know you probably don't want to hear this but that is why I wouldn't let Kris go down on me our first night together. He started I stopped him. I was ashamed if he saw what they did that he wouldn't want to be with me." Madison says.
"Madison just because Kris and I are divorced doesn't mean I don't love him. I do very much one he is the father of my son and two he is my best friend. I am so glad that when our marriage went to hell it didn't come between that. And he cares about you I see it when he looks at you he loves you. And you must be one hell of a woman because my son adores you too. He talks about you all the time and how you make his dad happy. I don't mind you talking to me about anything. I hope we can be friends since you will be a huge part of Kris and therefore Micah's life." LIz says.
"Thanks." Madison says.
"Now have a little faith in Kris. He isn't a jerk despite his good looks. He has a heart of gold and loves unconditionally. He can be stubborn and pig headed but he when he loves he loves with his whole heart and Madison he is in love with you. So talk to him let him. Tell him about the baby and make the decision together as a couple. Trust me no matter what you decide Kris will stand by you because that is the type of man he is. Learn from my mistake." Liz says.
"What do you mean?" Madison says.
"I was pregnant right as our marriage was coming undone at the seams. It was a girl well 4 months in I lost the baby. I never told Kris because he was on the road constantly at the time I found out. He was there the night I lost the baby. That is how he found out when I misscarried. It about near destroyed him. I thought we would never recover. Our marriage didn't but somehow oure friendship did." LIz says.
"But the thing is I don't know if I can carry to term because of the rape." Madison says.
"Honey if god blessed you with this baby he will bless you fully. Don't give up on him or her and don't shut Kris out. You both need to be celebrating this blessing together. Oh and I have proof that you will make one hell of a mother. " LIz says pulling out her cell phone.
She opens the picture of Micah sleeping on Madison's chest with Madison cradling him in her arms.
"How did you get that?" Madison asks.
"Kris sent it to me because he wanted me to know the kind of woman who was being put into Micah's life. He had a bad dream and you held him and sung to him like he was yours. You comforted him and protected him. That is a mother. So yes Madison you will make one hell of a mom and I hope if you and Kris get married. Because then I know you will be one hell of a Step Mother." Liz says.
"Thank you Liz." Madison says smiling.
"Anytime. I really hope we can become friends." Liz says as they both stand the presser was almost over.
"Me too." Madison says as they hug.
Micah comes running over to Madison and she picks him up. He snuggles to her kissing her.
"I love you Ms Maddie. Now you can stop crying." Micah says.
"I love you too Micah." Madison says kissing his head.
She sits him down. He grabs both his moms hand and Madisons and waits for Kris to come off stage.
Madison looks over at Liz she smiles at her and mouths "Thank you for our talk. I am keeping our baby."

LIz nods smiling back. Madison was happy and she couldn't wait to tell Kris the news. She just hoped that he was happy and that it would help ease the sting of having surgery and not playing in the playoffs.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

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Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

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So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

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ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

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