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What We Don't Know, Will Hurt Us

Chapter 2: 7 years Later

He's done it, one of the youngest team captains in NHL history with not only one but two Stanley cups under his leadership; even experts say that the rest is still to come for Jonathan Toews. Over the years, Jon hasn't only been picking up trophies, he's also been picking up chicks. The latest trophy he has in his arms right now is Lindsey, tall with a sun-kissed (from the bottle) tan, flowing bleached blonde locks and a rack to kill. With that description, she might seem like the stereotypical WAG, she is.. But she was able to give him a good time and she is good company, from time to time.

For 7 years, there's this distant reminder playing at the back of his head. It constantly asks: "Why?" No matter how many times he'd say he's over her, the mystery of why Jas left is just looming over him - and he knows deep down he hasn't recovered over the pain, maybe he doesn't want to recover, maybe he wants to hold on.

But now he's happy, the Blackhawks have clenched the cup one more time and he's now hours away from a well deserved break from hockey - he does love the sport, it's probably his life but it can get exhausting.

Waiting for a flight in Italy, all he could do was read the guides to Rome, Venice and all the wonderful and luxurious places he could visit all thanks to his hard earned wealth. Next to him was his girlfriend of almost a year, who quit her job to join him on this vacation. "So babe, I was thinking.. As soon as we touch down, let's go to the beach" her kinky smile makes him hungry for some action, he is a red hot blooded male after all. "I like the sound of that." He eagerly replies. "On the sand, on the water.. Hot tub, while on the yacht." She adds. He smirks at her plans, imagining in his head the scenarios, only making him more restless.

Jonathan's POV
"Good morning passengers, we'll be now boarding for flight AA192 for Florence Aiport, Peretola. For economy passengers, we'd like to start boarding those seated from rows 30-25 first. Business and First Class flyers can board anytime. Thank you, if any problems occur or if a passenger needs assistance, don't be shy to approach us. Have a great and safe flight." The gate attendant announced with a rather youthful voice.

"Wanna board now? We"ll get more comfortable and settled in." I asked her. "Sure babe, the benefits of flying first class" she smiled. We lined up to board. As I approach the person scanning the boarding passes, something.. More like someone is familiar. I look at the young woman's shiny name tag and it read: M. Han. "Mari?" I questioned her. "Have a goo- Jonny?!" She was more alarmed than surprised at the sudden reunion.

"Hey! You've grown, wow you're even working now. This is like a total shift from that chatty young girl back home! Now you look so grown up and serious." I was glad to see her.
"Serious, look who's talking Captain S.." She smirked. We both laughed at her comeback.
"You guys know each other?" Lindsey cut in.
"Oh sorry, Lindsay, this is Mari: a childhood friend of mine and constant babysitting charge with me ex-" I couldn't continue and saw the anxious look on Mari's face.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Jon's girlfriend. We should meet up after our holiday because I want to hear more of Jon from back then." Lindsey giggled and I was thankful she didn't hear the last few things I said.
"That'll be cool.. Uhmm, sorry not to be rude but there's a line forming." She excused herself. "Babe, go ahead. I'll get Mari's number ok?" Without a word she went ahead in the plane.
"She seems nice" Mari said without looking, scanning other passes.
"Yeah... so how's Jas?" I asked, maybe a bit too enthusiastic.
"She's.. Sorry I have to work. Maybe we can talk some time? Here's my card." She quickly handed me the contact information whilst still doing her work.
"Wow all business-y and suit with heels. I'll talk to you soon ok?" She smiled and told me bye and to have a great flight and holiday. I went in the plane, knowing if this trip will still be relaxing, now that meeting Jas is a possibility again.


Second chapter posted! Thanks for subscribing guys! I was so surprised that there are 4 subscribers already! Ok, enough with the exclamation points. But, really thanks to the subscribers of this story and the rest to come. If something is a bit funky with the storyline, grammar or style of writing, please give me some feedback, it would be really great help as well for me. I hope you continue to read this story, also vote and comment if you like it.

Enjoy :)


This is amazing please continue it <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
This story is one of my favorites!!! I love it:)
Riley Riley