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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 7: First date

After leaving the training facility Kris headed to the store to buy some things to make for dinner. He was happy that he finely broke Maddie down to agree to come over for dinner so he wanted to make sure he made something good. He picked up some fresh boneless chicken breasts, breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese to make chicken parmesan. He also got some onions, mushrooms, green peppers, fresh garlic and tomatoes to make his Mom's famous homemade sauce. He grabbed a box of spaghetti noodles a bottle of parmesan cheese, a bag of French bread some garlic powder and a bottle of wine. He also picked up some veggies to make a salad and ranch salad dressing. As he was going to check out he saw they had flowers so he bought her a dozen and a half of pink carnations. He went to check out. Once he paid for everything he headed home to start making the food. He made the sauce first and while that was simmering he started to bread the chicken placing it in a pan. One the sauce was done he put some over each piece of chicken and then sprinkled some mozzarella cheese over each one as well. He put that in the oven and started to boil the noodles. Then he started to chop the veggies to make the salad. Once he had the salad made he sprinkled a little of the mozzarella cheese into it. He put it in the fridge so it would stay cold and fresh. He then placed a few pieces of the French bread in another pan. He buttered each piece before sprinkling some garlic powder on them. Once the chicken was done he took that out to cool and put the bread in. The noodles finished and he drained them and then added some sauce mixing it up. One he had everything ready he set the table and placed the food on it along with the plates and silverware. He put her flowers in a vase and set it in the middle of the table along with the bottle of wine which was on ice. He got out two wine glasses.
"Okay this looks good. Now to get ready. She will be here in 45 minutes." Kris thinks to himself.
He heads up to shower and get dressed. He slicked back his hair and then put on a pair of jeans and a nice dress shirt. He did a once over and then headed down to finish the table. He lit two candles and turned the TV on to the channel the game would be on.
A few minutes later his doorbell rang. He opens it finding Madison standing there.
"I know I am a few minutes earlier but I hate being late." Madison says.
"It's okay." Kris says kissing her on the cheek.
"Damn something smells so good. And I am starving." Madison says.
"Good come in and lets head to eat." Kris says moving over so she could enter.
That was when he noticed her Penguins shirt had his name on the back.
"I like your shirt." Kris says smirking as he shut the door.
"Figured you would." MAdison says.
"With how long it took me to get you here I would have never pegged you to be a fan." Kris says.
"Well what can I say I like what I see." Madison says.
"I am glad. Now lets eat because I am hungry." Kris says.
"Wow that looks and smells amazing Kristopher." Madison says seeing the food spread out on the table.
"Thanks my mom taught me how to cook." Kris says helping her to her chair pushing her in.
"Well it looks good." Madison says as he sits down.
"Dig in." Kris says.
They each take a piece of chicken and some noodles. They then add a little bit more sauce to each before sprinkling it with parmesan cheese. They put some salad in their salad bowls and add the dressing. Kris pours them each a bottle of wine.
Madison takes a bite of the food and then says "Oh my god it tastes as good as it smells."
"Thanks. The sauce is my mothers homemade recipe." Kris says.
"Well it's good." Madison says.
They eat and enjoy each others company. Once they finished Madison helped Kris clean up and put the leftovers away and load the dishwasher.
"The flowers are for you." Kris says to her.
"Thank you Kristopher. Carnations are my favorite flower and pink is my favorite color." Madison says.
"I am glad." Kris says.
"So we going to watch the game in here or where?" Madison asks.
"Since we are done eating we can go into the game room and watch it. Bigger TV and comfortable couch." Kris replies.
"Lead the way." Madison says.
Kris lead her to the game room. They both sit on the couch as Kris turns on the game. Coverage had just started. They watch pregame.
"Damn." Kris says.
"You miss being out there don't you." Madison asks.
"Yes I do. Hockey is my life and without it I feel empty. I miss the skating, the game and most of all I miss being there with my teammates. They are like my second family." Kris says.
"Well I hope to help you get through this injury and back out onto the ice." Madison says.
"I know." Kris says as they national anthem starts. They were playing the Bluejackets in Columbia.
The game starts and right away they started getting physical with the penguins. Halfway through the first period Sid got a high stick in the face.
"Son of a fucking bitch. How the fuck did the ref not call that." Kris yells at the TV.
"I know is he fucking blind?" Madison yells too.
"Are you fucking kidding me how the actual fuck did the penalize Sid for that shit." Kris yells.
