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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 16: Fan Appreciation Night

It was fan appreciation night for the last home game of the regular season. Madison was happy to be at the game. Kris had to be up in the media booth but they were down watching prerace.
Liz and Micah stayed for the game. They each got a scratch off ticket to scratch off. Madison won the jersey off Kris's back and Micah won the jersey off Sid's.
Kris was in the locker room with the guys.
"Okay guys lets go out there and play the game just to play the game." Sid says.
"Hell Yeah." Geno says.
"Last year we did it for Duper this year let's go do it for Tanger." Phil says.
They all got ready to head out onto the ice.
"Good luck guys I will see you after the game. I will be traveling with you one last time. "Kris says.
"Madison coming with us?" Sid asks.
"Yeah that is the only way she allowed me to go." Kris says.
They guys head out onto the ice. Kris goes to head up to the media booth. He sees Liz, Micah and Madison standing there.
"Hey guys I will see you after the game." Kris says hugging Micah and kissing Madison.
"Okay baby I have to talk to you later its important ." Madison says in his ear.
Kris nods at her he then heads up to the booth. Madison, Micah and Liz go to turn their ticket in to get instructions on where to go after the game to receive their jerseys. They then head to their seats to watch the game.

The game ended and Madison took Micah down so that they could receive their jerseys. They went through in numerical order. Finely it was Madison's turn to walk out. She does and a few minutes later Kris walks out with his jersey. He smiles when he sees her.
"Well aren't you a lucky lady." Kris says.
"I sure am. That guy who wears No. 58 is pretty darn sexy and he just happens to be my favorite." Madison says smirking at him.
"I am glad you won it." Kris says.
"My first official jersey." Madison says.
"When we walk off the ice come to the locker room with me so we can get ready to leave." Kris says.
"Can't have to escort Micah on the ice he won Sid's jersey." Madison says.
"Oh I am sure he loves that." Kris says smiling.

He hands her the jersey hugs her and they take a picture and then they both walk off the ice.
Madison waited down with Micah for his turn. He was excited to be getting Uncle Sid's jersey. It was his turn. Madison was able to walk out with him. A few minutes later Sid comes out and smiles seeing it was Micah getting his jersey. Sid picks Micah up handing him the Jersey.
"Thanks Uncle Sid." Micah says.
"No problem buddy." Sid says.
"Ewwww its all wet." Micah says.
Sid laughs as they snap the picture.
"Come on guys you can come to the locker room with me." Sid says.
They head off the ice with Sid.
"daddy I won Uncle Sid's jersey." Micah says as Sid hands Kris him know he couldn't pick him up from the ground.
"I see that." Kris says kissing Micah.
"Let me autograph it Micah and you can hang it in a frame in your room." Sid says,.
"Okay Uncle Sid." Micah says.
He autographs it letting the signature dry first before handing it to Kris.
A few minutes later Liz comes to get Micah.
"Oh Kris I have to go to Montreal for some business so me and Micah will be at the Toronto game." Liz says.
"Okay awesome." Kris says.
They pack up their stuff and head to the bus to go to the airport. Madison had a bagged packed for her and Kris.
Normally they didn't let the guys room with anyone other than the other guys but they were making an exception on this trip. Kris and Madison were sharing a room with Sid because Kris was under Madison's care with his injury. They get on the bus and to the airport. They get onto the plane. Kris and Madison were sitting together with Sid and Marc-Andre across in the same section on the other side.
"So Madison first time traveling with the guys to a game. Being the only girl can you handle it." Phil asks.
"I think I can handle it." Madison says.
"I don't know us hockey players can get pretty unruly." Conor says.
"I have a black belt in martial arts think I can handle a few unruly hockey players." Madison says.
"Damn told you." Geno says laughing.
"Don't mind my teammates they took to many sticks to the head." Kris says.
"Well in that case I am just the right person to fix that." Madison says.
"I like her Kris she has spunk. Glad you found someone good." Carl says.
"Thanks." Kris says.
They all settled down for a nap during the short plane ride to jersey. Madison lays her head on his shoulder as he covers them with a blanket.
"Oh what did you have to tell me?" Kris asks.
"No there baby it is private." Madison says.
"OKay when we get to the hotel." Kris says.
They fall asleep until they land. They gather their stuff and get off the plane and are headed to the hotel.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

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Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

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