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Hold On Tight


March 2013

Haley didn’t know what to do. She gave too much of herself to him, and now that he wasn’t hers anymore, she didn’t know what her next step was. Over a year – they had been together for over a year and never once did he tell her he didn’t want the future she had been planning. That he didn’t see them years own the road together – barely even saw them together past the next month.

She wasn’t an unrealistic person. She never had been. She wasn’t the one who dreamed farther than she could reach. She liked to live in the moment and not think too much about what her future held – at least, not until she met him, and definitely not until he had hinted to what theirs could look like together.

And she wasn’t stupid. She knew that they were young, she knew that a boy his age didn’t usually want to think about settling down or white picket fences – but he. Brought. It. Up. Made some coy comment about how their kids would be smart and talented, what with her brains and his athletics. The total package, he said, him and her. And kids. So she started to imagine it. And she liked it. She fell in love with it. She wanted it.

Yet not even a month later, and here she was, falling to pieces on her dorm room mattress, because he decided he didn’t want it anymore.

Haley wiped the tears off her face angrily, not able to understand how she was crying about it. She was twenty-one, about to graduate college and start grad school in the fall. It wasn’t the end of her life. She had so much more to live and she wasn’t going to let one stupid boy make her a bumbling mess. She had been hurt before, and she managed to pick herself up and become better for it.

And that’s what she was going to do. She was going to become better – show him that she wasn’t in as deep as she really was. Wasn’t as devastated as she seemed when she met him and his teammates at the bar the day before he was set to meet her parents for the first time, only to have him tell her that he needed a break to live his NHL life – all while a pretty blonde hung on his arm.

No. She was going to show herself that he didn’t matter – and that started with accepting a graduate position somewhere other than Boston.


Haley Elizabeth Anderson

Haley Elizabeth Anderson

[25] Country singer and songwriter and freelance book editor. Dated Tyler in Boston. Moved to Dallas for graduate school after he broke her heart. Does everything she can to avoid him after he is traded. Losing hope in love.

Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin

[25] He was young when he lost her, but lived every day since then trying to make up for runny away. After he moves to Dallas, he finds that he might just have a chance to give her what he couldn't before.



My heart almost collapsed when I saw the new chapter! Reay well written, Iove how are you able to describe all those feelings of the main characters. Keep writing please, really enjoyable story. Looking forward for the next one :)

blake blake

Yes please keep going. I love this story

tangerine21 tangerine21

oh interesting being asked for dinner like that though she's clearly thinking about tyler so hopefully she'll phone him soon

FootieJo FootieJo

Love this!

Staalgood11 Staalgood11

loved it! cant wait to see what he says to get her back

tangerine21 tangerine21