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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 6: Second Session

Kris arrived at the training facility a little early again. He wasn't supposed to be there until 9:30 but he wanted to see Madison. He even stopped and got Denny's. He found out through someone that was her weakness. He figured they could eat before their session. He heads up to her office. Her assistant was seated at the desk.
"Hello Mister Letang. Let me see if Dr. Grey is in." She says.
Kris sits and waits. A few minutes later the assitant walks over to him.
"Dr. Grey will see you now." She says.
"Thanks." Kris says.
He heads back to her office.
"Hello Maddie." Kris says.
"Hello Kristopher." Madison says turning around facing him
Kris lost his breath for a moment. She looked so beautiful in her dress and lab coat/
"Damn you are so beautiful." Kris says.
"Flatery will not get you far." Madison says.
"I brought Denny's." Kris says.
"Oh Tanger you play dirty." Madison says.
He sits the bag on the desk and sorts out the food and they eat. He loved this having breakfast with her. Just being near her.
"I hope you liked it." Kris says.
"I did thank you. Now we need to get ready for your next session." Madison says.
"Yeah I will go down and change. Meet you in the exercise room in 20 mins." Kris says.
"Sounds like a plan." Madison says.

Kris heads down and changes into his workout clothes. He then goes into the exercise room and starts stretching. A few minutes later Madison comes in wearing her work out clothes.
Kris finished stretching.
"Okay what do you want me to do now?" Kris.
"Tread mill 30 minutes work your way into a jog." Madison says.
Kris gets on the tread mill and starts out at a walk building it up till he was jogging. Madison was beside him running on the one next to him. Once the 30 minute were up Kris got into eliptical. He increases the the incline every few minutes getting harder before letting it go back down slowly.
"Damn that felt good." Kris says afterwards.
"How does the neck feel?" Madison asks.
"Good." Kris says.
"That is good. Now sauna." Madison says.
"Come with me." Kris says.
"I have to get the massage room ready." Madison says.
"Okay." Kris says a little bummed.
He heads into the suana room stripping out of his clothes. He then wraps the towel around his waist and sits down on the bench. He starts to relax thinking about what was coming next. He couldn't wait to feel Madison's hands on him massaging him. When the timer goes off he grabs his clothes and heads to the massage room.
"Get comfortable Kris and I will be out in a few minutes." Madison says.
Kris gets on the table laying face down putting the sheet over him.
"Ready." Madison asks coming out.
"Yeah." Kris says.
Madison starts to massage in between his shoulders. There wasnt as many knots as the first time but there were some still there.
"You really need to work on the tension." Madion says.
"I know. God Maddie." Kris moans.
"feel good." Madion asks trying not to moan herself.
"God yes you are really good with your hands baby." Kris says.
Madison worked her way up to his neck. She gently worked out the kinks and knots. Finely she had them all out and felt he was good for now so she stopped.
"That should do it for now. But you really need to find away to relieve the tension." Madison says.
"I think I have an idea." Kris says getting off the table.
He walks towards Madison all but backing her into the wall.
"What is that?" Madison asks.
"Go out on a date with me." Kris says.
"I told you I don't date patients." Madison says.
"Make an exception baby because I know darn right well that you are attracted to me just like I am attracted to you." Kris says.
"Well yes but still I don't date patients. IF something goes wrong it could afffect your care and I want you to fully recover from this injury." Madison says.
It was getting harder to think rationally because he was standing there in front of her looking like the sex got he is sweaty and in nothing but a towel.
"Please come over to my house tomorrow for dinner and watch the game with me." Kris says.
"I don't date patients." Madison says.
"Are you telling me that you aren't feeling something. I bet you any amount of money that your panties are soaked." Kris says as he reaches down her capris running his finger up and down her slit.
"Tanger." MAdison moans it felt so good.
"Yup just like I thought soak and wet." Kris says pulling his hand out of them licking his finger.
"God I can't do this it might end." Madison starts.

"Shup up Maddie." Kris say pulling her to him crushing her mouth with his.
"mmm." Madison moans against his lips opening hers for him.
Kris explores every inch of her mouth with his tongue as they both fight from control of the kiss.
His towel falls off his waist exposing him. As he deepens the kiss his rock hard cock brushes up against her. They finely come up for air.
"Come to my house for dinner tomorrow let me cook for you and watch the game with me." Kris says leaning his head against hers looking into her eyes.
"Okay Kris I will come over to your house for dinner and the game." Madison says giving in.
"You won't regret it baby." Kris says kissing her on her forehead.
"I hope not." Madison says.
"You won't and I will see you tomorrow." Kris says picking up the towel strutting across to the locker room.

Madison cleans up and then heads to change. What did she just get herself into. She just prayed that things worked out and didn't end badly.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58