"Bullshit." Madison says.
The Penguins did all they could to kill the power play but with a few seconds left the bluejackets scored.
Kris cursed some more and so did Madison. The second period started after the intermission and it was going the same way as the first. The Penguins tied it up with a nice wrist shot by Sid set up by Geno.
"Thank god. Nice shot Captain." Kris says.
Madison was happy.
After that goal no one else scored. They had the second intermission and then the third period went by with no one scoring as well.
"Free hockey." Madison says.
"Yeah but lets hope we can score." Kris says.
The overtime three on three hockey starts. It was Sid, Geno and Phil playing. Kris started to get upset because he should be there. If he was he would be on the ice instead of Phil. Madison felt him get a little tense and knew he was upset so she leaned in a little closer trying to comfort him. Kris puts his arm around her pulling her closer to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder. The wine she was still drinking was having a good effect on her.
The overtime period ended still tied so it would be a shootout.
"Come on guys." Kris says.
"Come on Pens." Madison says.
It would be Geno, Sid and Phil shooting for them.
Geno goes first getting his goal in.
"Yes." Kris says.
The Bluejacket player goes and scores too. Sid was next for Pens he goes and misses.
"Fuck." Kris says.
The blue jacket player shoots and scores. It was all up to Phil to keep them in it. Phil goes down and misses.
"God Damnit." Kris says slapping his knees with his hands.
The Penguins ended up loosing.
"It's okay Kris." Madison says.
"No it's not. I should be there. That should have been me out there instead of Phil. I could have made that shot. And I can't even be there to support my teammates." Kris says turning off the TV before throwing the remote on the table.
"Kristopher you are injured. You need to heal first or you would be no good to your teammates if you got hurt worse." Madison says putting her hand over his on his knee.
She gently squeezes his hand. Kris looks over at her and she could see the wounded look in his eyes. It damn near killed her. That was when she saw tears starting to form in his eyes.
"I should be there. "Kris says softly his voice breaking.
One of those tears started to fall.
"Oh Kristopher." Madison says leaning in placing a soft kiss on his lips.
She would do anything at that moment to make him feel better. She never experienced a man so vulnerable.
Kris kisses back putting his hands on each side of her cheeks. Madison parts her lips slightly. Kris deepens the kiss exploring her mouth with his tongue.
"Mmm." Kris moans deep in his throat.
"Mmm." Madison moans too.
"God Maddie." Kris says once they both come up for air.
"You are a good kisser Letang." Madison says.
"So are you Dr. Grey." Kris replies.
Madison's head was fuzzy not just because of the wine but because of that kiss. She looks deep into his eyes and sees a bunch of emotion swirling in them.
Kris leans in kissing her again pulling her all but into his lap. His hands roam up the back of her shirt setting her skin on fire.
"God Kristopher take me to bed." Madison moans when he let her up for air again.
"God baby are you sure?" Kris asks.
"God yes." Madison says she wanted him so bad.
Kris picks her up carrying her up to his bedroom. He sits her on her feet closing the door. Once the door was closed Madison pushes him up against it.
"Maddie." Kris moans.
"I want you and I am going to take you." Madison says.
"I want you too." Kris says.
She starts to unbutton his dress shirt placing soft kisses along his chest with each one she does.
"Fuck." Kris moans.
Once she gets the buttons undone she slowly pulls it down his arms and off throwing it to the floor.
"You have the most amazing body Kristopher." Madison says running her nails lightly down his chest to the band of his jeans.
"Thanks Maddie oh god." Kris moans as she pops open the button and pulls the zipper down running her finger up his happy trail.
She works the jeans down his hips kissing his stomach with light fluttery kisses as she does. Kris just moans.
She then works his boxer briefs down as well freeing his rock hard cock. Madison licks her lips. She places soft kisses on his stomach again before running her tongue down his happy trail. She places soft kisses on each thigh before slowly taking his cock into her mouth.
"Fuck Maddie." Kris moans running his fingers through her hair.
She sucks him in nice and slow running her tongue along the underside of his shaft. She looks up locking eyes with him. She keeps sucking him in and out of her mouth slowly.
"Fuck Maddie that's it suck my dick baby." Kris moans gently pulling her hair as he starts to thrust.
Madison kept going slowly torturing him bringing him to the verge of cumming.
"God baby I am going to cum." Kris moans he didn't know what she wanted.
Maddie gently starts to play with his balls never taking her eyes off him.
