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I can't be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman.


The game was just finished – Chicago won – and my smile on my lips was so big.
Carl showed me to the lock room, because we were going to interview some players.
“Patrick Sharp scored one of the goals, how about interview him first?”, Carl asked.
I nodded. “Sharp it is”
“How do you feel right now?”, I asked Sharp with a smile.
“Oh, man. It feels great. Huge win by the boys”, he added. “It’s unbelievable how this team always stand up for each other, no matter what.”
“Chicago Blackhawks haven’t lost one game after full time since the season started after the lockout”
“This team really fights for each other, and this team does it for the name on the front, not the name on the back . We do not give up, and we have on plans to give up either”, Sharp told me. “But it’s important to not take this whole thing bigger than it is, everything can still happen”
“Can you tell us about the goal you scored?”, I asked.
“I got a nice pass by Kaner, and the goalie had no chance”, he smirked.
“Okay, thank you for the interview”, I said and gave him a smile. He thanked me too and I turned my head at the left to look at Carl.
“How about take the other Patrick?”, I asked.
“Patrick Kane? It sounds good. I can make the interview, so can you take the photographs?”, Carl added. “I heard you’re a great photographer”
“Okay”, I only said.
“Patrick, do you have a minute over?”, Carl asked Patrick.
Patrick only nodded, and looked at me. He gave me a smile, and I answered his smile.
I was not going to lie, Patrick Kane looked great, and he knew it, of course. I didn’t listen to Carl, because I took some photographs of Patrick. The photos got amazing.


Pretty short chapter, but all chapters can't be long. And thanks for almost 200 views, hehe. Any comments or thoughts? Something I can do better? Would love to know. xx


It's so good please update <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
i Like ur fanfic
Update!! plz
seguin_lover91 seguin_lover91
@Hockey_girl19 thank you so much! :)

Ebba Ebba
this fanfic is so good! :)
Hockey_girl19 Hockey_girl19