"Maddie oh god." Kris moans as he cums hard down her throat.
Madison swallows every drop before slowly licking him clean. She then slowly works her way back up his body pulling him in for a kiss. She explores every inch of his mouth with her tongue letting him taste himself on her lips and tongue. Kris slowly backs her towards the bed. He breaks the kiss long enough to pull her shirt over her head tossing it.
"Jesus Maddie that bra." Kris moans seeing it.
He pulls one strap down kissing her shoulder as he does. Then kisses the other as he pulls that strap down. He sucks and licks the tops of each breast peaking out from the cup. He pulls the cups down taking one in his mouth running a circle around her nipple with his tongue before sucking on it gently nibbling on it bringing it to a peak.
"Kristopher." Madison moans running her fingers in his hair.
Kris moves to the other breast doing the same thing. He slowly unclasps the bra pulling it off tossing it aside as well. He then kisses softly down her stomach to the band of her jeans.
He uses his teeth to pop open the button lightly nibbling on her belly as he slowly inches them down her hips and legs. Madison steps out of them kicking off her shoes.
"God baby those panties. God so wet." Kris moans running his mouth over her pussy smelling her juices.
He then slowly works them down over her hips and down her legs. Madison kicks them off. He then slowly kisses his way up her legs placing a kiss on each thigh. He blows cool breath across her mound as she slowly spreads her legs. He runs his tongue up and down her slit before pushing inside starting to fuck her with his tongue.
Not long after he started Madison gently pulls his hair pulling him away from her.
"Fuck me Tanger." Madison says all but begging him.
"God okay baby." Kris says kissing his way up her body. He picks her up kissing her letting her taste her on his lips and tongue and gently lays her down on the bed.
"God please Kristopher I need you inside me now." Madison moans.
"God baby." Kris moans as he gently pushes inside her.
"God yes." Madison moans as he starts to thrust gently at first.
He wanted to go slow letting her adjust to his size. She was so tight and wet.
"Jesus Maddie you feel so good. Like a glove." Kris moans.
"God fuck me Tanger hard and fast." Madison moans digging her nails into his back.
Kris moves a little harder and faster. Madison wraps her legs around his waist letting him go deeper inside her.
Maddie oh god." Kris moans going even harder.
"Tanger god that's it." Madison moans as he stretched her even further.
She throws her head back arching into him. It felt so good.
"God baby I am not going to last." Kris moans
"Cum baby let me feel it." Madison monas.
"Maddie sweet Maddie." Kris moans looking deep into her eyes as he cums hard deep inside her.
"Kristopher oh god." Madison moans shuttering as her orgasm rushes through her.
She cums with him feeling him coat her insides. She just moans as her body shutters from the pleasure.
Kris kisses her gently on the lips and then the jaw and neck as they ride it out.
"God Kris again I need you again." Madison moans.
She just wanted to feel that good again and not think about anything.
"Okay Maddie but this time it will be nice and slow." Kris says.
"Please." Madison begs.
Kris starts to move again inside her taking it nice and slow.
"Maddie god." Kris moans loving being inside her.
"Kristopher god." Madison moans as he slowly builds her up.
"So close." Madison moans.
"Cum baby." Kris moans.
"Kris." Madison moans as she cums.
"That's it baby milk my release." Kris moans as he cums again inside her.
They make love a few more times before Madison's eyelashes started to flutter. Kris gets up.
"Where are you going?" Madison asks sleepily.
"Shhh baby I will be back." Kris says kissing her softly on the lips.
He goes into the bathroom grabbing a wash cloth wetting it with warm water. He then comes over and gently wipes her down cleaning her.
He goes and tosses the rag in the hamper and then climbs into bed beside her. She curls up to him laying her head on his chest. Kris pulls the blanket up over them kissing her head as they both fall asleep.

A few hours later Madison wakes up and at first starts to freak out. She didn't know where she was. That was when she realized she was laying on Kris's chest. She never fell asleep with a man after sex. She slowly gets up without waking him. She dresses as best as she could in the dark. She slips on her shoes and starts to head to the door. She turns and looks back at Kris. A part of her wanted to crawl back into bed with him and back to sleep wrapped in his arms but she walked out the door. She wasn't good for him and she didn't want to break his heart. She quietly walks out of the house and gets in her car driving away.

You're the light, you're the night
You're the colour of my blood
You're the cure, you're the pain
You're the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much
You're the fear, I don't care
'Cause I've never been so high
Follow me to the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58